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Answers to your answers.

April 18, 2017 03:35AM avatar
Why would my 12x10 DD coil, on my Tesoro Outlaw, be less sensitive than the 8 inch donut?.

Bad term on my part. I meant Strong signal.
One reason for the not-as-strong signal can be due to the larger size of the 10X12 coil. Another reason is likely due to the design of the coil, being a DD type rather than Concentric. And a 3rd reason can be due to the particular model used and how the circuitry handles the ground signal and processes the target response.

One example of the latter example is a Tesoro Tejón a friend had. He acquired it before one of our Welcome-to-Hunt Outings in Nevada to work some iron trashed ghost towns, and it came with four search coils. They included the Tesoro 6X10 DD that is standard on the Lobo Super-TRAQ. The new Tesoro RSD 8X11 DD coil. And the NEL Sharpshooter DD coil.

I put my Nail Board on the ground in one ghost town, and instead of an Indian Head or modern Zinc cent, Ryan used a silver Barber Dime he found the evening before in a different ghost town. He adjusted the Discrimination to just barely reject the iron nails, Ground Balanced, then tried each of the three DD coils he had. Two Tesoro coils and one NEL coil. None of them worked well on my NBPT, failing to produce more than one or two hits out of eight possible.

Ryan mentioned he didn't have a smaller size coil, but I asked if he had the standard coil which, for his earlier version Tejón, was the 8X9 Concentric. I suggested he try it and, to his amazement, he got 8-out-of-8 hits! Some people think a Double-D coil can always pick between targets better, but that is not necessarily the case. With that Tejón model, the 8X9 Concentric coil out-performed the three popular-size DD's for it. I knew it would, but each detector design and coil size and type can have their strengths and weaknesses.

I personally prefer the Vaquero over the Tejón, and have since they came out. Never cared for the Tejón's I had personally or when I was a Tesoro Dealer as they just didn't work as well as I wanted for my needs. I acquired a new 'black' Vaquero a few months back, the newest that comes with the 8X11 RSD DD coil.

I keep the smaller 6" Concentric coil mounted most of the time because I hunt trashier sites and that coil 'fits' where I need it to and naturally does well on the NBPT. I keep the new 8X11 RSD Double-D coil mounted on a spare lower rod in case I need it for a more open area that has fewer masking trash targets, or especially for when I am looking for bigger-size targets.

Having said that, here is one of the reasons I prefer the Vaquero over the Tejón:

I can get a clean 6-out-of-8 and an iffy 7th or 8th hit on the NB using the new 8X11 DD coil.

Q: When you say "even on shallow coins" are you sweeping over coin that are within 2" of the search coil, especially those just an inch or so?

Typically about 4 to 6 inches. Some bad wording again.
Depending upon the ground mineral make-up, how clean the area is, and the sweep speed used, those could be issues trying to get a better hit on coins in the 4" to 6" range. The larger the search coil, the less efficient it might be on smaller-size targets.

Q: Have you tried to 'Power Balance' that Outlaw with a different search coil?

Yes, with the 8 inch.
Then if you can 'Power Balance' that Outlaw with an 8" coil, it ought to be able to balance wirh the 10X12 DD unless there is a coil issue, or remotely a detector issue.

A: If you tried, but failed to achieve a functional 'Power Balance,' then there is either a problem with that particular Outlaw, or you don't quite understand the steps to properly 'Power Balance' while in the silent-search Discriminate mode.

I think I'm comfortable with the Power Balance steps, you helped walk me thru.

There could be an issue with the Outlaw, it stays in AM mode at times even after the switch is moved to Disc. Also in AM/No Motion the detector detunes very quickly, say 5 to 10 seconds.

Thank you.
5 to 10 second retune isn't really a quick speed for a Tesoro. That's close to what the original Bandido does which was prior to them going with the fast Auto-Tune speed. But if you are having trouble with the All Metal mode and Disc. switch, then there could very well be a problem with that Outlaw.

I would contact Tesoro and describe the issues, then send them the Outlaw and all the coils you have for it to make sure the search coils are also within spec. Nothing worse than having a faulty detector or coil to deal with when it's time to go have 'fun!'.


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