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Congratulations on your success, and a special congrats for

August 12, 2019 03:02AM avatar
the good fortune to chance upon some parking meters.thumbs up

I first started hunting them the summer of '68 in my home tone of Ogden, Utah. There were more than enough other sites with a plentiful amount of coins back then. So many high-production sites that, for a few years, you could almost get bored after an hour or so, so you drive a block or two away to a different school or different park, or some fresh parking strips. and just keep popping coins-a-plenty!

A decade later, about '78/'79, we still didn't have any problems filling a pint jar on our own in half a day. I was doing more research on older places to "Relic Hunt' in search of older coins and tokens, and also starting to isolate a few key locations that could have a high-production rate. I was looking for a more confined area without driving around as much. I mean, coins were easily lost in so many different places over such a long time that there was a lot to be found, so I started to key-in on particular places and activities where there was a lot of coin-handling.

I looked for places and activities I saw at the time, even if they were then gone, or that I observed in old photos of days-gone-by where I saw things of interest that called for cons to be used. One such activity I mentioned the other day, and that was harvest fields where pickers were paid as they weighed-in, such as strawberry fields, raspberry fields, apple, peach, pear and apricot orchards, walnut and many other fruit and vegetable orchards. And better still a smaller or confined activity locations such as the road-side fruit 7 vegetable produce stands.

Remember seeing, in person or in an old movie or photo, the outdoor cigarette machines? Dropped change can roll off the sidewalks and into the parking strip grass. One of the big coin recovery sites, especially good to work with a smaller-size search coil to get closer to the metal structures were phone booths. You also had unenclosed phone booths that were positioned on a pole or the side of a building that were also close to a grassy sidewalk easement. Even better, quite often they were not on a sidewalk or paved location, but surrounded by dirt.

There are some strategic locations with vending devices I enjoyed selecting for an evening search in the greater Portland Oregon metro area that also had near-by pay phones often positioned on or near exposed dirt to add an additional coin-hunting opportunity. But those Parking Meters you've located to search around makes a nice location. So many places I noted started to have parking meters removed by the late '70s and early '80s. Since then, 'progress' seems to have ruined many old meter sites as they replaced the grassy parking strips by paving them over, or worse yet they widened the roads and destroyed the potential to hunt those old sites.sad smiley

Yes indeed, you've chanced upon a good location and I think you ought to concentrate a lot of effort working them. I'd do, or suggest doing, the same thing, and that is hunt them patiently and often to recover ALL coins and potential keepers, and the best way to accomplish that is to remove all those good-target masking objects, the blasted modern Zinc Cents. Well, they WERE 'modern' at one time, but that was 38 years ago when the last minted copper and first minted zinc were minted.

I don't own or use a Minelab Equinox 800, but I know it is one of the better newer models to be introduced in the past half-dozen years and ought to serve you well at those sites. Actually, if you have the smaller, round 6" DD coil I think that's the one I would be using more to better work closer to metal structures and enjoy some improved separation. Better for dealing with masking targets, too.

Keep us posted on how you're progressing with that site. And stay strong to handle all those Zinc Cents, too. Wow! Your day treated you to a total zinc and copper Penny recovery amounting to 73.6% of your total coins. That's brutal!

Best of success on your next visit to that location.


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106 coins in less than 3 hours. Attachments

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Re: 106 coins in less than 3 hours.

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Congratulations on your success, and a special congrats for

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Re: 106 coins in less than 3 hours.

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