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About the Teknetics Omega 'series' and an All Metal mode.

October 25, 2016 05:12PM avatar
Has Teknetics Omega-8500 True All Metal (A/M) mode, or it is zero discrimination mode only?
Glad there is an easy Forum question to answer since my hunting day got rained-out after my VA clinic appointment early this morning. Left me with a darn-it angry smiley feeling today as I was ready-to-hunt!

WM6, as we know, the Discriminate modes of almost every make and model detector offered today are based on a Ground-Cancelling and Discriminating circuitry to work together, and that makes our Discriminate modes a 'motion-based' Disc. Also, not all but most current Discriminate search modes are designed as a 'silent search' type operation.

By comparison, a 'true' All Metal search mode is a Threshold-based function. Generally, but not always, an early true All Metal mode did NOT require search coil movement and the coil could be stopped and steadied over a located target and you would hear the higher-pitched and/or louder audio response from the located target. However, this is not always the case with a 'true' Threshold-based All Metal mode today.

We need to remember that some manufacturers designed their All Metal mode of operation to incorporate some form of 'auto-tune' circuitry to help restore and maintain a functional working Threshold audio hum, and that can effect how we look at All Metal modes of operation. If an All Metal mode is designed with a Threshold audio hum AND uses 'auto-tune' circuitry, the search coil can not be held motionless over a target, and therefore it needs to be in motion for best all-around performance.

Most earlier All Metal modes, from its incorporation in VLF detectors in and since 1974, used a 'conventional' design and provided a push-button or toggle switch for the operator to 'restore' or 'manually retune' a proper Threshold audio through most of the '80s and many into the early '90s. But not all of them did that, and today, most haven't retained the static All Metal mode of operation because they have incorporated 'auto-tune' circuitry.

Early-on, you could search in a motion-based Discriminate mode, then switch to a conventional, Threshold-based All Metal mode to isolate or Pinpoint a target. Most of the time that worked just fine. Some models didn't use any 'auto-tune' circuitry in the All Metal mode, and some used a somewhat slower-speed or delayed 'auto-tune' design. A good example of this were the earlier Tesoro detectors up to and including their 'original' Bandido that came out in March of '90.

The Bandido's 'auto-tune' was what I considered to be a 'comfortable' auto-tune' speed that could maintain a functional, working Threshold audio hum when searching in the All Metal mode, and if that mode was used to Pinpoint a target, it was quite easy to do as the 'auto-tune' speed wasn't a real problem from being too fast a function.

Most people only searched in a motion-based Disc. mode anyway, but some avid detector operators liked to use All Metal modes more back then than today. This was true for most Gold Nugget Hunting as well as for some very avid Relic Hunters needs in open fields and woods. Because some search in All Metal mode over challenging, quick-changing ground minerals, they wanted, and needed, to have a faster 'auto-tune' speed.

Tesoro answered that request in January of '93 when they brought out the Bandido II with an added toggle switch. That switch had two settings, one called 'Fast' and one called 'Normal.' With this model, the operator could choose to use the 'Fast' setting, and that activated a much faster 'auto-tune' speed to restore the Threshold audio in the All Metal mode.

The 'Normal' setting (a bad choice of names to just say 'Normal') meant there was NO 'auto-tune' at all, and it left the Bandido II in a 'static' All Metal mode. On the Mode selector toggle, Tesoro retained the 'Retune' position they had used so that an operator could manually 'retune' or 'restore' the adjusted Threshold audio as desired. So this model had an All Metal mode with a fast 'auto-tune' or a 'static' All Metal mode and the user could control the 'Retune' at will.

Most makes and models on the market today do not offer that extra toggle type function.. Instead, the Omega 'series,' like my Makro Racer series or Nokta FORS series, or a White's M6 or most makes and models of modern detectors have all incorporated an 'auto-tune' circuitry in the detector's All Metal mode. As a general search option, they ALL seem to require the search coil be in motion and not held static over a located target, even when they have an adjusted Threshold audio hum.

But that is how their true All Metal mode works. It does require a Threshold hum setting for peak performance, but uses 'auto-tune' circuitry to help smooth out the operation over rough, uneven, or slow0changing ground mineral signals. They HAVE, however, provided us with a momentary use of All Metal without 'auto-tune' working to help us isolate a target, and that is called the Pinpoint mode. It's really a 'function' of the All Metal mode and not a separate 'mode' as such, and simply bypasses the 'auto-tune' behavior for a moment while in use.

So the answer is 'Yes,' the Omega 'series', including the very popular, well received, and very good working 8000 and the newer, glitchy, and 'lemon' to most avid users 8500 models, DO have a Threshold-based All Metal mode. It requires search coil motion due to the incorporated 'auto-tune' circuitry. But both have a momentary Pinpoint function to let the operator use the All Metal mode in 'static' behavior to better Pinpoint a located target.

In closing I guess my personal bias jumped out there because I had the opportunity to try an 8500 when they came out, but sure didn't want to invest my $$$. I have spoken and e-mailed with several (not many, just several) people who had an 8500, or Dealers who got stuck with their order of 8500's, and nobody really liked them. They all felt they fell short of the original Omega 8000, and so did I. Dealers were struggling to sell the newer version, even with a modest MSRP of $599.

I have a Version 5 Omega 8000 that is 'as new' that I am selling because I don't need it. I really like it, but with all the current detectors I have the Coin & Jewelry Hunting detector model is taken care of with the Makro Racer 2. I know a dealer who needed cash flow, wasn't getting any interest in the newer model so he sold off his inventory at his cost .... or up to $25 below what he paid

If you have an Omega 8500, I hope it works for you and you like it. If you don't have one, I'd check one out before investing any money in one. The 'original' Omega 8000 was a great detector in my personal arsenal and I enjoyed it more than the MXT Pro and M6 that use to be my main-use detectors. If it wasn't for the better performing detectors for Relic Hunting iron littered sites, I would hang onto the Omega 8000. I have those needs covered, so I am trimming several detectors I have on-hand now.


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Teknetics Omega-8500

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About the Teknetics Omega 'series' and an All Metal mode.

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Re: About the Teknetics Omega 'series' and an All Metal mode.

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WM6, my answers to your questions & comments.

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