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My XLT coil picks and favorite 'Bushwhack' program.

July 05, 2020 09:35AM avatar
Todd, as with any detector, we are all going to have our preferences, or likes and dislikes, when it comes to adjustment settings. I personally don't care for a detector that requires a lot of fussing around to get it to do what you want it to do. I like to keep it 'simple' and there are a lot of detectors out there that handle many tasks quite well just the way they come. That said, on some models I will make a few 'common-sense' adjustments, but only of those features / functions that truly contribute to the overall performance afield.

I used the XLT quite a bit at first to get to know it and learn of the strengths and weaknesses based on control adjustments as well as search coil selection for different applications. The conclusion I came to was rather simple. Never 'over-adjust' most settings, and some are best just left alone. If not, you can have some terrible performance afield.

I have my basic programs saved, but seldom opt for the 'Ghost Town' or 'Open Range' modes because the bulk of my hunting is done in dense trash and brush and debris, so for that I prefer the smaller-size coil. When I do pick one of the other two programs, other than 'Bushwhack', there are only a few minor adjustment differences that are saved when I access those modes.

During a hunt I seldom, very, very seldom, make any adjustment changes to any of my programs as I have found most are generally going to remain relatively stable and not cause undue EMI issues. About the only time I feel comfortable making a change is to reduce the Pre-Amp Gain if there is a lot of EMI ... or maybe increase it a little if I am in a very quiet area and if I feel I would benefit from the change.

I sometimes mounted the standard 950 coil when I hunted a coastal bch ... but they aren't close now and my cane and I don't get along too well in all that soft sand. So, I mainly rely on my two favorite coils for the XLT, and those are a 6½" or 8" Concentric. Any of the 6½" diameter coil will do (those include the Blue Max 600, 5.3 Black Max and 5.3 Bullseye which all share the same housing and inner windings) so my preference for a Blue Max 600 is mainly based on the white color which I like in brushier environments. Any of the various 8" diameter Concentric coils will do (such as the various Blue Max 800's and Royal 800) and I settled on a preference for the flat-bottom and burgundy-colored Royal 800.

I keep a 6½' Concentric mounted on the XLT for the majority of places I like to hunt, then switch to an 8" Concentric for cruising open areas where there is limited targets and some potentially deeper. Naturally, the so-called 4-filter and moderate-to-fast sweep XLT isn't the prime pick for me to hunt the very trashy ghost towns and similar sites .... but it does have a place in my Outfit and gets ample use.

My suggestion is to use the Experiment slot and if you want to play around with some settings but not mess up a saved program, just do it in the Experiment slot. That will let you learn the goods and bads of some function changes. And for the record, using a 6½" Concentric and my Bushwhack program, I do not use a fast sweep. I tend to work it with a moderate to slower-then-moderate sweep and get very acceptable performance. And those are shorter-length sweeps, too, not a broad, side-to-side coverage.

Enjoy the XLT an get out and hunt up some good stuff!


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A Holiday Weekend here in the USA ... Time to go detecting!

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Re: A Holiday Weekend here in the USA ... Time to go detecting!

Timbertodd 377 July 04, 2020 04:28PM

My XLT coil picks and favorite 'Bushwhack' program.

Monte 398 July 05, 2020 09:35AM

BE CAREFUL (of group gatherings).

D&P-OR 414 July 03, 2020 05:35PM

Re: BE CAREFUL (of group gatherings).

jmaryt 359 July 04, 2020 04:09PM

Re: BE CAREFUL (of group gatherings).

NWCindy 383 July 04, 2020 02:16AM

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