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j.t., you asked: ... "m6 with 5.3 eclipse on board,was as "fast" in the trash ?"

October 26, 2018 03:01AM avatar
monte!..did you find that the m6 with 5.3 eclipse on board,was as "fast" in the trash as the other detectors in your arsenal?..thanks

Discussing 'fast' needs to be qualified by how the detector is set up for Discrimination (bad target rejection) as well as considering the general circuitry design. I've discussed this recently on a post, somewhere, and it is another topic I describe and then demonstrate for folks when I do my seminars.

Just what do we consider 'fast' to mean? Let me go back 35 years to when Tesoro introduced their Inca which, at the time, in July of '83, was the best slow-sweep detector that dealt with iron trash very cleanly compared with the original so-called 2-Filter (Double-Derivative) Fisher 1260-X introduced a year earlier in 1982. The Tesoro circuitry design is generally described as being a "quick-response / fast-recovery" performance model. So to describe the use of the word 'fast' we have to clarify what we want to be 'fast' as it applies to the various types of hunt scenarios.

'Fast' could also be swapped with words such as 'Quick' or 'Sharp', etc. For example, a Tesoro can have a 'fast-response' and also have a 'fast-recovery' with 'recovery' being how quickly the detector can reject a Discriminated target and recover to a base-point in order to give a positive response to a nearby non-rejected target. So it isn't only the speed or quickness that a detector can respond favorably to some desired non-ferrous targets we want to find, but also how fast, or speedy, can a detector deal with the negative response to handle a rejected or Discriminated object and be able to recover and respond to a nearby favorable target.

For thirty-five years I have been using my favorite Tesoro models when comparing all other makes and models to determine how 'fast' they can respond to a favorable target and then again respond to a 2nd or 3rd or 4th favorable target that are in close relationship. If I took four US coins and placed them on the ground, I would want to see how close they could be, or how far apart they needed to be, in order for a detector to be swept across them in a series and give a positive response from each separate coin.

Detectors with a slower recovery speed to restore to their operating base-point, such as the earlier 4-Filter types, needed to have much more gap between each coin in order to respond-and-recover to be able to give a good response on the next desired coin. Since I mainly hunt sites with a dense amount of metal I have long relied on using detectors that are 'fast.' 'Fast' to respond positively, 'Fast' to respond negatively to unwanted and rejected junk, and also 'Fast' when it comes to recovery-time from target rejection to provide good-target acceptance with a favorable response.

I have 9 different models in my 13 detector outfit, and of them all the White's XLT has the slowest combined response and recovery time. All the rest of my detectors provide a 'fast' or 'quick-response' with a slower sweep speed, to include my Nokta-Makro CoRe, Relic and Anfibio Multi, White's Classic ID and MX-7, Teknetics Omega 8000, and Tesoro Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX. So yes, these 8 different models from 4 manufacturers are all considered to be 'quick-response' or 'fast-response' models.

You asked about the White's M6 so I'll point out that it is based on the original MXT circuitry and is a 3-Filter detector, like the MXT series, and was designed as a silent-search detector. Also, by design, the M6 has a rather ''Fast' response time when nit encounters a target. Also a 'Fast' recovery time to respond to consecutive non-rejected targets. And best of all, it has a 'Fast' recovery time to respond to a respond to an accepted target after dealing with a rejected target when they are in a close, consecutive relationship.

So it provides:

Fast Response to an accepted target.

Fast Recovery from a close accepted target.

Fast recovery from a close rejected or Discriminated target.

As stated, I compare every detector against my favorite Tesoro models, and also against other detectors I have in my Outfit. However, 'Fast' doesn't always apply to these three points of interest with all detectors. Of my 8 slow-motion/quick-response models, I really enjoy my Teknetics Omega 8000, but even though it satisfies the first indication of 'Fast,' it needs a bit slower sweep and maybe a little more spacing to satisfy the second requirement. It is still one of my favorite urban Coin Hunting detectors with Target ID, but it isn't that good for Relic Hunting tasks when dealing with a lot of rejected targets, especially iron, and flunks the 3rd example of a 'Fast' detector.

The 'best' of what I own and use for 'FAST' performance are my CoRe, Relic, and tied for a very close 3rd spot are my Bandido II and Silver Sabre microMAX models and the White's Classic ID. Better at being 'Fast' in more ways than my Omega 8000, but not on par with those I just mentioned, is my MX-7.

Naturally the search coil in use makes a difference and since I prefer smaller-size coils for most of my detectors, the 6½" Concentric you mentioned (the odd-labeled 5.3) is the size Concentric coil I use on the MX-7 as well as my XLT, and it's also my favored coil for the MXT Pro, M6 and MX-5.

Back to your question of performance of the M6 w/6½" Concentric coil in trash compared with my other detectors. I will say that in 'average conditions' for urban coin hunting in typical trashy conditions, the M6 w/6½" Concentric is right in there on par with the rest, and maybe a bit better than the Omega 8000, and on that model I use a 7" Concentric coil.

However, if I am searching a trashy site, that has a dense amount of targets, and most of them are nails or other ferrous debris, then I would rank the MXT Pro/M6/MX-5 behind the results I get with the CoRe, Relic, Anfibio, Classic ID, Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX ... BUT, better than the Omega 8000 as well as the MX-7.

The best standardized test scenario I use for this is my Nail Board Performance Test with four iron nails of different sizes and orientation around a coin. All of the first mentioned group will provide me 8-out-of-8 hits, with the MXT Pro/M6 and MX-5 needing a little more coil control on one direction to get that 8th response. The MX-7 w/7" DD gets 6-out-of-8 and the 6½" Concentric will go 7-out-of-8 and therefore falls behind the MXT Pro/M6/MX-5 models.

The M6 is a very good detectors, as are the MXT Pro and MX-5, for iron trashy conditions, especially if using the 6½" Concentric coil. Those were the main detectors I used for Relic Hunting (along with my favorite Tesoro's and modified Classic ID or IDX Pro units) and they worked well. Just needed to use a slower and methodical sweep speed to best deal with dense trash.

Those detectors remained in that spot and were I my Outfit until something better came am=long, and that was the Nokta FORS CoRe I got January 8th of 2015. And when using smaller coils, like the 6" on the Tesoro's or 5" DD on the Omega or a Fisher F19 or T2 or F75, or even the little 5½" Concentric I keep on my modified White's Classic ID or the 6½" Concentric on the MX-5 or MX-7 .... none of them can match a really tougher challenge with an iron nail laying on top of a copper button-front like my CoRe and Relic do.

So if you are still considering an M6 w/6½" Concentric coil, it can be a very good choice depending upon how trashy and the type of trash you will usually encounter. Oh, if you do, just know that the 6½" Concentric coil from White's is about the best coil you can use.

Oregon Gregg learned that, too, when I got my CoRe with the small 'OOR' DD coil and he made a 4½ hour drive to where I lived then to compare his detector and coils. Back then, the M6 was what he used most often, and when he showed up he had the smaller Detech 5" DD coil, and we also tried the Detech 6" DD coil on the same NBPT. Their performance was surprisingly terrible by comparison and the M6 w/6½" Concentric out-performed both of those coils.


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j.t., you asked: ... "m6 with 5.3 eclipse on board,was as "fast" in the trash ?"

Monte 170 October 26, 2018 03:01AM

Re: j.t., you asked: ... "m6 with 5.3 eclipse on board,was as "fast" in the trash ?"

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