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Thank You, and that's usually about

April 30, 2017 07:02AM avatar
the best you can get with the V3i, and usually you have to kind of control the sweep speed and hesitate before a re-sweep the opposite direction. The Spectra series, like the former XLT, DFX, XL Pro and other moderate-to-fast sweep detectors just don't handle this test scenario well, and those challenges carry over to in-the-field searches.

In the White's line, the MXT Pro and MX5 could do okay at cleanly rejecting the four iron nails, silently, then give 8-out-of-8 on a US Penny pr Dime. I had the 'V' and the VX3, and using several coils they couldn't match my MXT Pro or MX5. The new MX Sport with the after-marker Detech 7" coil White's sells does well, also hitting 8-of-8, and doing it better than the MXT Pro. To be honest, I was surprised to see that.

When the Vision/Spectra V3 was first introduced I was located in a large metro area and still got out for a good deal of urban Coin Hunting and I hoped the Vision, as it was first called, would make an upgrade from my XLT and XL Pro. It didn't. Way too many glitches, and when they finally got to the V3i and then had the VX3 as well, I liked the VX3 a little more because I like 'simple.'

But they still weren't a good fit in my arsenal because I moved to a very small rural part of the state where I could enjoy devoting more time to Relic Hunting old sites, most of which have a lot of iron trash, especially nails, plus my health continues to decline with a bad back, shoulder, knee, and limited mobility for maneuvering. Thus weight and balance comfort became a priority as well, plus the need to best handle the NBPT. I let the VX3 go and used just my MXT Pro and Teknetics Omega 8000 V.4 for Coin Hunting, and a Tek. T2 w/5" DD coils and MXT Pro w/6½" Concentric for the ferrous debris places I hunted.

Those were my TID models, but were complemented by a couple of favorite Tesoro models that have proven themselves for Coin Hunting and especially Relic Hunting. Today, simplicity, functionality and performance are a must-have for me in a well balanced detector that doesn't fatigue me, and every detector in my arsenal provides just that. Because I work trashier sites the most, both for Relic Hunting as well as many Coin Hunting places in cities and towns, most of my often-grabbed detectors have a smaller-size search coil mounted.

I want and need detectors that come close to the light weight and comfort to use as the five Tesoro's in my arsenal, and my Target ID/Tone ID units do just that. My Nokta two FORS CoRe and three FORS Relic units are the most comfortable to use for as long my body says I can hang in there. My Nokta Impact comes close and that keeps the enjoyment up in this great hobby. Being able to put in more field time.

One thing that does please me is that every detector in my Regular-Use Detector Team will give me 8-out-of-8 hits on the NB with their smaller-size coils for hunting in trash. I can also get 7-of-8 or 8-of-8 using my four of my Tesoro's with a round 8" Concentric coil, and even the 8X11 DD on my Vaquero, the 5½X10 Concentric on a Relic, and the standard 7X11 DD's on my CoRe, Relic and Impact will usually make 6 or 7 easily.

But, I hunt in a lot of trash. For most urban Coin Hunters, 6-of-8 with a V3i can be useful because they seldom search really dense iron environments. Out of curiosity, what other detectors do you have on hand? Have you tried them on the Nail Board?


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Brian, very good answers.

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Coils can help with the V3i, and usually

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Thank You, and that's usually about

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Somewhat interesting with the Indian Head cent.

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