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CORS Strike 12x13 (NEl Tornado) vs 11" DD Teknetics T2

August 22, 2016 08:37PM
I got my Cors Strike (NEL Tornado) today. It is a nice coil and not as large as I thought. A bit heavier but very manageable. Most reviews indicate it gives about 2" more depth than the stock coil, and my results show that to be pretty accurate. What I did like was the TID seemed to work better on the deeper signals. I took it outside to my new test garden. My old one got dug up for some landscaping, so I made this new garden about a week ago in my front yard. I have quarters and dimes buried 6", 8", 10" and 12". Also some bottle caps, square nails and pull tabs.

The EMI comes and goes at my house as I am not far from a radar base and electrical lines. It was acting up today and was pretty annoying. The 11" coil I was able to get up to 90 sensitivity with some noise, the CORS I ran at 80 and it was quiet. Ground balance was 78 on both coils, and discrimination was 10.

The 11" coil I can get the 6" dime and 8" quarter. I can only get a chirp on the 10" dime (non-dig able IMO), and can get the 10" quarter if I get just the right swing, but the TID is erratic and tone jumpy. A noticeable signal but erratic.

The CORS Strike I can get the 10" dime loud and clear with a TID of 82-89. I can get the 10" quarter loud and clear. The 12" quarter is a whisper signal but clear and a decent TID at 85-91. I think the TID will be more stable once I get away from the house, even sitting in the yard the TID jumps around due to the interference (even my Tesoros pick it up).

I tried to air test the coil but the EMI was too much when not swinging on the ground. I will try it again on a better day or area. I was surprised to find there was actually iron in my test garden. I checked before making it with the 11" coil but it was silent, well the CORS coil is picking up some very deep iron around the yard and some of it by where I buried targets. I will obviously have to relocate it once the rains come and the ground softens up.

I tried the tones and found that the 2+ tone was more stable than the 3 tone on the deep signals. The 3 tone works but "flutters" and is not as clean as a signal on the 12" quarter but does high tone. 3b looses a lot of depth but does work well for the bottle caps. Discrimination with the larger coin seems fine. I turned the discrimination up to 50 and was still able to detect the 12" quarter. That flutter may be an asset when chasing deep coins, I will have to play around with it and see which of the tones I prefer.

Field results will vary no doubt. I am sure older buried coins will ring up a bit better than my fresh buried coins, I am hoping the old silver will ring up even better! I am hoping its separation in light trash is ok. My tone and TID were decent enough on the 12" quarter I think I can make a decent educated guess in the field, but will definitely wear headphones chasing those faint signals.

So far it seems to be an improvement in depth and TID, separation in trash will remain to be decided. It is hard to make a full judgement due to the EMI affecting my results and limiting my tests. Once I get into the parks and away from interference, I will be able to better see how it performs. I have dug deeper signals in the field than my 11" coil will detect in my test garden, so am hopeful I may be able to squeeze out a bit more depth on long buried coins. It will definitely make a great beach and field coil!

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CORS Strike 12x13 (NEl Tornado) vs 11" DD Teknetics T2

Fish N Chips 750 August 22, 2016 08:37PM

Re: CORS Strike 12x13 field test

Fish N Chips 438 August 27, 2016 09:17PM

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