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NWCindy, here are some replies to your questions on the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum.

October 15, 2018 05:51AM avatar
A lot of folks might not follow discussions in that Forum unless they were shopping for something. Also, covering the search coils topic and discussion here might be of some help to newcomers.

Okay, I am going to do a cut-and-paste of your two comments/questions you made in then other Forum:

Thanks Monte yes I got three coil sizes on my kruzer but I am going to get the the one you mentioned the seven by whatever it is concentric I don't ever use large coils almost never so the big one is really more than I want to swing. I spoke with dealer couple hrs ago. I could enjoy the 9x5 dd also. I realize these sizes I mention aren't exact.
Let me start out by stating that some search coils do not work as well as what we might think they will, unless we check them out first to confirm that, and I also learned long ago that it was best to select the most efficient set of coils for each detector model I owned so as to have two, or possibly three IF I had a likelihood of actually using them. No need to clutter an outfit with coils that will sit around as they are useless or worthless for the types of site environments we each like to hunt.

For example, here are the coils I have for the detectors currently in my Detector Team:

Nokta-Makro Detectors:
FORS CoRe #1 I have the smallest 4.7X5.2 DD that I call an 'OOR' coil since it is just slightly 'Out-Of-Round.'

FORS CoRe #2 has the 5X9½ DD open-frame mid-size coil for more open and lower target infested sites.
I also have the 'standard' 7X11 DD that I very seldom use, as well as the large 14X15 DD that I keep around for Cache Hunting and other contract searches when needed.

FORS Relic #1 I have a round 5" DD mounted or densely iron contaminated sites.

FORS Relic #2 has the 5X9½ DD open-frame mid-size coil for more open areas with sparse targets.
I also have the standard 7X11 DD that I very seldom use.

Anfibio Multi has the round 7" Concentric coil mounted or most day-to-day general purpose hunting.
I keep the standard round-shaped 11" DD open-frame coil for open sites with lower target count.

Teknetics Detectors:
Omega 8000 #1 & #2 I keep a round 7" Concentric coil mounted for day-to-day general purpose hunting.
I also have a round, sub-5" DD, elliptical 5X9½ Concentric and 11" BiAxial (DD) on hand as 'standard' coils or should I want the 5" for trashier applications.

Tesoro Detectors:
Silver Sabre microMAX has a round 6" Concentric coil mounted for day-to-day needs.

Bandido II microMAX #1 & #2 also each have a round, 6" Concentric coil for general purpose day-to-day needs.

White's Detectors:
XLT has a round 6½" Concentric mounted for daily use.

Classic ID w/modifications has a round, 'Ferret' 5½" Concentric mounted for daily use, especially for dense trash or confined conditions.

MX-7 has a round 6½" Concentric coil mounted for daily use.
I have a round 8" Concentric and round 950 Concentric for either the XLT or Classic ID. I also have a roundish 7" DD and round 950 Concentric for the MX-7, with the open-frame and non-buoyant 7" DD mainly on-hand for shallow water Beach Hunting.

All of the extra coils indicated by the symbol are on spare lower rods and kept in my Accessory Coil Tote.

Note that I have Coin Hunted typical urban sites since March of '65, and started some casual Relic Hunting of ghost towns and homesteads in May of '69. I have concentrated about 75% or more of my detecting time since July of '83 Relic Hunting old town sites, homesteads, dance hall sites, stage stops and railroad depot sites, pioneer and military encampments, logging and gold mining camps and town sites, old picnic and recreation groves or resort locations, and the list goes on.

Due to the above, and since the majority of these most hunted places have an ample amount of nails and other discarded iron debris as well as rusty tin shards, I prefer to use smaller-size search coils most often. That can be noted by the coils I keep mounted on most of my detectors full-time. Search coil size can be important when trying to separate good targets out of a trashy environment, as well as search coil type (Concentric Vs Double-D).

You stated: "... but I am going to get the one you mentioned the seven by whatever it is concentric".

What I mentioned was this: "...what has become a favorite for many avid users of a Racer 2, Impact, Kruzer series and what I like on the Anfibio, the round, open-frame 7" Concentric coil." According to your recent reply, that round 7" Concentric is the mid-sized coil you are using now.

You also said above: "I spoke with dealer couple hrs ago. I could enjoy the 9x5 dd also. I realize these sizes I mention aren't exact."What 'dealer' did you talk to. and do they use the same detector and search coil and really do much detecting their self? I've known too many dealers who don't really hunt much, and all too often they would prefer to make a sale than to really help people.

Did the dealer tell you why they think you'd enjoy that coil? We can kind of group search coils available for select detectors into categories such as Smaller size, Medium sixe, Standard size and Larger size. In your case, there are two Smaller-size search coils for the Kruzer. The round 5" DD and the elliptical 4X7½ DD. I have used both of these search coils going back to January of 2017 when I got a Nokta Impact. The 4X7½ DD was the new size offered in the Pro Pack and, naturally, I as curious how it would perform with comparable settings and frequencies against the CoRe, Relic and Racer 2 in a dense iron nail contaminated environment.

