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My Gridding technique - reply to Remfire

January 08, 2021 12:35PM
For Remfire and others interested in gridding methods that I use, I have drawn a couple of sketches for how I set and move markers. For general grid searching a specific area, I use four markers and select an area. My general rule is for it to be 50 feet or less across a grid. It is too hard for me to keep a straight enough line to be thorough as the space gets larger. Also I use available lawnmower lines whenever I can to keep within my straight search perimeters.

Method 1.
Make a mental boundary either by existing landmarks or pacing and set two stakes the width of your search.
IF you are planning on additional searches adjacent to this area, you can use chalk powder to mark the corners for later, as the stakes will be moving. After setting the two markers, set a third marker along the perimeter border approximately the width of your search sweep. You will be coming back across your search to this marker. Now go back to the starting marker "B" and search towards edge marker "A". When you get to "A", set marker "D" to correspond to the second pass marker on the other end of your search. Then take marker "A" at the corner and move it past "D" another width of your search sweep. Proceed to search "D" to "C" and continue moving your markers to keep your line of search straight.

See attachment 1 below for an illustration of this setup.

Method 2: Searching around a "hot spot" attachment 2 below.

If you are hunting a large area or field and looking for old sitting areas, you will want to fully search any hot spots where targets are clustered. The second sketch (image 2 below) shows marking of a cluster of recoveries as a center point for a search. Place one marker at a chosen distance from your center point, and a second along your determined perimeter of search. Take the third marker "C" and place it a search width from the second marker "B". Now return to "B" and search to "A". At "A" take your probe an mark a temporary mark one sweep distance from "A" and move "A" across the temporary probe marker to the next search distance mark "A2" as shown in the sketch. Now remove the probe and search from that position down to flag marker "C". Continue this procedure until your search is complete moving marker flags across as needed and using your probe or any item for a temporary marker when needed.. Don't forget your center position marker flag when you are done. Again, if you are going to continue searching adjacent to this marked area, you can mark your corners with chalk powder. I carry a bottle of orange chalk in my backpack (in a zip-lock bag) for this use.

Hope this helps you in your recovery efforts. H.H.
open | download - gridding 1_3432.1500.jpg (247.3 KB)
open | download - gridding2_3434.1500.jpg (356.8 KB)
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My Gridding technique - reply to Remfire Attachments

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