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'johnedoe,' Welcome to our AHRPS Forums!

November 17, 2013 09:37AM avatar
Thank You for your added comments to ToddB64's post. Quite often my replies get to the meat of a topic with regard to the 'How-To' techniques, such s working with smaller-than-stock coil, how to tune the detector and present the coil in a trashy location or, in this case, working close to the metal structures in a tot-lot.

In many cases I just presume most folks have figured out he basic consideration, but like you mentioned it is a fresh reminder for many to think about the ease of access and availability to hunt them. Shorter daylight, cooler weather, high winds and limited time has slowed down my "flash money" recoveries as we near year's end. sad smiley While I sent 'recliner-time' to start the first three months of the years while my whacked-on food mended, it's been a struggle to catch up.

The past coupe of years I had set a goal of 10,000 coins-a-year as my goal, but health problems literally cut into my ability to get out and hunt. So, bending to strong suggestion by a couple of friends, especially one who's been hitting good numbers for a couple of years, I caved and set a more reasonable goal of 5,000 coins. I tallied what I've recovered from October and so far this month to clean and add to the jars, but held off on cleaning until I find a few more. As of this morning I am 9 coins short of my goal to end the year.

I ran into the closest bigger town on Thursday and worked a playground I haven't hunted before. It's one of the bigger structure places with a lot of the wooden structures to climb on and most of the equipment is made of wood. Even wooden 'legs' for the lengthy swings so there is less interference from interfering metal. Well, if I wondered if any people might do any detecting around here I got my answer.

This is a larger playground, with a lot of very good woodchip material to generate coin-loss. I spent a good 15 minutes cruising about all the best, most often productive parts only to find 5 coins. Definitely worked! For fun I detoured on the way to my vehicle as the sun was about to set and the grassy area between the parking lot and playground produced a lot of signals that registered well as being potential coins. Far more than the easy-to-hunt playground.

I have a little daylight now and I'll try to pluck a few more coins from somewhere before I be to my detector display at the gun show this morning. Yesterday, Saturday, we had a LOT of people stop by who are from the local and surrounding areas who have a metal detector, and a fair number of them commented that the actually get out and use them. Several requests or questions about a 'club' so maybe I'll get another group started over this way. Then I can find out just who really is the competition. winking smiley

I've hit a few grassy park areas and can attest to the fact that the woodchip and sand-filled playgrounds around here are getting more attention than the lawns. Easy pickings, like you say, but when they are productive they can sure kick out a lot of coinage and jewelry.

Now a quick question. You're new to the Forums so I wonder where, in general, you reside and what types of detecting do you tend to favor?

Again, Thanks and welcome,


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Need additional help with Tot-Lot hunting. confused smiley

ToddB64 1351 October 23, 2013 07:36PM

Re: Need additional help with Tot-Lot hunting. confused smiley

johnedoe 900 November 17, 2013 08:14AM

'johnedoe,' Welcome to our AHRPS Forums!

Monte 1220 November 17, 2013 09:37AM

Re: 'johnedoe,' Welcome to our AHRPS Forums!

johnedoe 456 January 20, 2017 02:33PM

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