Logically, the first step was to compare performance on a known and proven test scenario and that was using my Nail Board Performance Test. It didn't do all that well, and with a 'Tough Challenge' I set up for Oregon Gregg to come check out, that coil failed terribly in a dense nail and iron environment. I also used it afield at some homestead and barn locations where naturally lost nails were present and annoying. I was using a test sample Impact and I after the results were posted I had an immediate contact from Dilek at Nokta-Makro. We discussed the results and I explained that part of the problem was due to the coil's size and configuration, at which time I said I wished they made an 'OOR' or 5" DD for the Impact.

They worked on that and soon introduced a 5" DD after they sent me one to evaluate. Gregg came over and we used the exact same set-up, and to make that a 'tough challenge' in the first place we use a much smaller-size 1836 Capped Bust Half-Dime on the Nail Board instead of a larger and thicker Indian Head Cent. The Impact with the 5" DD then performance on par with the other good detector models with similar better size and type coils.

The new 4X7½ DD coil does fine for typical urban Coin Hunting or other applications where trash isn't too close to mask good-target detection, but in a dense nail and other iron contaminated site, the round 5" was/is superior. You have the round 5" DD so you are well equipped for hunting nail-challenged sites with your Kruzer.

I have been using the 7in round coil and I have the 5in round coil I don't really care for an 11 by 7 is too big for me to swing so I think I'll get a medium sized like the 9 by 5 Double D interest me a lot or that 7 in oblong one but I don't know what the difference would be between the 7 in oblong in the 7 inch round is there any difference what would be the purpose of that coil. I know you can explain the difference, let me know Cindy. thank you
Between the two smaller-coil offerings, the 4X7½ DD and the round 5" DD, you have the better of the two with the 5" coil.

When they were working on the 5" for the Impact they were also working on a Concentric coil that would be introduced soon, and they made it for the Impact and Racer/Racer 2 models, and that was the round 7" Concentric coil.

Now, how we categorize coils also depends on the brand/model discussed. For example, with the Tesoro line they used to offer a dinky 4" and then a 7", and for that brand the 7" was considered a "smaller-size" coil. With the White's line for the MXT, MX-5 and MX-7 they offer a measured 6½" diameter round coil as their smallest size. With some makes and models a search coil that is about 7" diameter might be classed as a smaller-size coil or it could be considered a medium-size coil, and that's how I associate it with the Nokta-Makro detectors

Since they offer a smaller-size 'OOR' or 5" DD for the CoRe and Relic, both sizes for a Racer and Racer 2 as well as a 5" DD for the Impact, and now the Kruzer, Multi-Kruzer and the Anfibio series, I have considered the round 7" Concentric coil to be a very functional mid-sized coil and compare it with the newer open-frame 5X9½ DD. I have the 5X9½ DD mounted on a CoRe and one on a Relic because I use them in more open areas with a minimum to modest amount of trash, then opt for the 'OOR' or 5" smaller coil when working dense trash. That's because they didn't make a round 7" Concentric coil for the CoRe or Relic so I use the alternative mid-sized elliptical DD coils.

But having compared the elliptical DD coils to the round 7" Concentric in the mid-size coil group on a Racer 2, Impact, Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio, I have found the better-performing, general-purpose search coil to be the round 7" Concentric.

In your case, with the Kruzer, you have three search coils: The 'standard' 7X11 DD which you say you don't use so why not just find a nice box to keep it in and out-of-the-way at home. Then you have two other search coils. A smaller-size round 5" DD for hunting sites with dense debris, and the round 7" Concentric mid-size coil which makes an excellent general-purpose coil for average day-to-day hunting needs. That would let you keep one on the Kruzer for everyday duty, the 7" Con., and take only one extra, smaller-size 5" on a spare lower rod for quick in-the-field coil changes if you encounter a very confined or trash contaminated site.

I don't see a need for another mid-size 5X9½ elliptical DD coil. Too much clutter and excess to tote with you.

Was there a particular reason why you feel the 5X9½ DD open-frame elliptical coil might work better for you? It's a great coil size and handles my needs with my CoRe and Relic when I don't want to use their standard 7X11 coils, but that's because I don't have a 7" Concentric option. On the other Nokta-Makro models I do have that choice, and the round 7" Concentric works well and provides the additional benefits in performance over the Double-D type configuration.


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NWCindy, here are some replies to your questions on the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum.

Monte 128 October 15, 2018 05:51AM

NWCindy a reply to your four posts below: Lengthy, but maybe helpful to others, too.

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Re: NWCindy, here are some repl;ies from your questions on thre Buy/Sell/Trade Forum.

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Re: NWCindy, here are some repl;ies from your questions on thre Buy/Sell/Trade Forum.

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