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Re: CORS Strike 12x13 field test

August 27, 2016 09:17PM
Took the big coil to the park today for a test. I lasted for 4 hours, until the heat got to be too much. The area I was hoping to try is a big open area, void of most trash and targets are deep. I dug a few wheat pennies to about elbow deep. The coil really goes deep but I realized the dry soil and sun were too much for me to be chasing the deep signals. The 10+" penny gave a good signal but the TID did bounce from 74 to 82. The shallower 6-8" coins were good signals.

I headed over under the trees for shade and greener grass/softer soil. I got a nice 78 signal 7" down and dug a lead round ball/musket ball. About .50 caliber and my second from this park. I headed into some trash but the coil did OK. I got a few more clad coins and wheat cents to about 6". I chased a few iffy signals that indicated they were deep, but they turned out to be tiny pieces of can slaw. The coil would not be my first choice in trash but it did OK. I could have switched coils but wanted to see how it would do. Depth reading were not very reliable in the trash, it was hard to judge the coin depth with iron and foil around. I chased a few "deep" coins only to find the coin at 3-4", and iron under it giving the depth readout. Still I can't complain grabbing a coin over iron.

Overall I am happy. It is deep and much more stable than my stock coil. EMI acted up from a few wireless routers in the area, it was a bit better than the stock coil but not much. I tried to stay in areas of the park where it was not a factor. It covers some ground but I overlapped enough in the trash it was not really a benefit. On the beach or open fields you could cover some ground though. It did get a bit heavy after 4 hours, but the heat had me pretty run down as well. It was over 100 degrees when I left and I was done.

I want to really chase some deep coins but realistically need some rain first. My machine runs a lot deeper and more stable with a bit of moisture in the dirt. That and I can actually dig a decent hole!

For Monte : I ran sensitivity 90, discrim 10, tones 3, ground balance 69-74, 2-3 bars on the Fe meter.

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Re: CORS Strike 12x13 field test

Fish N Chips 437 August 27, 2016 09:17PM

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