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Using small screening or sifting devices.

September 07, 2018 06:06PM avatar
I used to enjoy combining metal detecting with digging and screening, but that was back in the day when I could also enjoy lifting and carrying heavier items or walking and hiking further than I do. About the last time I had a good screen set up was in 1988.

After an on-the-job injury that year I was told to restrict my lifting to no more than 25 lbs, and in '91 a few doctors told me to limit myself to 10 to 15 lb at best. In March of this year, after an injury that tore my left rotator cuff and accompanying muscles and tendons, followed by a fall the 1st of April that brought about the neck surgery I just had 2 weeks ago as well as tearing my right rotator cuff and doing worse damage to my shoulder and arm, the doctors have now restricted me to lifting, carefully, no more than 5 to 10 lbs.

I had visions, or perhaps a delusion, last winter of building myself a new screening device. I had researched several build designs and sketched out what I thought might work for me, and then brought in some wood for my wood stove which refreshed my memory that I just can't lift much anymore.

But your post, Todd, reminded me of my periodic tool that I used to have tagging along behind me while detecting some old sites. I didn't spend money for any of the newer, handheld, sifting devices you can use for gold panning, but I did use my Garrett classifier.

The size of the square holes in that plastic device were/are functional enough, and I used a small plastic hook in the hole that's around the rim of the pan to hook over the back of my detecting gear-belt and it tagged along right behind me.

I didn't use it all the time, but I did hook it up to take with me when I was working some of the sites where I knew I was getting a lot of good-target signals in amongst a lot of small masking trash. So I wasn't digging deep and screening a dedicated large gridded area, but instead using my recovery tool or the small plastic trowel I had in my pouch to dig up and scream the material right in and around where I was making a good recovery while detecting.

Did it always pay off? Nope. Was it sometimes useful in my favor? Yes, periodically it was.

The smaller glass and metal buttons I'd have to keep an eye open for because they could slip through the holes in that device, but most buttons, marbles and metal objects such as keys, trade tokens, coins, and interesting doodads did get recovered.

I found a handy not just working any iron littered location where I made a good find, but when I was making a good Target recovery near or under some sagebrush and other vegetation that made it a little more difficult to work a search coil, it was useful just to dig out and screen that soil down maybe 3 to 4 inches deep right around the area that was hampering good search coil coverage.

I still have my gold panning classifiers around, so when I'm able to get back out to potential sites I think I just might have one tag along for company.


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Using small screening or sifting devices.

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