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A good tip, and glad to hear you checked it out.thumbs up

August 02, 2020 03:57AM avatar
I always enjoy spotting the less-noticed places to hunt. Not always rewarding, but you never know and very now-and-then we'll chance upon one that holds some older coins and neat small stuff.

Even today, with some of the more 'modern' or 'current-trend' detectors, they can produce just as well with a lot of the better older models. For many years since I got my first XLT in June of '94, I would be travelling around with favorites I always had along in my vehicle and all of them served me well. Those were mainly my Tesoro Bandido then Bandido II then Bandido II µMAX, my White's modified Classic ID and then modified IDX Pro, and we can't forget the enjoyable White's XLT with any of the 6½" Concentric coils.

In more open grassy areas I'd often use an 8" Concentric on an XL Pro or XLT, but most of the time I kept a 7' then 6" Concentric on a Tesoro, and almost always a 6½" Concentric on an XLT or any of my Classic models. It's 2:50 AM and in just four hours I'll be working an old site and have some of these models along with me to try and have fun before it heats up again.

And almost all of the types of sites you mention spotting, that have been un-tilled, un-dug and un-altered, still have the bulk of their coins in the surface to 4" range. Makes using a comfortably-balanced detector & coil combination even more fitting. I hope you can put in a little more hunt-time at that location and continue to find more good targets.


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Those little out of the way unexciting greenspaces

Timbertodd 524 August 01, 2020 06:54PM

A good tip, and glad to hear you checked it out.thumbs up

Monte 377 August 02, 2020 03:57AM

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