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Half descent day in an area I hit before

October 11, 2021 09:48AM
First time I detected the area I had a faulty coil on my Apex, 2nd time I had my Tejon but was brutally hot so didn't spend much time. Area was just off to the side of a old RR line that the tracks were scrapped back in ww2 and the power company had taken over and ran their lines along it. Off to the side is a slope that goes to a pond. Tons of iron trash, usual cans and bear bottles.

I recieved the Detech Ultimate 9" for the Apex. Wanted a round coil that for me is easier to work around small undergrowth. Basic performance is slightly deeper than stock maybe 1/2"-1", weight is the same as the Viper and coil seems more stable. The coil handles the high iron extremely well with excellent separation.

Finds listed:

10 Mazuma Play money. Odd to find that in an old area.

Other finds are:

1 Flat button broken back

Harmonica but the reeds were rotted away

7 cents in clad

Odd looking fish lure or might be a whistle not sure but it's very old.

1911 V Nickel, 1892 V Nickel, 1899 Barber dime, 1910 Barber Dime, 1943 Merc Dime, 1897 IH penny, 186? IH penny, 1895 IH penny, 9 wheaties.

Musket ball

Very old Silver Claddagh ring was under roots of a tree, made me almost break a sweat

Couple of old cufflinks, one is white enamel and other has guilded front.
open | download - Apex Finds 10-10-21.jpg (2.24 MB)
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Half descent day in an area I hit before Attachments

kac 1039 October 11, 2021 09:48AM

Congrats on all the nice finds smiling smiley N/T

OregonGregg 481 October 14, 2021 06:41AM

Nice haul. Always fun to get into a hot spot! N/T

Remfire 509 October 11, 2021 11:26PM

Re: Half descent day in an area I hit before

Timbertodd 684 October 11, 2021 06:29PM

Excellent Day there kac -

UtahRich 866 October 11, 2021 05:49PM

Definitely better than "half-decent" in my opinion.thumbs up

Monte 765 October 11, 2021 01:23PM

Re: Definitely better than "half-decent" in my opinion.thumbs up

kac 499 October 12, 2021 11:53AM

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