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Correct, and you forgot one.

October 06, 2018 10:06AM avatar
They haven't had a good engineer since Jack retired and Dave Johnson was only temporary help to head up the design of the Lobo ST.
David Johnson also designed the Diablo microMAX, which even David Johnson stated many times since then he felt it was his favorite efforts on a gold nugget hunting detector. I agree and never could figure out why Tesoro stopped its production. confused smiley

You're 100% correct when it comes to the need for a very qualified design engineer who is 'up-to-date' with the newer engineering smarts in this digital world we live in.

It takes a lot of capital and engineering talent to come up with a "fresh"newly designed metal detector.
Something Tesoro had been lacking, and the flags flew on that alert when they cut a deal with Kellyco to be a Tesoro Dealer. I know that didn't make Jack all that happy to hear that, but it was a sign of a cash-flow need. Just the wrong way to do it.

It is hard to compete with the off shore companies like Nokta/Macro, they seem to come out with several offerings a year.
Nokta-Makro is a very sharp, up-and-coming manufacturer, but we can't forget XP out of France and Minelab, the Australian company, who mainly makes their stuff in Malaysia the past six years or so. There are a few other more recent or even older companies in foreign countries, but the recreational-based detector market really got a serious start in the industry here in the USA when we used to have so many manufacturers.

One at a time the smaller guys who lacked capital started fading away, to include hold-outs like D-Tex and Gold Mountain then Gold Mountain Technologies and even the original Teknetics who had also acquired Bounty Hunter and bit-the-dust, ... with George Payne as an engineer! And Compass Electronics who had good stuff, and they had some good engineering talent, but it takes $$$$ and savvy marketing, especially with the onslaught of the Internet and major discounting the past twenty years

Even the oldest makers, Fisher Research Labs, couldn't hang in there and it was FTP who had purchased Teknetics ands Bounty Hunter long ago and later acquired Fisher. They kept B.H. in the major discount race before David Johnson was acquired and he brought Teknetics back to life with the T2, and he and his team went through all but one of the Bounty Hunter models and improved them a greets deal. Even a company with a really talented engineer, like Discovery Electronic with most of the former Teknetics guys and George Payne as the engineer, just couldn't make it without adequate $$$$ to back them and do the necessary marketing.

What they really need is a Target ID instrument, be it analog or digital and able to handle all ground conditions.
Yes, Tesoro needed to come out with one or two competitive Target ID models and they never did, and trim some of the excess models from their line-up. The Mojave was a well-intended model as it should have replaced two, the Compadre and Silver microMAX. But they really let the 'new' consumer market down because such a high number of 'Hobbyists' and 'Avid Detectorists', newcomer's to very experienced, read or sometimes contribute to metal detecting forums, but Tesoro didn't monitor their sites or provide any knowledgeable in-house participation on the internet.

Combine that with the drastically reduced number of 'local' detector dealers, the major discounting, and a need to do better marketing ... and that takes knowledge and $$$ ... and you're just not going to stay alive and do well for long. That's now apparent.

In the USA we still have FTP with three 'resurrected' brands, and Garrett and White's. You have to wonder who is suffering the most and could be the next to folds up shop. FTP recently moved to a new and expensive facility, and they have the corner on the mass market with Bounty Hunter, even though many places still show other brands or at least two or three models they want to advertise.

Several years back Garrett also moved to a nice looking newer facility, and they have always been one to direst a lot of money to marketing/advertising. White's is ... well, they are still there in their old-looking facility and I really wonder sometimes especially with their lower-end products. I can say some good things about one I have been evaluating, but while basically OK they sure flubbed up in two design considerations.

Oh well, all we can do is hang in there and enjoy getting out hunting with all the good working detectors we own now and hope the 'best thing' can happen.

The best thing? Yes, we stumble upon a half-dozen choice sites that are totally virgin and never been hunted. smiling smiley

Sad to hear about Tesoro, but my three units will continue to serve me well.


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jmaryt 270 October 04, 2018 07:01PM

Without a great engineer, the Tesoro company is doomed.

Hombre 191 October 06, 2018 08:15AM

Re: Without a great engineer, the Tesoro company is doomed.

jmaryt 183 October 07, 2018 11:11AM

Correct, and you forgot one.

Monte 203 October 06, 2018 10:06AM

Re: Correct, and you forgot one.

jmaryt 174 October 07, 2018 11:30AM

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