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Good results, John, and I have a question, and a caution (for some readers.)

November 14, 2011 06:30AM avatar
25 pennies, 2 nickels, 3 dimes, and 2 quarters, if a Canadian one counts!
Yes, Canadian 25s can count. The older 25¢ were made of various amounts of silver like ours were. Then things changed through the years and since 1968 they have been more difficult for detectorists to find.

Why? Their alloy content was either 99+% nickel (magnetic) or 94+% Steel (magnetic). Due to their shape they can produce some audio responses, but often the nickel-based 25¢ will sort of break-up, much like a bottle caps, and/or the visual TID can be very inconsistent.

Here's a website that gives a quick review of Canadian coin make-up that can be handy for comparisons:


Today I went to one of the trashiest sites to test the Classic II SL with Mr Bill's Mods, using a 4" 6B coil.
The question I had was just to confirm you are using the 4" 6B coil. That's the odd-shaped older one with the coil cable coming out the back side, correct? The 6B series coils worked on some earlier models just before the newer versions that use the Blue max series coils.

I 'borrowed' this from an informative post on the official White's website that helps explain their coils. I just changed the Blue Max coil breakdown to be easier to understand.:

"6B coils were used on the "series 2", the "series 3", the PRO units, the Classics, and on the Classic I SL and Classic II SL. The 6B coil sizes were 4 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 15 inch.

A "F" coil was made called a Blue Max 256, which was a 10 inch coil to be used on all the detectors that used the 6B coils. It was lighter than the standard 10 inch and was similar in performance to the present 9 1/2 inch coils. This is the ONLY Blue Max coil that you can use on the 6B detectors. All these coils were whites colored with a blue/white decals on the coil.

The present coils, most commonly called the Blue Max coils, used on the XLT, IDX series, PRL-1, Classic III, and Sierra Madre detectors, have the following codes on them: 8B, G, HI.

The Blue Max coils are available in these sizes:
4 inch ........ known as the Blue Max 350 and also called the 4" Snooper
4X6 DD ..... known as the Blue Max "Shooter"
6 inch ........ known as the Blue Max 600, 4.3 Black max and 5.3 Bullseye
8 inch ........ known as the Blue Max 800, Royal 800, Blue Max 7.8
9 1/2 inch .. known as the Blue Max 950, Precision Scan 950
15 inch ...... known as the Blue Max 1500

All these coils are interchangable. Most of these coils are black colored with many different color decals on the coil. They are NOT made to be used on units that take the 6B design!!!!

Using these coils in place of the 6B coils will have varying results. The detector will not ground balance properly, DISC settings will be off, and target ID's will not be accurate. Similar problems will result in using the 6B coils on the 8B detectors, even though the connectors will fit on the control box, they are wired differently."

Note one of the problems I have with some of the model names White's and other manufacturers have used. In the above addition, he stated:

"6B coils were used on the "series 2", the "series 3", the PRO units, the Classics, and on the Classic I SL and Classic II SL."
In this description he refers to the "Pro" series, but White's has used, and still uses, this 'Pro' term and that can lead to confusion.

The 'Pro' series followed the 6000 Series 2 and Series 3. They brought out the 6000 Di Pro then 5900 Di Pro, and some other 'Pro' labeled models, but they used the early 6B verizon search coils. The reference to "Classics" refers to the earlier bigger box models also called Coinmaster Classics, with the exception of the Classic III Plus.

The Classic III Plus differed from the former Classic III. The III used the 8" 6B coil, but the III Plus came with the Blue Max 950 and paved the way for the coils used on the Classic III SL, Classic ID, Classic IDX and the IDX Pro. The Classic I (fixed coil) and Classic II (interchangeable coil) models both use the earlier 6B coils and not the Blue Max series coils.

The river bank area has a couple picnic tables and several fire pits, along with loads oh tabs, bottle caps of all kinds, and plenty of vienna sausage cans and tops. After sampling all varities, I decided to raise the discrimination above the tab level, so that the area wouldn't look plowed.
The caution I have is for those who encounter heavily littered sites similar to what you described. The caution is to not get carried away and work the site too quickly, or get easily frustrated by the multiple signals. Use a smaller-than-stock search coil (like you and the 4" coil), and remember to sweep slow and methodically to pick food targets from the trash.

