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Somewhat interesting with the Indian Head cent.

May 01, 2017 02:13AM avatar
The V3i did much better with the Indian Head (7 out of 8).
The Indian Head cent has a lower conductivity level than the 90% silver content Mercury dime, but it is slightly larger which can give it an 'edge' in detectability.

The 4x6 shooter was used.
A coil that just never clicked with me. Through the years I have not big a huge fan of Double-D coils on most detectors. I started using DD's back in '71 when Compass Electronics introduced the Yukon series of TR's, and I still have my handy little Coin Hustler TR w/6" DD coil in my Specialty-Use Detector group. But that was in the early days of recreational metal detectors, and for a dozen years it was a very fast-paced/rapid-change era for detector technology, design and growth.

One thing I noticed back in the early-to-mid '70s was how some manufacturers, Garrett for one, were quick to note the DD design of the Compass coils and they copied that trend. However, most of those detectors were just a straight TR design. When TR-Discriminators came along, most manufacturers went to a different coil configuration than a DD, if they had used DD coils, because DD coil design and performance didn't work well with Discrimination circuitry.

Many were using some variant of what they called a Co-Planer coil design and eventually almost all manufacturers moved their VLF/TR-Disc., VLF/VLF-Disc./TR-Disc. and then just VLF/VLF-Disc. models we have today to using Concentric coil designs. Along the way some would bring out a Double-D coil as an accessory, but they seemed to be more popular for the VLF/All Metal mode only Gold Nugget Hunting models they offered.

There has been a lot of 'marketing' type discussion with regard to how well a DD can handle higher mineralized ground, or how they have this supposed "knife-edge' design that helps cover more ground and get better depth in very mineralized ground. Along the way I think someone forgot to remind those DD spouters that it might be handy to try and prove some of the talked-about performance because the 'proof' wasn't always there in the field.

As a rule, using a comparable coil size, a Concentric coil will get a little better depth of detection, a tighter and more consistent visual Target ID, and handle Discrimination better, especially iron/ferrous object rejection, than a Double-D design. That was more especially the case when most detectors were using a good, old fashioned and reliable analog circuitry or mixed analog/digital blend.

But marketing sure plays a funny role in the metal detector industry and about ±20 y ears ago we started to see some detectors out of Australia come equipped with a DD coil and they would offer only a DD coil type. Along with other debatable marketing fluff, they promoted their DD coil design and other manufacturers I guess felt a need to copy that concept and start marketing their upper-end models with a DD coil. It was more 'marketing' than it was 'field-proven' that we have seen search coil trends go the way they have.

However, I have to add that there is one other trend we have noted in the last decade, especially, and that is not the search coil designs, but the metal detector engineered changes to a more digital circuitry. Analog detector circuitry used to be how it was done, and today about the biggest detector manufacturer to still use the good old reliable analog design is Tesoro Electronics. I have five Tesoro's in my Regular-Use Detector Team and they all have a round 6" Concentric coil attached, except the Mojave which wears the new round 7" Concentric. I have a round 8" Concentric to use on four of them if there's a reason for a little more coverage or depth, and an 8X11 Double-D for the Vaquero as an optional choice.

All my other six Regular-Use units feature visual Target ID, audio Tone ID, and employ a modern digital circuitry. All of these Nokta models come standard with a 7X11 DD coil, and all of them offer an assortment of accessory coils that are almost all of DD design. The only difference is one of the FORS Relic units that has a 5½X10 Concentric coil mounted full-time. For me, and after comparisons afield, I favor it over the identical size DD design on that model.

My Nokta and Makro detectors, using their smaller-size search coils, can all do well on the NBPT and produce 8-of-8 hits on an Indian Head/ or modern Zinc cent, or using a Silver or modern Clad dime. Some other brands and models I have owned could get 7 or 8 hits, but not as cleanly or with the pronounced audio response as do the Nokta and Makro models I have (or the Tesoro's).

It was the Nokta FORS CoRe that I got first that really demonstrated exceptional performance on the NB as well as in-the-field in an iron nail infested old ranching homestead, and out-performed all other detectors in my personal battery from White's, Teknetics and Fisher, and came close to matching the performance I got from my Tesoro's.

I had DD coils on my Tek. and Fisher T2 and F75, and the 5" DD and 8" and 5½X9¾ Concentric coils for my Omega 8000 V.4, and both the 6½" and 9" round Concentric coils for my White's MXT All-Pro and MX5, and none of those models came close in all-around performance with a small and standard coil when compared with the Nokta CoRe. (NOTE: Of these models, the best Relic Hunting combo for dense iron littered sites for me was the T2 w/5" DD coil.)

Other than the 5½X10 Concentric on a Relic, all of the non-Tesoro models in my arsenal sport DD coils, and all work quite well on the NBPT as well in really challenging trashy sites I hunt. Still, however, my Concentric equipped Tesoro's set the standard for others to try and achieve in dense iron nail contaminated sites.

I tried the 4X6 'Shooter' DD, the 6X10 Eclipse DD, the terrible 10" D2 DD, and aftermarket coils like the 5" and 6" round DD, the 6X8 SEF DD, and a NEL DD on different White's models I had, such as the MX5, MXT Pro, VX3 and limited use V3i, and the White's round 6½" (5.3 Eclipse) Concentric coil provided me the best performance on the NB as well as in similar challenging ferrous littered sites.

Just some thoughts on my experiences with DD coils in general, especially with those White's models. The new MX Sport seems to have been better-designed to function with a DD coil, however, because using the aftermarket 7" DD from Detech it performed quite well on a penny/dime NBPT and even hit 8-of-8 in a more challenging test using a very thin, small half-dime.

V3i set with 3 frequency, best data, 20 recovery.
I see 'zincoln' posted a response above regarding settings and performance with his V3i ... and the commendable results he gets using the 6½" Concentric coil! thumbs up As I have stated, I like 'simple' and an easily 'functional' detector, and the weight and balance combined with the general performance of the V3i just never was a good fit for me in my arsenal. I have ample patience, but I also draw the line at a need to 'over-tinker' with settings. I like 'simple.' smiling smiley

But if you have any questions about your Spectra V3i, and the settings you might consider for different hunt applications, I would suggest you shoot Brian an e-mail and ask away because he is the V3i 'master' and has put in the time to learn the V3i well.


PS: Do you have the 6½" Concentric coil?

"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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