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Sad-but-true, White's has short-lived several really good detectors.

October 24, 2018 11:16PM avatar
i must be nuts,but been thinking' about "scoring"
an "m6" never owned one,but from what i have read,it's gotta be the "sleeper" of all time,because they "pitched" it once,and then brought it back! from what i have read,there's a "ton" of people that just "love" that detector! hey monte!..can ya cut me a "sweet" deal on a new one?
In just the past twenty years White's has offered some very functional detectors and either discontinued them when they didn't need to, or adjust the retail price to be more in-line with what the competition has been doing. It seems like they just failed to put good marketing efforts on models that were not in the upper-price group.

Those include the Classic ID and IDX Pro that worked quite well and were replaced by glitchy, poor-performing Prism's. They should have kept them in production, promoted them, and done some in-house enhancements to add both a Threshold and manual Ground Balance control like was done after-market.

Two more would be the MX5 which they should have added a Lock-Track feature to the design, but nonetheless it is a very good unit to compete with the likes of the MXT Pro and the other ignored model, the M6. When the M6 came out I got one and used it for most of my urban Coin Hunting than I did the MXT I had at the time. Then the MXT Pro came out and that took the most-used spot in my arsenal back then, but I still liked the M6 ... mostly as a regular-travel detector to keep in my vehicle with a Tesoro in case I came upon any site to hunt..

Marketing people. sad smileyconfused smiley Sometimes they do things that just don't make sense. They had the M6 and then discontinued it, twice I think, Now they bring it back, lowered the MSRP about a hundred bucks, but kind of market it as a "crime scene" detector. I think they should have let it stay discontinued because the MX5 is a more featured and all-around better performing detector. And when you look at the suggested retail of those discontinued or now older designed models, and compare the current suggested retail prices, there are some better picks in my opinion.

I like the MX-7 out of everything they offer today when I consider cost and value. Of the more recent but now 'former' models, the MX-5 is still what I consider the best pick, even over the M6 as it offers more features and in-the-field versatility combined with looks, balance and feel. The MXT Pro is still a good detector and performs well, but they've left it priced sky-high compared to a lot of the competitor's models.

Matter of fact, when asked the other day what I considered to be a decent detector in the so-called "mid-priced" range that would be a good unit to get started with for Coin, Relic, Jewelry and Beach Hunting, the absolute best value out there is the Nokta-Makro Racer 2. Now with an MSRP of just $449 for the Racer 2 and $649 for the Racer 2 Pro Pack, that is way below what any competitor is pricing any comparable model. Gosh, I can't even think of a truly comparable model to the Racer 2 from anyone at that price!

And even though I have some of my all-time favorite White's detectors and I've been using a bunch of their products since the summer of '68, the only currently-offered White's I like, and own and use, is the MX-7. If I was shopping for a lower-priced but clean used White's model that provided very good in-the-field performance and wasn't a current production device, it would be the MX--5.

In recent months to the past few years, I am kind of uneasy abut how I think White's is doing, and while I like their MX-7 and a few of their discontinued models, I also rely mostly on my Nokta-Makro CoRe and Relic plus the Teknetics Omega 8000 for day-to-day detecting needs and they use modern digital circuitry designs but work well. They are all discontinued models but are rock solid devices in my personal detector outfit, as are my also long discontinued White's XLT and modified Classic ID.

To me, it is a shame that Nokta-Makro and FTP discontinued the above models I enjoy using. They work well and could continue to serve folks for a long time to come and, in my case, they are staying around as very reliable performers. Just the same way I feel about the White's MX-5 and their come-and-go and also under promoted M6 have been. Many people who have these very good models also know that and are hanging onto them because they work, work very well, and will continue to do so long into the future.

So if you have an urge to shop for a used or lower-cost newer model to add to your detector group and want to stay under $500, I would suggest looking at the MX-5 from White's first, then the M-6 as a second option. If it is a non-White's brand then I'll suggest the Nokta-Makro Racer 2 or even the CoRe or Relic. Just personal opinions based on ample in-the-field experience with all of these.

As for a "sweet deal from Monte" that isn't going to happen. I haven't been a detector dealer since five years ago this mid-December, and at present not one single model in my personal Detector Outfit is going anywhere soon. Besides, no M-6 in that mix anyway.


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Sad-but-true, White's has short-lived several really good detectors.

Monte 201 October 24, 2018 11:16PM

Re: Sad-but-true, White's has short-lived several really good detectors.

jmaryt 164 October 25, 2018 11:47PM

j.t., you asked: ... "m6 with 5.3 eclipse on board,was as "fast" in the trash ?"

Monte 174 October 26, 2018 03:01AM

Re: j.t., you asked: ... "m6 with 5.3 eclipse on board,was as "fast" in the trash ?"

jmaryt 176 October 26, 2018 10:49PM

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D&P-OR 207 October 20, 2018 01:45PM

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