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Yep, it's always time to learn more about a detector. thumbs up

October 26, 2016 07:33AM avatar
And have fun doing it, too.

Not a bad 'hunting' trip. My quick count could be off a might, but 37 coins and a pocket knife Vs 57 pieces of miscellaneous junk, most of which had conductive properties similar-to pocket knives or coins. So, let's see: 37 coins +1 pocket knife = 38 keepers. 38 keepers + 57 pieces of debris = 95 shown targets. That's not bad considering the types of sites and anticipated targets because the amount show in the first photo = 40% of the finds were keepers. smiling bouncing smiley

I used to enjoy visiting old-use campgrounds and hunting similar places. Best I did at one campground was two Indian Head cents, three silver dimes, and quite a few wheat-back cents. My hunting buddies and I found very few memorial cents or modern clad. Bottle caps outnumbered pull tabs, too. It had been and was a very regular-use campground, too, for hunting and right at a small but productive trout fishing lake.

You just never know when any site might produce or be dry unless you give it/them a try. I think you are going to enjoy the Racer 2 more and more as time goes by. Like any make or model detector, they are all going to have their sets of strengths and weakness based upon the users personal opinions of what they expect to happen, would like to have in features, and just how 'fun' and rewarding their detecting time is.

As an example, I really enjoy using my Nokta FORS CoRe and Relic models for all-purpose applications, but more especially for the Relic Hunting places I enjoy visiting. My Makro Racer 2 can hold its own there as well, but while I also like to get in some traditional, city oriented Coin Hunting, and the CoRe and Relic can work fine, I give the nod to my Racer 2 as my primary-grab detector for most Coin Hunting tasks.

I have used many different brands and models through the recent years, referring to maybe the last 20-25 years when we have seen a lot of fast growth and progression in detector design, and have enjoyed a lot of success in both Coin Hunting and Relic Hunting activities with quite a few detectors, but while one key ingredient is being successful, the other is simply having 'fun.' If this great outdoor activity wasn't 'fun' I would have given up on it decades ago when coin counts started to decline and trash recoveries increased a lot in most coin-producing locations.

And to have 'fun' while detecting, for me, it means using a detector that is comfortable to use, balances well, provides ample adjustments but isn't too 'busy,' and helps me make a good share of my successful results. To accomplish finding stuff and having fun doing it, I have relied on a few of my all-time favorite Tesoro models (no Target ID displays or audio Tone ID), and my selected favorite models that do have those more modern features.

I have a few special-use models I keep at home and grab them for purposeful needs on some hunts, but my regular-carry detectors are my CoRe, Racer 2 and Relic, and a frequent 4th unit on the back seat is my Silver Sabre microMAX, especially for urban Coin Hunting adventures.

There have been other models, and up thru December of 2014 the White's MXT Pro had served as my main-use #1 detector simply because most of my detecting is in densely iron littered ghost towns and railroad towns where it works okay. But even when I had it in the #1 spot, for all-around use, I also carried my #2 detector, a Teknetics Omega 8000, which worked fairly well in the more modest relic site trash, but was far-and-away my favorite Coin Hunting detector model.

It took that spot back in March of 2010 and held it until I started hunting with the Nokta & Makro series in January of 2015, and the Racer 2 is the main Coin Hunting detector in my arsenal today. I do most of my hunting, urban or rural, with smaller size search coils to better deal with the trash discards or brushy, rocky environments, and that's how I keep my CoRe, Relic and Racer 2 set-up most of the time. Same went for the MXT Pro and Omega 8000 which might be why I enjoyed them as much as I did because they worked quite well in typically trashy environments.

Now that deer and elk seasons are over and the woods and campsites are in more limited use, I just might take a day or two or three and head off to some hunting camps like you did before the cold and snows of winter arrive. Once the higher elevations get white I shift into Coin Hunting all the lower elevation urban opportunities I can make it to.

Best of success afield as you continue to use and learn you Racer 2, and 'Thank You' for your interesting post and photos of results!


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Yep, it's always time to learn more about a detector. thumbs up

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