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2 Days ... 2 Detectors ... Too-many Pennies.

June 28, 2021 10:38AM avatar
Well I got out yesterday and put in what time I could, doing short stretches at a time that I'm able to, and all the detecting was here working the yard around us 88 year old house I'm in. The weather was pleasant, a nice breeze most of the day, and ample shade made things very comfortable.

I was using the same coins bottle so my coin tally that I counted-out this morning was from the last couple of days. Due to the vast amount of discarded bottle caps and occasional pull tabs, I'm mainly working at thinning-out all the high conductive targets then I'll work on the mid-range as well as deeper targets when I get around to cleaning out bottle caps.

I used my ORX w/5X9.5 DD HF coil, custom '5 User Coin' mode at 14.4 kHz, Disc. 7, Reactivity 2.0, Iron Volumr 'On' and Sensitivity 99 or as high as stable.

I also used my Apex in Custom mode accepting everything above a Disc. setting of '20', Volume 8, Iron Volume 2, and most of the time using the MF and periodically checking some targets with selectable Single-Frequencies. I had the 'Ripper' coil hard at work.

I am audibly classifying most bottle caps and other discarded ferrous trash is best I can so that I can concentrate on recovering the higher conductive non-ferrous targets. If I had the mobility I enjoyed years ago oh, I would have found three or four times what I came up with, but I'm doing my best and battling all the trash but here are my two day results:

Pennies = 64
Nickels = 1
Dimes = 35
Wuartets = 9

As I mentioned it, I'm mainly going after high conductive targets which is why am I nickel count was going to be low. My one Nickel recovery was in a hole with a Quarter.

My oldest son and I are working on finishing up counter and countertop installations in the kitchen today, but when he's working on the flooring later on I'm going to try and slip out see what I can recover today. It's another comfortable and partly overcast day heading for a high of about 79° .... that should keep things enjoyable as a do my best, slow but sure, to recover what's out there. I'll be glad when the shallower trashy targets are gone and we can maybe start running into holder dated coins. No silver yet.

It's summertime and the start of a new week so I hope readers can get out and put in some time of their own and enjoy this great sport.


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9:15 AM .. 69° .. Overcast .. 4 hours of showers just ended.

Monte 701 June 27, 2021 09:18AM

2 Days ... 2 Detectors ... Too-many Pennies.

Monte 570 June 28, 2021 10:38AM

Re: 9:15 AM .. 69° .. Overcast .. 4 hours of showers just ended.

Timbertodd 531 June 27, 2021 01:09PM

Re: 9:15 AM .. 69° .. Overcast .. 4 hours of showers just ended.

D&P-OR 548 June 27, 2021 10:31AM

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