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j.t., my comments about White's advertising and the Pro Star headphones.

April 02, 2017 08:23PM avatar
I was shown the Pro Star headphones and TRX pinpointer before they were introduced by the then CEO, at which time I was told that the Pro Star headphones were going to be made right there at the factory in Sweet Home, Oregon. When I was a White's Dealer, until the end of 2013, I sold quite a few set of Pro Star headphones and I enjoy using mine today because they have the 'tank style' ear cup to more fully cover the ears and not pinch them. That is like my #1 headphones, the Killer B Hornet and I find them comfortable.

I prefer the K.B. 'Hornet' with the 150 ohm speakers to the 50 ohm speakers in the Pro Star's, but I much prefer the Pro Star performance with the 50 ohm speakers than all of the lower to mid-priced headphones that use 8, 16 or 32 ohm speakers, none of which I care for. I was a bit surprised that White's dropped the MSRP of the Pro Star by $40, too, and I am sure some dealers with Pro Star inventory were not very thrilled, either.

As for 'Where They Are Made" I look at that thought in three ways and brings about some interesting questions:

1.. We are typing our responses and reading Forum posts on a fancy cell phone, laptop or desktop computer that was certainly NOT made in the USA. But they say so and we understand that. We watch sports, TV programs and movies on our home TV's which, I feel certain, are also products that came from afar. We make phone calls of foreign-made phones, and wear shoes, pants shirts, and other attire which are ASSEMBELD in foreign countries, and many of the parts they use, like buttons, zippers, and fabric, they also acquired from counties other than their own.

So, if my LG TV that is Made in ???? works for me without any problems, that's fine. If the vehicle I drive is Made, or should I say Assembled, in Mexico with parts they acquired from other outside suppliers, and I don't have any issues with it, that's fine. And in this case, if White's decided there was too much headphone competition so they decided to out-source the Pro Star design to a vendor to make them for them, perhaps in China, well ..... that's how things go these days. If the box says 'Made in China', then it should either clearly say "this packaging was made in China" or I would have to presume the product inside the package is made, or assembled, in China.

Now, let's just say the Pro Star headphones ARE made in China. If they are made using a plastic headband made in China, and they used speakers that were also made in China, and if the ear chops, ear cup foam, ¼" plug and headphone cable were all also Chinese produced parts, then I can clearly understand the label statement of "Made in China" on the box or product.

If the Pro Star headphones are from China, but they use speakers made in Japan, ear cup foam made in South Korea or some other part made elsewhere, then the Company producing the Pro Star headphones should say "Assembled in China using some parts from foreign suppliers". I would really be fine with that as well, as that would be a true, honest description of that company's product.

2.. If I watch a sports team, and even cheer for them to win, they might be an American-owned team or business or company. If all of the players used to make up that sports team were born, or made, in America, then I would be fine with them saying something like "We have an All American Team."

However, let's say there are a total of 32 teammates who make up the 'team' of the American Company, but 2 of the team players were born in Canada, 1 in Spain, 1 born in Australia and 1 more player born in Brazil, then what we have is an American Company, but the sports 'team' or in other words the sports 'product' is NOT, but instead is 'An American Company Team (product) that is Assembled with Foreign and Domestic Parts aka Players.'

This is what has bothered me with White's website logo or statements on literature, etc., that said something to the effect: 'White's Made in the USA." That was obviously incorrect and I have boldly stated just that in many replies I have made on this and several other open public Forums because they were NOT using only USA made parts. They were using arm cup straps that came with 'China' stickers showing their origin. We know that most of the internal electronic components used to develop their detectors are made in China or other countries in Indonesia.

I have asked people who had boldly defended White's and only buying White's and not a foreign-built detector because they said it was Made in the USA. I have challenged that with the fact that many parts come from foreign countries, and are used to make the detectors and not parts that were also made only in the USA.

Fast forward to the recent marketing of White's XVenture, their lowest-priced detector that they sold directly from the factory, or it was sold by Amazon or other sources. That model clearly says it was Made in China. Really? That is interesting in itself because it uses an arm cup that is somewhat similar to those used on the Coinmaster and Treasure Master or Treasure Pro models.

Matter-of-fact, that Made in China model also uses a search coil that is very similar in design to some coils used on USA produced models, and the rod shape and design, and foam grip also look very similar to the shape and parts used on the Coinmaster or Treasure Master and Treasure Pro models. Even the XVenture control housing bears some similarity to a few recent display housings White's uses on other models.

Curiosity naturally made me wonder if White's is supplying the search coils and rods and foam grips and such to China to 'assemble' the XVenture, which doesn't seem very affordable. If they did, then the detector would not be a Made in China unit, it would be Assembled or Put-Together in China using some foreign parts.

So did White's provide the design specification to China so they can make their own search coil housing and internal wire windings and such to match a White's product ... or, perhaps confused smiley the White's coils and parts are actually a 'product' of China or some other outsourced vendor? Maybe some coils made in-house and others made elsewhere?

We know that is true because just very recently I/we could read the Made in the USA on their website, but turned to the Accessory pages for Search coils and seen three coils, the 13" Ultimate for the 'V' series models and a 13" Ultimate for the MX Sport ad well as a new 7" DD for the MX Sport, and these are Detech search coils which are Made in Bulgaria.

Just like the questions you are now asking about the White's Pro Star headphones and where they are made, I have wished there was more honesty or truth in their marketing.

With that stated ....


Why, because I just frequented their website and DID NOT SEE made in the USA.

Instead I could find the following statements on a few pages:

Since 1950, your adventures have driven us to build
the best metal detectors on the planet.
(to build meaning produce or assemble)

Crafting Adventure
Since 1950
(Crafting meaning designing or assembling with no reference to the source of the parts used.)

History – Building the World’s Best Detectors Since 1950
(Building meaning assembling assorted necessary parts and not suggesting they are USA made.)

So, the true source of the currently offered headphones is unknown right now. Someone can call White's and verify the actual source, and if you do, please let them know it is nice to se their references to the quotes I noted. It is great to know they are at least not boasting about making all of their detectors here in the USA because they were not.

I know some things are tough for many manufacturers in this industry, especially those detector makers/assemblers of companies that are USA based. A lot of serious competition out of France, Turkey and other 'foreign-to-us' detector developers for White's to catch up with. With Garrett's two main-selling models priced under $800 MSRP, and with Fisher and Teknetics dropping some higher-priced models and/or introducing newer models at lower, competitive prices, and very competitive new models out of Nokta and Makro in Turkey the past two years (including the just introduced Nokta Impact with an MSRP of only $899 here in the USA), it is pretty difficult for dealers to try and sell the MXT All Pro, or VX3 and V3i since they are well over-priced on today's market.

Maybe the new website changes is a reflection of what we might see coming very soon from White's if they want to stay catch up to be competitive.


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j.t., my comments about White's advertising and the Pro Star headphones.

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