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Dirt-fishing and a 6 silver ring day.

June 09, 2019 05:03PM
We had some good weather the last Sunday of May. That afternoon I took an opportunity to hunt a sports field area that was deserted of all activities, which rarely happens when there is good weather. It seems that everyone else went away for Memorial Weekend. I spent a couple of hours looking for jewelry, hoping for some gold but finding aluminum junk and clad coins. Finally the coil passed over a good spot and I dug my first non-junk ring of the year. I got a strong 31 reading on the Equinox and a sterling silver ring was recovered from about 6 inches down. I took a photo and put the ring in my pouch, continuing my hunting for another half hour or so, recovering some clad and a few pieces of can slaw and pull tabs. It was getting late in the day and close to quitting time for me, so I proceeded across an open soccer field to hunt my way to the car. In the middle of the field I got another "31" signal/tone; and pinpointed the spot with the Equinox and then got out the "carrott" to check depth on the target. Since the carrot didn't find a signal, I cut a deep plug and flipped it to the side, rechecked the hole and got a strong signal straight down in the hole. After removal of a big handful of soil, and dumping onto my drop cloth, I rechecked the hole with a detuned pinpointer and located a target which I removed with my knife. It was a sterling ring. In my mind, that was going to be it.

But as a habit, I always recheck the hole, and there was still a signal, At this point I was thinking probably an old nail, and so I took the knife and chopped out another big chunk from the bottom of the hole and lifted out another sterling ring. Rechecking again, and there was still another ring. In my mind I'm thinking "this is nuts!". Checked again, and this time there are no more signals in the hole. Three rings. That has to be it. But checking the removed soil and pushing the pinpointer through the pile removed from the hole found two more rings lying inside the excavated pile. Five rings in one hole, all size 10-11 sterling. What's the story? Why were they buried? Accidently lost, or intentionally buried, who can say? At first I thought multiple rings, multiple owners. Now I believe one person was wearing the five rings, placed them on the ground where he either forgot to get them, or could not locate the spot. There are no physical landmarks within more than 50 yards of the spot. Possibly an old football field from the 1960's, and someone took off rings to better catch a ball?

I never expected to find multiple rings in one hole; probably never will again.

The days finds 52 US coins: 1 wheatie; 1 Canada 1c. 6 sterling rings. no gold :-(
open | download - 1- first ring of 2019-2.jpg (344.8 KB)
open | download - 2 - First three rings from the hole.5.26.jpg (225.7 KB)
open | download - 3 - The five rings recovered 1 hole 2.26-1.jpg (260.2 KB)
open | download - 5 - 6 rings_5.26.19-02.jpg (74.6 KB)
open | download - 4 -6 ring day finds5.26.19-01-1500.jpg (287.9 KB)
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Dirt-fishing and a 6 silver ring day. Attachments

Sodbuster 719 June 09, 2019 05:03PM

You said: "We had some good weather the last Sunday of May."

Monte 372 June 30, 2019 06:57AM

Re:Last Sunday of June ... duplicating May

Sodbuster 354 July 01, 2019 10:48AM

Re: Dirt-fishing and a 6 silver ring day.

OregonGregg 451 June 11, 2019 05:51AM

Re: Dirt-fishing and a 6 silver ring day.

zincoln 328 June 10, 2019 06:23PM

Re: Dirt-fishing and a 6 silver ring day.

desertsmith 329 June 09, 2019 08:32PM

Re: Dirt-fishing and a 6 silver ring day.

NWCindy 331 June 09, 2019 07:30PM

Re: Dirt-fishing and a 6 silver ring day.

Kickindirt 351 June 09, 2019 07:11PM

Six silver ring day.

UtahRich 375 June 09, 2019 06:48PM

Terrific results!

Monte 394 June 09, 2019 06:05PM

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