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Yes, it can be ... with the right location.

May 05, 2021 09:41AM avatar
You're correct about modern Zinc Cents losing face-vale quickly once lost and exposed to the elements in a lot of different ground mineral environments. Eaten away from the edges and / or riddled with holes, those crappy coins can quickly decay. sad smiley

However, if they are lost in a location that might typically be hunted frequently, they can be recovered while still intact. Such places would be an often-searched freshwater beach, popular-use picnic areas, and most notably tot-lots. Not all of those are used often enough, nor do they serve as a regular-production site to hunt often, such as once every week or two. But there are some like that, in certain areas of the country and even just certain locations within a city or metro area.

When I lived in the greater Portland Oregon metro area, and going back to the '97 to '12 period, there were many tot-lots at parks and schools I either never returned to or only made a quick-hit every 2-4 months. Low producers. But I also had a select group of locations I could depend upon to reward me with ample coins and some occasional good gold and silver jewelry. Often I would set out of a morning on a 'Bach-Chip marathon' and make the rounds, either a full day working many of them or, as health declined, break them up into a smaller number for a half-day of fun. While i preferred hunting old sites such as ghost towns, remote dance halls or picnic groves from long ago, etc., my 'Flash Money' urban places kicked out 12,479 coins in '98 and only ± 3,200 in a bad year when I had an injury and surgery that disrupted my fun-time.

Maybe I could figure out some productive routes for modern coins if I was in the over-populated Fort Worth / Dallas area, but off to the west here, Abilene isn't in a top-producer category. I figured that out from the start of my arrival a month ago which is why I have been doing more driving, note-taking and such to work on research to access private property. If all goes well, I might get onto some of the many older-dated properties here in Clyde and other locations, and that will make for better, as in older, Coin Hunting returns.


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What ever happened to carrying money?!?!

Monte 917 May 04, 2021 07:24AM

Re: What ever happened to carrying money?!?!

Senior Deacon 501 May 15, 2021 04:19PM

Re: What ever happened to carrying money?!?!

Monte 511 May 16, 2021 06:53AM

Re: What ever happened to carrying money?!?!

jmaryt 876 May 04, 2021 09:39PM

Is what's lost, worth finding?

UtahRich 579 May 04, 2021 11:52AM

Re: Is what's lost, worth finding?

NWCindy 509 May 18, 2021 06:05PM

Yes, it can be ... with the right location.

Monte 665 May 05, 2021 09:41AM

Re: Yes, it can be ... with the right location.

scottwyl 543 May 07, 2021 10:31PM

Noooooo! Throw those bad boys away!

UtahRich 524 May 07, 2021 11:00PM

Re: Noooooo! Throw those bad boys away!

NWCindy 533 May 18, 2021 06:10PM

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