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"anyone tried this? looks pretty nice" ... Not to Dealers until

May 09, 2017 10:26AM avatar
the first part of June, according to recent posts on a couple of Forums.

I know I am interested enough to give one a try, having evaluated both the AT Pro and AT Gold in the past. I watched the video a few times prior to your post and noted a few things that could be argued.

It shows a GB 'window' setting and I believe they said that was an "exclusive" feature, but that can easily be pointed out as a feature on other brands. They also claim an 'exclusive' true iron audio in the All Metal mode to help identify ferrous targets. Well, the AT MAX isn't in production yet, and the Nokta Impact already is and it features Discrimination in the All Metal GEN mode, as well as iron classification capability in the GEN (D) mode.

Garrett did add some new features, such as being able to adjust a proper Threshold audio, shown in the Zero Disc. mode, and they have enlarged their TID and GB numbers.

Yes, it is waterproof, but that has both strengths and weaknesses.

They did design it around an better 'general-purpose' Frequency of 13.6 kHz, which keeps it in the known 10 kHz to 15 kHz versatile frequency range.

The AT MAX, however, is still in the top-heavy control box configuration which I know fatigues quite a few people I have met afield. All-in-all, however, it is a move ahead from Garrett, keeping it at a competitive price point like the three frequency Nokta Impact. One more detector from a different maker to shake up whatever the folks at White's or other brands are going to be able to do.

The trend was set years ago by Garrett to bring consumers some better detector designs at a generally lower MSRP, and that signaled a new direction in the industry that had been bringing us new and much higher-priced detectors since 1983. The Nokta FORS series and Makro Racer series have been very strong competitors and marketing very affordable models, and that includes the new Impact. FTP has also joined the lower-price game with some recent changes in their line-up getting ready for new model introductions.

Once released I will have to give the AT MAX some field time, and that will include the need to work with one or two smaller-than-stock search coils in order to best deal with the tough iron challenged sites I usually search. I see some improvement over the AT Pro, but it will have to really perform in order to challenge any detector in my Regular-Use Detector Battery.

Don't be in a big rush to part with your AT Pro. That model doesn't have a true Threshold-based All Metal mode, but have you hunted very much in All Metal through the years? Have you hunted much with a Tone ID model that lets you adjust the Tone Break for the different tone settings? (Tone Break is a function I don't see on the new AT MAX, nor an ability to adjust the Audio Tone for different breaks or segments.) It is a new model from a well established and respected manufacturer, and once released I think we'll find out how it is accepted within maybe 6 months.


PS: I am headed off on-the-road for a detecting journey ... without my computer ... and won't be back home until May 22nd. Therefore, I can't respond to any questions or comments to this or other threads.

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