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The usefulness of a good handheld pinpointer.

August 26, 2021 10:21PM avatar
A few days ago I had an opportunity to take about 30 minutes or so and hunt an area in my rock and dirt filled driveway and carport.

I knew that most of the coins and trash targets were going to be relatively shallow, and my hunt time was short, so after putting a bag of trash in the dumpster I just grabbed my Bandido II microMAX with 6" Concentric coil out of my vehicle. I took one step and had a coin signal in my hard-pack rock driveway which was a Penny. I then walked across to my carport where I found a Nickel.

I searched towards where a trailer had been parked and recovered another Penny, then a Bottle Cap, and as I started to search back the other direction, I encountered another Penny. They were modern coins, but that's what I have anticipated where a lot of change and trash has been thrown out.

I continued on the search-path I was headed when I found 1 thick piece of aluminum, and then I hit on a pocket of signals. Not really a pocket-spill as such, but just multiple signals in an area that was roughly 18" by 24", if that. With that 6" concentric coil on my Tesoro, it was not difficult to isolate a few close targets. But this was a multiple target encounter where the biggest problem I had was getting down to retrieve the target and standing back up and then doing it again, and again.

So on the 4th coin I'd hit, I knelt down, laid my cane down as well as my detector, then just relied on locating and isolating targets using my N/M Pulse-Dive Pinpointer .... and that kept me busy for the rest of my limited hunt time. I really enjoy that as one of my favorite pinpointers, and it definitely made my recovery time much improved and more comfortable as I just kneeled there to find targets by hand.

I had found and recovered for coins before I got to that small area that was loaded with discarded coins. 48 to be exact, making my short clean-up hunt tally a total of 54 coins in very little time.

It was one of the moments when having a good hand-held pinpointer cavme in very handy. After the last recovery and my 30 minute time limit being up and I got back to the project in the house. Later that evening, before it got dark, I grabbed the detector and scanned that small area to see what I had missed, but there was nothing. The Pulse-Dive did its job splendidly.


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The usefulness of a good handheld pinpointer.

Monte 722 August 26, 2021 10:21PM

Re: The usefulness of a good handheld pinpointer.

Kickindirt 469 August 28, 2021 06:47AM

Encounte4ring 'Coin Clusters' has been interesting.

Monte 526 August 29, 2021 10:04AM

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