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And you still have 8 days to go this month!

February 21, 2016 04:11PM avatar
Quite an impressive way to start the new year off, to be sure. Hopefully you'll have weather and time to get more hunting in before February draws to a close. I know we have some chilly starts this past three days and will through next Saturday, but it will be mostly sunny to sunny every day with highs in the mid-to-upper 50's, and I love this start-up of early spring weather. Soon it won't be too cool for a morning start.

Thought this was interesting enough to share. These were found in post 1900 sites in the Pacific NW - nothing with exceptional age and all easily accessible and detectable.
Yes, there are still a few good keepers out there in post 1900 locations, and it's up to us to find the ones that haven't been heavily hunted through the years. Gregg and I have worked one site that is kind of 'mid' 1900's with some success, but there is a lot of iron and other junk to deal with. At least we have each recovered silver to start the year.

Group of Feb goodies was found with my V3i and a mix of the 10" DD coil and the 6x8 SEF coil - only a couple of items over 4" which included the Bell of the Ball (s mint) at about 6". Second photo was found with an M6 and 950 coil at about 1".
I still make most good coin finds in the 4" or shallower depth range with occasional keepers in the 4" to 6" range. Nice Morgan Dollar! The last few I found with a White's rang up with a VDI or '94' and the last with a Teknetics Omega 8000 was also a '94' so your dollar might have had a slightly lower reading because there was a lower-conductive 'V' nickel beside it that you missed? thinking Better hurry back there and check! winking smiley

The key to my finds in the last year has been to operate in Mixed Mode Pro which allows me to see all incoming signals coming (not requiring some preset number of good hits in a particular range to ring up). Doing so allow me to see both when i have good and bad targets in close proximity to one another, even when the VDI is way off due to masking.
For a long, long time I have enjoyed using good working models with a '0' Disc. or very low rejection setting to still hear nails and other iron, but 'classify' the non-ferrous targets, even partially masked, with Tone ID, combined with audio response nuances and maybe a hint from the visual display on occasion.

My favorite Tesoro models, as shown below, are above nail rejection at their minimum setting, but their circuitry design does an excellent job of working in dense iron nail environments. My other favorites in my arsenal also allow a very low Discrimination setting whereby I can hear all targets, ferrous and non-ferrous, or increase the Discrimination as little or as much as I want. Usually I don't, and I rely on either the 2-Tine or 3-Tone audio search modes that have the low-tone Iron Audio response to alert me.

Just for fun, the Sterling Victorian Earring was not masked, but because of design rang up between iron 0 and about 25 and was very intermittent on the M6, just not a clean signal. Sometimes you just have a feeling.
Odd shapes and mixed metal composition can sure trick a detector, and I wouldn't be surprised if part of that is made of some ferrous material. I found a lot of small jewelry that looked good, produced a very fluctuating read-out, and parts of it would be more attracted to a magnet than hot babes are to me. (Darn it!)

Left out a 1916 Buff from the photo. Enjoy the Spring like weather than is showing up!
Back in the latter '60s and through the '70s I used to find quite a few Buffalo Nickels in all sorts of urban locations. Older parks and schools, old parking strips and around parking meters and old pay-type phone booths, playgrounds, picnic areas, etc. Then as a lot of the older coins in modern places started to dry up and thin out, my Buffalo Nickel recoveries have sure dwindled.

In the past 33 years I have found more 'V' Nickels than Buffalo Nickels, and I have also found more Shield Nickels than Buffalo Nickels. Of course that might be partly due to the choice of sites I search, but I have Coin Hunted a lot of urban areas where I anticipated a Buffalo Nickels, but I think most of those herds were thinned out by a lot of us 'Buffalo Hunters' from the early detecting era.

Get out more and keep the good finds coming!


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

Stinkwater Wells
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'Regular-Use Detector Team' are models from: Fisher, Nokta / Makro, Teknetics, Tesoro and White's
'Specialty-Use Detectors' are models from: Compass, Garrett and Teknetics
Pinpointers: Using Nokta / Makro and Uniprobe Pointers.
Headphones: Using Killer B's 'Hornet' and White's Pro Star and Detector Pro's Uniprobe ... All w/'tank style' ear cups.
Recovery Gear: Using White's DigMaster digging tool and Signature Series pouch.
Note: Detectors are listed alphabetically by Brand. Models are chosen as desired based on search site conditions.
Some models are assigned for 'Regular-Use' and others are on-hand for 'Specialty Use.'
Additional search coils, mounted on spare lower-rods, are on-hand in my Accessory Coil Tote.

*** All working well today to make memories for tomorrow. ***

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Great stuffthumbs up

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And you still have 8 days to go this month!

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Wow, Congrats.

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Re: Wow, Congrats.

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Congrats on the big silver

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