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Understanding Target ID is difficult for some people. Even with the White's MXT Pro.confused smiley

July 20, 2018 11:50PM avatar
As I stated in my signature at the end of almost every post I make, the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination, and therefore the most accurate form of Target ID, is your eyes.

Any reasonably good, potentially good, solid or questionable iffy signal should be recovered and then you just take a look at it. Is it good or is it trash?

Remember that Target ID, be it an item reference such as foil, a coin, a pull tab, a screw cap, or a VDI read-out that simply shows a numeric reference along a broad conductivity scale, is based on many many variables that can affect the end read out that is displayed.

It's presumed that the metal object's conductivity is the primary reason we see a certain numeric VDI (Visual Discrimination Indicator) response, which is correct, but there are several other things that could be factored in to the final Target ID response.

It's not just the conductivity of the metal alloy of the object surface but also the objects size, shape, orientation to the search coil, and depth or distance from search coil. Then also we must consider the ground mineralization, the amount of moisture in the ground, and the depth of that moisture from the ground surface to the Target. And naturally we have to take into consideration the particular metal detector circuitry design and how it processes both the ground signal and the target signal, the metal detector settings, the search coil size and type used, and the sweep speed of the search coil.

That's a lot to consider separate from simply the metal object's conductivity level, and that is why we will quite often see some targets produce a higher or lower VDI response when on or in the ground than what they would do in an open air test. In short, nothing is perfect.

I've used Target ID detectors since they first were introduced to the market 35 years ago and in all that time and using many different makes and models of detectors, I have dealt with a lot of high reading Target IDs that are what White's considers Plus 90 and above.

With the MXT Pro I have found clad halves and silver halves, clad dollars and silver dollars, that all produced Target ID readings of 90 up to 95. But there are many targets out there that can give us those high-scale VDI responses that actually do not have true conductive properties that high. This can be seen when encountering things such as rusty tin, or perhaps a deep nickel or penny US coin.

There are different techniques to use relative to your search coil that can help 'classify', both audibly and visually, problem iron targets such as rusty tin. Some makes and models tend to struggle a little bit more with some ferrous trash targets, while others do notably better.

Search coil size and especially search coil type can present us with Better or Worse responses from challenging trash. With most detectors that I use, I prefer a good concentric type search coil when working any iron infested site, especially if the main problem is rusty tin.

Finally we cannot let go unnoticed the simple fact that experience can be the greatest factor in learning Target ID interpretation. The more frequently we get out detecting and the more we pay attention to how we are hunting and how the detectors respond, the better we are going to be at learning how to audibly and visually classify targets based upon their high numeric read-out.

Not all detectors behave the same so it is up to the detector operator to learn and master the strengths and weaknesses of each make and model they put to use.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Understanding Target ID is difficult for some people. Even with the White's MXT Pro.confused smiley

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