Personally, I never run my discrimination that higher, but one reason is that I would usually have a TID model in hand. I use a Disc. setting to barely reject the common nail, then I might glance at the display and use visual discrimination, if I really want to ignore a lot of common junk. With my Classic II, I still mostly just use the same low nail rejection setting and hunt away. If it gets too trashy I might switch to a TID unit.

I enjoy hunting older picnic sites, too, where more dated coins can be found. Some of my winter research efforts will be reviewing old maps to try and isolate some out-of-use picnic areas. They might be a little trashy, but they can also be rewarding.

The 4' coil worked very well at separating targets from trash, as well as other coins. I got multiple coins in several 8" diameter areas. I was getting coins up to 6" down, and 1/8th oz fishing sinkers in the 8" range!. Not bad for a 4" concentric coil.
I have been a fan of smaller coils from when I started, and with the classic series the 4" concentric coil can produce very good target separation as well as depth for its size. The modifications, I am sure, can help with the depth performance.

I remember reading that Bill Crabtree stated that the Classic II got the biggest benifit from his mods. I assume what that means is that all the Classic series detectors, Classics, IDs, and IDXs have the same power after he finishes with them. Someone correct me, if I'm wrong.

A Classic II SL can be picked up on ebay, at a fairly low price, and can be turned into very strong machine.
The Classic II will usually show a little better improvement from his depth modifications than will the Classic III SL, Classic ID or Classic IDX and IDX Pro. When I get my modified IDX Pro I might send the Classic II back next year for modifications (unless I just keep it handy as a family/friend loaner unit).

The stock Classic ID, based on the Classic II circuitry, and the III, IDX and IDX Pro, usually seemed to provide a little better detection depth than the stock Classic II. Therefore, a 'Mr. Bill' modified Classic II often seems to show the greatest depth increase benefit. The others also gain a little, but the Threshold and Ground Balance mods are what make the very good model become excellent!

Enjoy getting out. I had planned to get out today until the weather gal let me now it will rain me out. oh well, there's always tomorrow, or any other time it isn't too wet, cold or miserable. I know my Classic II is ready to fire-up and find stuff, and I am still working on bumping up my annual coin count, mainly using the Classic II at urban school and park locations. Finding any clean, good-working Classic SL series model can be a real value investment.

Happy Hunting,

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Testing a White's Classic II with Mr Bill's Mods

John 3231 November 05, 2011 01:04PM

Re: Testing a White's Classic II with Mr Bill's Mods

Anonymous User 1096 November 19, 2011 01:47AM

You asked: "What are these mods that he's making with such success?"

Monte 1027 November 19, 2011 11:44AM

Re: You asked: "What are these mods that he's making with such success?"

dbsmokey 881 November 23, 2011 10:47PM

"Will White's still service a detector that has Mr. Bill's mods?"

Monte 2042 November 24, 2011 08:02AM

Re: "Will White's still service a detector that has Mr. Bill's mods?"

dbsmokey 1087 November 24, 2011 08:54AM

sad smiley If and when I learn more,

Monte 918 November 24, 2011 09:09AM

Back to the river

John 883 November 12, 2011 04:12PM

Good results, John, and I have a question, and a caution (for some readers.)

Monte 3543 November 14, 2011 06:30AM

Re: The 4" coil is the original 6B type,

John 1119 November 14, 2011 07:16AM

Thanks for verifying the 4" coil.

Monte 869 November 14, 2011 09:13AM

Day 3 A sterile park!

John 726 November 09, 2011 09:28PM

Day 2 Down at the river

John 762 November 06, 2011 02:17PM

Down at the river, or up a creek, any day out can be rewarding. smiling smiley

Monte 881 November 07, 2011 09:46AM

New things to experience with the modified Classic II. thumbs up

Monte 1531 November 06, 2011 09:00AM

It sounds like you have a very powerfull detector there John........

Hombre 859 November 05, 2011 05:18PM

Re: It sounds like you have a very powerfull detector there John........

John 808 November 05, 2011 05:28PM

Re: Testing a White's Classic II with Mr Bill's Mods

John 966 November 05, 2011 01:38PM

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