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Nearing the end of the year and making plans for 2021.

November 08, 2020 12:17PM avatar
With the arrival of late-fall and pre-winter weather it has abut ended my detecting opportunities for 2021. With any good luck there might be a random day or two that will be good enough for maybe an hour or two of detecting time before the new year, but it looks like this one is about over. As I look back over this miserable year's results, and also reflect on the most recent two or three years, I've had to make some dedicated adjustments in my plans for the future. Adjustments on what types of hunting and sites I'll select, adjustments in the detectors I will have around to help me find fun and enjoyment, and serious adjustments on what I might hope to find in the future in the way of an Annual Coin Tally. Necessary adjustments that have nothing to do with weather or time or locations or opportunities, but changes due to the increase in age and decline in health.

I envy those who are my age, or in a relative 'age group', who still are able to get up and about and enjoy good, functional mobility. Can even hike the hills and rough conditions of many old towns sites and out-of-the-way places, or who can still work urban Coin Hunting locations hours at a time. I used to, and I have tried my darndest to push the limits in the past thirty years to work challenging sites and devote a lot of time as my mobility and other health conditions have worked hard to slow m down. The last two years, this one especially, suggests impaired mobility and conflicting health challenges are winning the battle..

So, while using every detector I could borrow or buy over a year+ I have added to my mental struggles because there are so many good detectors out there that I like, but I'f had to put some emotions aside as I considered all the variable to trim my personal-us detector group to a smaller number of detectors than I've relied on for a long time. Detectors that have proven to me they can provide very good performance for me, especially now that I have been shifting back to more traditional Coin Hunting and away from rough and rugged Relic Hunting terrain. Also factored in are detectors that are very light-weight as well as ergonomically comfortable

Through the years I frequently get asked: "Why do you use what you use?"

My answer has always been a simple: 'Because they work, and they work well for my needs.'

Today, I add this emphasis to that: '.. and because they are light-wight, well-balanced, and cause me less pain and discomfort.'

The only detector I have that might be considered heavier or more fatiguing is the XLT that is in my 'Special-Use Team' of detector. But the only coil I use on it is the 6½" Concentric so that lightened-the-load and keeps the balance much better. I have made adjustments in my 'Daily-Use Team' of detectors, and each one of them stays because they can complement each other in different ways for handling different tasks. And now that I have settled on what makes and models I'll have on-hand, and have considered the short periods of time I can last when I do get out detecting, I am now able to start planning for 2021 and do so with more realistic Annual Coin Tally Goals

It was 28 years ago I finished the year with 12,479 coins. I lived in the greater Portland, Oregon metro area, and not only was I 28 years younger, but I was healthier, and after back surgery in mid-'95 I could get around much easier and relied on my cane less. I used it, but just not as dependent on it until by late '98. I still hunted more old-sites than I did urban Coin-producers, but still stayed in the 7,000 and up coins-per-year for at least a couple more years, then declining health and relocating to a tiny then a small town hasn't helped up my coin count. For a few years I pushed myself by setting an annual goal to reach 5,000 coils. I never did, mainly because I couldn't due to health, then because I wasn't located in a very productive area.

Reality, I just have to face reality, and I looked at the Annuls Coin Tally Goals site here on AHRPS just to see how everyone else has been doing. How many might have reached or come close to their goals. It wasn't a good year for many because, due to the Covid Virus issue, many parks and schools and other public access places were close. A lot of us didn't get out much, but two people had regular reporting: 'desertsmith' and 'Sodbuster.'

'desertsmith' reported his results for every month this year so far, and his ending report for October shows: 1419 coins and an Annual Goal of 1500. He's very close to reaching his goal.

'Sodbuster' reported every month thru the end of September so we're waiting for his report on October's results, but as of the end Of September, he reported: 2624 coins and an Annual Goal of 2525, so with September's 320 coin it put him over his Annual Goal.

What readers don't know is where they live, what they detect with, and how often hey get out detecting. All of us should consider where we live and what opportunities we have around us, plus any should we travel somewhere, and then figure of a good goal to reach I live in small Vale, Oregon that has one city park with a playground and ball field. Everything else would have to come from travels I might make, and there are not a lot of bigger-size communities with a lot f park that are heavily used nearby. So, I decided to cut my 2021 Annual Coin Count Goa to 2,000.

And with my transition for the future of doing more Coin Hunting, sand working to pick-and-chose what detectors I feel fit my needs and let me have 'fun' when I am out detecting, I have settled on these models: Fisher F5, Garrett Apex, Minelab Vanquish 540, Nokta / Makro Simplex + and Tesoro Silver Sabre microMAX. Two will use a smaller-size coil, some a mid-size coil most of the time, and a couple of them will also use a larger-size coil for the more open areas like a plowed field or wide-open grassy park.

Now that winter is upon us and I can't get out much, although it's not the best time of year to do it, I am going to try to work harder at some weight loss, and getting my diabetes and blood pressure under much better control. If I'm successful at that, it just might up my success afield by the time early Spring shows up. How about you? It's year's and and have you made any plans for 2021? Set any Coin Count Goals, figure out where you might hunt, considered any adjustments to your detector outfit?

Now's the time to start getting ready for the future.


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Nearing the end of the year and making plans for 2021.

Monte 682 November 08, 2020 12:17PM

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