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Nice purchase, but I thought you were

October 16, 2016 08:00PM avatar
a bit down on Tesoro's? At least you were with the Tejón you had, and now another?

Can't fault you thought because it's virtually the same as one of mine except in black. Troy Galloway and his wife were enjoying using their Tesoro's, and he had the idea of starting his own business, Troy Custom Detectors, and they liked the simplicity and performance of the Tesoro Silver Sabre µMAX (microMAX) so much that they did what Larry Woolis and Roy Volker (Pillar Electronics) did several years prior and contracted with Tesoro to build the detector for them.

All the Troy Custom Shadow X2 (produced from 3/'98 to 11/'00) is, in reality, is a Silver Sabre µMAX with the following differences:

They used the black rods and housings like Tesoro used for the European/Foreign model production.

The removed the external Threshold control from the control face plate and mounted that adjustment internally with a small trimmer either on the circuit board or back of the housing.

They repositioned some controls and added a "Coin Check" function actuated by a push-button on the control face, and used a long, rectangular adjustment mounted on the inside back of the control face-plate. The concept he used at the time was to have the 'Coin Check' (a momentary alternate Discriminate setting) adjusted to just reject the US Zinc 1¢, figuring that most of the folks who metal detected were out Coin Hunting (which is the case, but back then it was especially more true) and didn't want to dig the Zinc Penny because:

a.. they were worth less than the former copper cents and

b.. because it didn't take long for the Zinc Cent to corrode and get pitted, holed or really nasty and useless looking in a lot of ground mineral conditions.

He had Jack Gifford design a thin-profile 7" Concentric search coil based on the thin-profile 7" coil on their water unit, but that water coil was heavier so as to be non-buoyant. After some work Jack told me in a phone conversation that he finally got a redesigned 7" coil, called the super 7 Inch on the Troy Shadow X2, to work pretty well and it had overall performance very similar to the round, brown colored 8" 'donut' Concentric coil.

I had an early Shadow X2 and after evaluation I took on selling them. Why not, it was a Tesoro and was based on one of my personal favorite Tesoro models. The Shadow X2 can be a very good detector, and I especially liked it for two very good reasons:

1.. It was all black like the foreign units and Tesoro used to go through so many different shade or hues in their gold rod design that there were some that were just ugly. Also, many that had mismatched colors between the upper rod and the middle rod.

2.. I liked the thin-profile 7" Concentric coil better than the thicker-bodied Tesoro 7" Concentric coil.

Actually, it was the search coil I liked best about the Shadow X2 and not the detector design and offering, because there were three reasons I didn't like the Shadow X2:

1.. I much prefer to have quick access to a manually adjusted Threshold control and was pleased when Tesoro used a conventional control pot and mounted it on the control face of the Silver Sabre µMAX. I didn't like having it removed to an internal dinky trimmer.

2.. I really didn't care for the Coin Check feature because it sort of "dumbed things down" that way I look at trying to be successful. Yes, it could be used to momentarily use a Discriminate setting to reject the modern US Zinc Cent. For some casual, periodic Coin Hunters that might be fine as they won't dig some pennies that are in bad condition. However, for modern change hunters, that means they would have a smaller 'coin count' number and that would leave some hobbyists feeling like they were not having much success.

Also, knocking out most Zinc Cents also means you would be rejecting most Indian Heads and early Wheat-back cents from 1909 to ± 1920.

3.. Because Tesoro made it for Troy Custom, and since it was essentially a duplicate of one of Tesoro's own models with mainly a Coin Check difference, the cost to Troy was up a bit and that meant the MSRP of the Shadow X2 was notably more than Tesoro's own Silver Sabre microMAX.

The smart move on the part of Tesoro, just as it was with the 1 Reale and 4 Reale they made for Pillar Electronics which we basically copies of Tesoro's earlier Eldorado and Silver Sabre models, but in different housing & rod designs, but priced much higher than Tesoro's own product.

That meant many established Dealers were reluctant to take on the Troy Shadow because the Tesoro model was more well known and sold for less. The result was fewer dealers trying to sell what was basically an over-priced model so that meant doom for the product, and the company, right from the get-go.

Anyway, they offered it with a round, open designed Concentric coil they called the 'Super 9 Inch', but I much preferred the Super 7 Inch because it wasn't nose-heavy, and with the better balance and very good performance in trashier environments that I usually hunted, it worked better than a 'standard' sized coil.

Get out and enjoy it. Make sure the internal Threshold trimmer is adjusted so that you can hear a proper slight audio Threshold hum in the Pinpoint function with the headphones you use, then keep the Discrimination set at the absolute minimum setting (it has the ED-120 Discriminate circuitry), and run the Sensitivity as high as possible w/o chatter and instability (the Sensitivity is only a function with the Disc. mode, and the All Metal Pinpoint function is already at a fixed full Sensitivity level).

Enjoy your new-to-you Troy/Tesoro and report back how it works for you in those old Nevada sites you get to hunt. thumbs up


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Nice purchase, but I thought you were

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It's not just the East Coast. sad smiley

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