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Re: Tesoro thin 6" Concentric vs 8" Brown Donut coil.

August 19, 2016 01:52PM avatar
Greetings Tesoro aficionados ! grinning smiley

I see Monte prefers the thin 6" concentric coil on his Tesoro Bandido metal detector models.
That's correct, I prefer smaller-than-stock coils on most of the detectors I use because I hunt in trashy places most of the time, both urban and rural. A lot of Coin & Jewelry Hunting I do in-town is close to metal fences, metal structures, in and around brushy and overgrown fringes or out-of-the-way (aka long out-of-use) sections of old parks and such, and the very littered areas in tot-lots or around picnic tables and the like.

When I am not doing a flash-money hunt of tot-lots or out finding old, unused parts of parks, I also work urban locations like old resort or recreation areas, and especially concentrate on any renovation work in older parts of older towns. Torn-up sidewalks, park, school, or easement renovation. Old vacant lots or current demolition and removal of older homes, etc., if access can be acquired. There is a 6" Concentric coil mounted on each of my favorite Tesoro models, full-time.

My Bandido II µMax has the 8" brown donut coil (5-pin Epsilon Concentric Discriminator coil, w/Monolithic Shielding).

I hunt the parks for Gold and Silver Jewelry and Coins. How would you compare the performance of the above coils for the kind of hunting I do using the Bandido II µMax ?


I have had satisfactory performance from the 'standard' sized Concentric coils from Tesoro, as well as the smaller-sized coils, and here's how I compare performance for all-around hunting:

4" Concentric.. Too small to really be useful and Tesoro detectors and 4" coils usually have wimpy depth performance. The other smaller-than-stock coils are much better.

6" Concentric.. My favorite since it came out and I use this coil to replace all the 7" Concentric coils I used to0 use. It is thinner, lighter, balances well and is just a very handy coil for most of the sites I prefer to hunt.

7" Concentric.. This was my favorite coil on any Tesoro from July '83 introduction of the motion-based Discriminating Inca. That model came with an 8½" heavy standard coil, but I took the 7" off my Tesoro Mayan (a VLF/TR-Disc. model) to use on the VLF/VLF-Disc. Inca, and never had a big desire to use another size coil for 95% of the trashier places I hunted.

Super-7-Inch coil for the Tesoro-made Shadow X2: When this came out I switched over to it from the thicker and heavier Tesoro 7" as it was thinner and more comfortable. Depth was comparable with the standard 8" donut shaped Concentric coil or 8X9 Concentric, all three being very, very close.

8" Donut Concentric: There was the original white-colored that I preferred as it was a little thinner and lighter weight. Then came the brown version which is a little thicker and heavier. Generally they work about the same, although I found most of those early white 8" coils to be just a touch 'hotter' than the brown-colored donut version.

Note: The Outlaw white-colored 8" Concentric coil is NOT the original coil design, it is just a white version of the thicker and heavier brown donut Concentric coil.

8X9 Concentric that I called an 'OOR' coil: This was a subtle replacement on some models for the brown Concentric 8" coil, It isn't a typical elliptical shape (although technically it is) that we usually see, but just slightly 'Out-Of-Round' shape, so when it was first released I called it an 'OOR' shaped coil. In the field p3erfoe4mance is about the same as the round 8", but I have seen some people have a little more difficulty pinpointing a target due to the size and shape.

8½" Concentric: These are older search coils used on many early models, like the Inca. They were okay, but thicker and much heavier, especially for most of the lighter weight Tesoro models since 1990.

So, there are my thoughts on these coils, and I have found ALL of the Concentric coils to outperform ALL of the Tesoro DD coils as well as many after-market DD designs when used in a dense iron nail infested site.

Of all these coils, the 6" Concentric is my preferred coil for 90% to 95% of all my Tesoro usage, but IF I wanted SLIGHTLY more shallower-depth coverage and MAYBE a slight increase in detection depth when hunting an urban park or site you might refer to, then I would use an 8" donut-shaped coil. I wouldn't use a coil cover because they are not needed. Coils should be worked an inch or two off the ground, so removing a coil cover will reduce a lot of the extra nose-heavy weight and make the 8" coil more comfortable.


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Tesoro thin 6" Concentric vs 8" Brown Donut coil.

ToddB64 762 August 17, 2016 06:34PM

Re: Tesoro thin 6" Concentric vs 8" Brown Donut coil.

Monte 806 August 19, 2016 01:52PM

Re: Tesoro thin 6" Concentric vs 8" Brown Donut coil.

ToddB64 602 August 19, 2016 09:13PM

Explaining my posted statements.

Monte 600 August 21, 2016 03:40PM

Re: Explaining my posted statements. I need more depth than 5" to 7" on a dime9-11

Hombre 549 August 21, 2016 06:47PM

Hombre says: "I need more depth than 5" to 7" on a dime."

Monte 542 August 22, 2016 07:29AM

Monte that is a Great Post on Tesoro concentric coils, everything that you need to knowabout these coils is in this post

Hombre 545 August 19, 2016 07:11PM

Yep, a 2-coil set-up is all I need for

Monte 566 August 21, 2016 10:40AM

Re: Yep, a 2-coil set-up is all I need for

pinenut 511 August 21, 2016 11:33AM

Back to you, pinenut.

Monte 538 August 21, 2016 04:31PM

Re: Tesoro thin 6" Concentric vs 8" Brown Donut coil.

DW-OR 502 August 17, 2016 08:37PM

Re: Tesoro thin 6" Concentric vs 8" Brown Donut coil.

ToddB64 524 August 18, 2016 11:35PM

Re: Tesoro thin 6" Concentric vs 8" Brown Donut coil.

Hombre 466 August 17, 2016 08:07PM

Re: Tesoro thin 6" Concentric vs 8" Brown Donut coil.

ToddB64 570 August 19, 2016 12:22AM

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