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Some Wireless headphone answers .. (Regarding Nokta/Makro)

August 09, 2017 12:24AM avatar
I'll try to answer as best I can so all readers, even unfamiliar with the Nokta & Makro wireless headphones, might understand. Bear with me and I trust I am not in error in my response.

This question might have already been asked but I didn't see an answer to it.-----On those new style/latest out wireless h.p.'s for the Makro Racer 2, Gold Racer & Nokta Impact.-----What is the difference between those h.p.'s that have the "white dot" on them & the ones that don't?
There have been three (3) sets of wireless headphones out since the Gold Racer and Racer 2 release.

The 1st set of wireless headphones that I received worked on the Gold Racer and Racer 2 Makro models just fine, and had a module that could be used in either of these models. They did NOT have a "White Dot" on the side, and Did NOT work with my 'Test' Impact.

The 2nd issue of wireless headphones DID have a "White Dot" which was used for helping to pair the headphones with the Gold Racer or Racer 2. I have a set of those I got from Oregon Gregg and so far they are working just fine with all three models that share that issue headphone. I did hear that some people had a little periodic issue with them sometimes losing their connection then quickly restoring it, and that only happened to me 2 times with my Racer 2.

The 3rd issue of the 2.4 Gig wireless headphones also have the "White Dot" on the ear cup to help with switching or pairing, and come with a module for the Gold Racer or Racer 2, but they are also designed to be compatible with the new Nokta Impact. I am not aware of any issues they have had with the latest version. Those went out to 'testers' and we gave our feedback and all has been well! thumbs up

I have both my 'White Dot' (switch button) 2nd issue that I got on a deal with Gregg, and my 'Test' sample (3rd version) of the final/current version.

I use both of these headphones without any issue when using my two Impact devices. With the original issue and twice with the 2nd issue I did experience unpairing with the Makro Racer 2, but it was brief and then re-paired. The latest 'Test' headphones haven't experienced any problems at all with any of the three models mentioned.

Does the ones with the white dot come with the module & work on all three of the mentioned detectors?
The 'White's Dot' on the switch on the 2nd and 3rd issue wireless headphones means they should be compatible with at least the Racers but, in my case so far, they have been working well with both the Racer 2 and Gold Racer Makro models as well as the Nokta Impact.

Yes, they have the Module for the Makro Gold Racer and Racer 2 and the charging cable, but there is no Module for the Nokta Impact. That function is 'built in' with the Impact design.

Does the h.p.'s without the white dot work only on the Racer 2 & Gold Racer?
Yes, the original 2.4 Gig wireless headphones, the one without the "White Dot", were first designed for the Gold Racer and Racer 2. I had them and they were NOT compatible with the Impact. They only worked with my Racer 2 and Gold Racer, but there were some periodic issues, with one being unexpected unpairing.


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Wireless headphones question.

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Some Wireless headphone answers .. (Regarding Nokta/Makro)

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Re: Some Wireless headphone answers .. (Regarding Nokta/Makro)

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