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A few reminders about: Search Coil Presentation.

April 11, 2022 06:46PM avatar
As our 2022 detecting season is getting under way for most of us, especially for newcomers to this hobby, I just wanted to throw out a few reminders related to search coils and search coil presentation:

1.. Select the best size and type coil for the detector in-use and the site environment being hunted.

2.. Be sure to use the proper rubber washers on the lower rod between the 'ears' on the coil.

3.. Hand-tighten the coil mounting bolt & nut snuggly to eliminate coil 'flop or looseness so it is held in place. Do not use tools or over-tighten which can cause bolt breakage.

4.. Adjust the rod length and coil to be operated parallel with the ground so it is not canted up or down at the front or rear ends.

5.. Sweep the search coil from side-to-side maintaining a consistent coil-to-ground orientation. Do not arc the coil in a pendulum effect that lifts the coil away from the ground on either side of the sweep.

6.. Maintain a coil-to-ground height as suggested in most operator's manuals which is usually +/- 2".

In closing, just a few more reminders:

** Consider having an extra coil bolt & nut set just in case.

** Periodically, take a glance to make sure you don't have a loose, or lost, coil nut or bolt.

** Check to be sure the coil cable is 'finger-tight' for a good connection.

** I pamper all my gear, but if you are a little rougher, periodically check for any crackes in your search coils.

** Finally, if you use coil covers, be sure you haven't lost one.


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A few reminders about: Search Coil Presentation.

Monte 396 April 11, 2022 06:46PM

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