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My comments about the Omega 8000 for urban Coin Hunting and iron infested Relic Hunting applications.

May 30, 2017 08:15PM avatar
I got my first Teknetics Omega 8000, Version 4, in March of 2010 for evaluation, and while I didn't find it to be a great fit for my Relic Hunting needs in dense iron littered sites, it did become my main-use Target ID model for urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting back then. It remained in that status until January/February of 2015. The Teknetics T2 w/5" DD was my Relic Hunting choice back then, but the Omega 8000 V.4 outperformed it with tighter TID's at mid-depth for Coin Hunting applications with their standard search coils.

Candy Rock Kid
I looked for one (Nail Board Performance Test) on the forum but with no luck. Perhaps a link?
I do not have a link but I can t6ell you from ample in-the-field work in many very dense ferrous littered sites, mostly tight placement of iron nails but other iron trash as well, that other makes and models worked better.

The Omega has a quick-response and fast-recovery when encountering multiple closely-spaced non-ferrous/non-rejected targets like coins, tabs, etc. It will quickly hit on those close associated accepted targets very well. Where it and many competitive models have difficulty is when trying to provide a quick-response but still give a fast-recovery on nearby rejected targets like nails and other targets.

When it comes to handling the NBPT, the Omega 8000 V.4 does it's best using the small;, round 5" DD coil. I am a fan of smaller-than-stock search coil and I narrowed my Omega 8000 coil selection down to my two favorites, and the 5" DD was one of them. I used it a lot in and around metal structures, building rubble, and when dealing with very brushy or rocky terrain.

Candy Rock Kid
I'm getting a used 8in concentric in the mail today to add to my O8s arsenal.
I was really hoping the stock 5½X9¾ Concentric that my Omega came with would work well for me, and it does perform OK, but the round 8" Concentric was my 2nd coil-of-choice for the Omega. I preferred the TID as well as the Pinpointing efficiency with this coil to the other mid-sized and larger coils. The 8" Concentric and 5' DD were my two regular-carry coils, picking the 8" for more open and lower trash areas.

Candy Rock Kid
So now I have that and the cors DD 8.5x12.5.
I also have the 'core,' but you spell mine CoRe with Nokta FORS preceding that. The FORS CoRe was the model I got in-hand in January of 2015 that really took top-stage in my arsenal at the time and relegated my MXT Pro, MX5, T2, Omega 8000 and a few others to 2nd class status, and in February, when I got the Makro Racer and compared it, I started selling or trading them off. I got rid of all my other detectors, with the exception of my Tesoro favorites. The CoRe out-performed all others on the NBPT and rivaled the results I got from/get from the good Tesoro's for serious Relic hunting in dense nails and other ferrous debris.

Candy Rock Kid
Going for the 5incher next.
When I sold or traded them away, the Omega 8000 buyer was mainly interested in getting the stock coil and the round 8" Concentric coil. I still have the round 5" DD coil I used on my last two Omega 8000's and a G2 I also had at the time. If you're still looking for a 5" DD that has seen some field time but is "well trained" and behaves just fine for hunting in trashier places, shoot me an e-mail.

Note that I kept mentioning Version 4. All four of my Omega 8000's that put in serious Coin Hunting time were the V.4. I had a V.5, briefly, but traded it off as-new because some of the changes they made in the circuitry let me down in performance compared with the earlier V4 version.

Best of success with your Omega 8000, especially if you are mainly hunting for cons and such in an urban setting. Just one reminder here and that is to use a slow and methodical sweep speed and remember to overlap. the Omega is a quick-response detector and is not a fast-sweep circuitry design. Fast sweep speeds, especially in very mineralized ground, in pea gravel and in rocks, will drastically impair the performance.


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My comments about the Omega 8000 for urban Coin Hunting and iron infested Relic Hunting applications.

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