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Encounte4ring 'Coin Clusters' has been interesting.

August 29, 2021 10:04AM avatar
Wow that's a lot in a small area. Always makes ya wonder what happened in that area. I've never found that many coins in one area before

Three, four or five coins from a Pocket Spill is one thing, but it is when I find a greater number in a dedicated area that seem to remain in my memory. Sometimes they are associated with making another noteworthy recovery. For instance there was an old recreation site near a river in NW Orgon I was working in the summer of '84 when I chanced upon almost two-dozen Wheat-Back Cents in small circle about the size of a serving platter, all dating from 1910 to 1919. No Pinpointer around at that time but my Tesoro w/7" Concentric helped isolate them. That kept me on my knees for a bit. Wh4en i was certain that patch was clean I turned to hunt westward and maybe two feet away I hit on a nice Barber Quarter.

Another memorable encounter was in July of '99 when I showed up at some construction on Friday morning that had been going on for the week. I hear one of th3e worked had been detecting the disturbance in the evening after work and doing well. I was checking out a new-to-me round 8" Concentric on a Teso5ro Lobo ST and got there about 7AM. Cut across the park to the edge where road dirt had been pushed up with some of th4 edge of the sidewalk and park dirt late the day before. This was a reverse good-time experience than above. I GB'ed and started my search of the pushed-up dirt and, in less than five sweeps and taking only one gentle step I got a good hit on my first coin for the day. A 1904 Morgan Silver Dollar. But that smaller pile of dirt had nothing else giving a signal.

So I turned southward and stepped over to some disturbed park dirt and got a good hit, and and another and another. No Pinpointer then, either, but I stayed knelt down as I recovered about a dozen Wheat-Back cents from 1" to maybe 3" in about a 12" diameter. That start of the day was the better find first and then the cluster of 1¢ coins.

No Pinpointer back in '91, either, when my Tesoro w/7" Concentric was worked in an area under one shorter sagebrush in my favorite ghost town of 'Twin Flats' where I uncovered 9 cons. Those were a mix of Indian Head 1¢. one 'V' 5¢ and a couple of Seated Liberty 10¢ coins.

Oh, there were times when I had a short string or path and then a roundish circle where I did well. No Pinpointer then, either, or 'modern' detector. It was 1976, in small-size NE Oregon town where my brother was a police officer. I was using my Garrett TR-Disc., hunting the front of the elementary school and came upon a silver Mercury Dime near a tree. Then another, and another. A few other coins now and then, but mainly Mercury Dimes as I followed a 'coin trial" toward the next tree and then turned toward the door at the end corner of the school building. I was later told that was the entrance to the cafeteria, and the 'coin trail' and sort of circular area just outside the door would have been were students lined up and processed in to get lunch. The charge was 10¢, and in that little circular area just outside the door i kept busy as i was, one again, knelt-down during repeated recoveries of Mercury Dimes.

I stayed at the school-front for a couple of hours cleaning out all I could along that lunch route. I have hunted it a couple of times in the pat 15 years with modern detectors and what I didn't clean out that day must have been found by others during the hey-day of detecting because on 4 tries there wasn't a single silver coin for my 'modern' detectors to find.sad smiley

Just don't come across such bunches of coin clusters often, but if I do again I am now well prepared with very good Pinpointers to help make multiple-target groups easier to hunt and clean out.

Yup a good pointer is a must have. I've used the pulsedive for a bit to know that it's a good pointer. Never used it out in the field though. I probably should get one to go with my anfibio and simplex and connect it to my wireless phones. For the price and all the options they are capable of pretty tuff to beat.

Joel, the Mi6 Pinpointer for my ORX is one of the better hand-held Pinpointers I have, and I really enjoy the three Garrett AT Pointers w/Z-Lynk for my Garrett Apex devices or using my MS-3 headphones w/transmitter on one of my Nokta detectors. But my Nokta / Makro Pulse-Dive Pointer, although a bit bigger than the 'average' Pinpointer, is by far the easiest to adjust and not mess-up, and it works excellent! It always travels with me and my Tesoro or two so I have a great PP on-hand. You need to put one to use afield for a while to get familiar with just how well it works.


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The usefulness of a good handheld pinpointer.

Monte 706 August 26, 2021 10:21PM

Re: The usefulness of a good handheld pinpointer.

Kickindirt 453 August 28, 2021 06:47AM

Encounte4ring 'Coin Clusters' has been interesting.

Monte 511 August 29, 2021 10:04AM

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