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Now it's a beautiful afternoon and I'm enjoying the fresh air ... but ...

October 19, 2020 05:22PM avatar
That's because I'm sitting in my car by the local drugstore trying to catch the UPS truck before it leaves town. They usually don't come 'til 3 to 6 in the afternoon and it was 1:30 so I made a mad-dash to the Post Office and back. There was a note on my door.

There are three UPS trucks that come to town so I'm trying to catch the the one that might have my packages on or else I'm going to have to wait around again tomorrow. I don't want to do that.

And Rich, you just might be right about the vacuum concept. I thought about that today, getting, parting with, reacquiring, selling, trading on and on. I think with the outlay of money this last month to get all the detectors I have coming I am done

Out of what I will have once I get these packages I'll do my review, and then pick and choose between what's filling up my house now and then determine what I'm going to hang on-to and be happy with, what I want to thin out, and then be done. I do have plenty of detectors to last me a long time, and no doubt there'll be plenty for my two boys to pick through or sell when I'm gone.

Unless something brand-spanking-new and high-tech comes along that gets my attention, I should be able to find anything out there easily by simply picking from the detector outfit I have.

I'll edit this when I get home because I'm sitting here talking in my phone, waiting for a truck and it's quite possible there's a blooper or two. I make sense, but my phone doesn't pay attention and listen closely.


(Okay, I corrected all my phone's errors. I caught the truck and driver, and now at 1:02 AM I have everything unboxed and assembled. I'll start detecting and comparing tomorrow. Actually, later today.)

"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Monday, 1:30 PM, 66° and sunny blue skies ... and I'm sitting at home.moody smiley

Monte 1292 October 19, 2020 02:49PM

Status update -

UtahRich 1293 October 19, 2020 04:30PM

Now it's a beautiful afternoon and I'm enjoying the fresh air ... but ...

Monte 992 October 19, 2020 05:22PM

Don't give into the UPS DEMON

UtahRich 934 October 19, 2020 05:31PM

I waited it out for the UPS driver to show up.

Monte 958 October 20, 2020 03:09AM

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