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Why all my new detectors find more stuff...

July 15, 2018 04:16PM
I have noticed that, at least in the begining, all the detectors I have ever tried have found more stuff than my 'current' stable. The detectors I'm familiar with seem to find more of the stuff i'm looking for at any given time or location while not digging as much unwanted stuff as the new ones.
As I have thought about this I have found that while learning a new detector I find myself digging more signals to discover what 'that' particular sound and VDI represent. I find that in short order I start making judgement calls and leave more targets undug. While i'm sure this is quite normal and so some extent even needed, I wonder how much more of the good stuff, like gold and old coins, i've left behind because I was not willing to dig a signal I wasn't sure of. I also find myself relying too much on the VDI when I should be concentrating on the tonal quality of the target.
I have a fair amount of time with the MXT Pro and was willing to sell it because I have purchased two new detectors. However, given what I have already stated above, I feel that I need to stick with it and really learn it before tossing it to the WWW to be consumed by the hungry deal whatchers.
I have spent more time with my Vaquero lately attempting to futher train my ability to sort out the vast array of sounds it produces.
I will not be selling any of my machines any time soon as I want to give them all the fair shake they and I deserve and find out where the can fit into my arsenal and how they might compliment each other.
I feel like I just started this hobby when in reality I've been at it for several years now - since 2012. I have spent too many hunts looking at the display because I only had an hour or so to spend. So was my justification for being lazy and not taking ample time to learn as I should have.
So, for the forseeable future, I will use the VDI only to familiarize myself with the target I'm about to dig. We'll see how that goes and then make modifications to how I hunt as I feel I can implament them without straying away from sounds.

My current line up is as follows in order of most often used;

MXT Pro with the 5.3, 4X6, 6X10, 950 and the 13" Detech coils. I use the 5.3 the most followed by the 950 & 13" for sports fields.
Nokta Impact with the 7 concetric,11X7 (stock) coil. I only use the 7" concentric right now.
Makro Racer 2 with the 11X7 (stock), the 7 cncentric and the 5 DD coils. I have only used the 7" concentric so far. I just got this, this week.
Tesoro Vaquero with the (stock) round coil, and the 5.75 concentric. I use the 5.75 exclusively.
Tesoro Mohave with the 7" coil. I use this at tot lots and qround homes.
Tesoro Tejon with the (stock) coil and the 5.75 concentric. I use both mostly as a loaner.
Tesoro Compadre with the 8" coil. This is used by neighbor kids and the grandkids.
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Why all my new detectors find more stuff...

Dan'o 340 July 15, 2018 04:16PM

Fair Shake -

Rich (Utah) 247 July 18, 2018 07:00PM

Well stated, Rich(Utah).

Monte 220 July 19, 2018 05:19AM

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