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From 2017 ... New Annual Coin Count Goal ... Participate for a FREE Multi-Prize Drawing

December 20, 2016 07:34AM avatar
Well, here it is, just six days 'til Christmas Day and I know some of us are snowed in while others have fair weather to get out detecting. I have found it interesting this past few years to follow the posted activities on AHRPS Forums, and it seems like there are more who get out and enjoy Relic Hunting more than Traditional urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting. That might mean that more avid detector operators just enjoy going after older coins, tokens and neat relics (which I do), or many readers and posters just don't get out enough in the first place to feel like they have found enough to pas for Coin Hunting activities.

I am here to tell you all that I enjoy detecting every single chance I get, and that means I can't always get away to any of my favorite old ghost towns or similar deserted places, so any hunting I can do might have to be close-to-home. In essence, just the average Coin & Jewelry Hunting sites where so many of us got our start in the detecting hobby.

Long ago I enjoyed counting out and cleaning very large amounts of recovered coins, some older and most newer, because these was simply a lot of coins out there to be found by those of us who got started in this great sport early on. Then by the mid-to-latter 1980's I became aware of how many coins were being depleted from the typical parks and schools due to the rapid growth in the hobby, and I had to be content with recovering smaller numbers of coins. That was also an era when my Relic Hunting increased.

I posted a thread back at the start of February in 2015 here: https://www.ahrps.org/forums/read.php?3,3312,3312#msg-3312

In it I mentioned how my "Detecting Year" had been based on the 12 months from December 1st thru November 30th. Why? Because when I was younger, and having six children, I would often hunt hard during the year, then get my Annual Coin Count Tally figured out after November ended. That gave me time to make sure all coins were cleaned, which I did at the end of each month if not more often, and all that modern coinage was put to use at Christmas time for shopping.

So, I had developed a 'habit' in determining my own Annual Detecting Year. Like all things in life we have to consider change at some point. When I wrote that article my annual Coin Count 'Goal' was 10,000 coins. I'll be honest with you in stating that is really a high mark to set these days. I got out detecting as often as I could from my start in early '65 and thru the 1970's when is was quite easy to hunt-up 60k to 70k coins a year, and that was when I was working extra time or overtime. In more favorable years I worked less and got out detecting more and 115-130k coins was still achievable ... if you hunted often and put in ample time, but back then the coins were there.

As the hobby rapidly grew coins were found and the numbers started to dwindle through the '80s and into the '90s. I had low annual coin counts during the '90s as I was concentrating on older, out-of-the-way locations, or just selecting old-use urban areas where renovation was going on. In late '97, after my 'Detecting Year' ended and it was early December, I decided I would set an annual Coin Count Goal of 10,000 coins for my 1998 Detecting Year, which was Dec. 1st of '97 thru Nov. 30th of '98. I ended up with a total of 12,479 coins that year.

That was also the last year when I hit 10K or better, and I explain it because I still favor Relic Hunting older sites, and a good deal to my crappy health and impaired mobility. And that doesn't improve as the years pass, either. In that earlier Forum post I stated I was at the following coin count by that morning (just 2 months and 2 days of hunting):

$ ....... 1
50¢ ... 0
25¢ ... 119
10¢ ... 145
5¢ ...... 89
1¢ ...... 771

Total .. 1125 coins

I thought for sure I would get out hunting to increase that count during better months to reach my goal, but I had some additional health issues arise with a bad left knee that has slowed me down, then I was busy shopping around in August and September to make a move, and in mid-October of 2015 I moved from dinky Arlington, Oregon to the small town of Vale, Oregon. Town size of about 585 up to a bustling population of about 1880 or so. But they do have one thing in common. Both only have one city park with one tot-lot.

Additionally, when weather improves, and the snowy Holiday Season wraps up and shifts into spring weather with accessible grass, dirt and tot-lot material, I'll be able to get out hunting more often ... factoring in a bit of a drive to get to Ontario, Oregon and over into some Idaho parks and schools and such to do some Coin & Jewelry Hunting.

This year was devoted more to doing as much work as I could to help with the yard, tractor work for a garden, building a big woodshed, splitting a lot of wood, and about my only detecting time was on the two Welcome-to-Hunt Outings (Relic Hunting) to Nevada, or getting out to one of four ghost towns (yes, more Relic Hunting). I was too busy, or weather was very hot, and I just didn't get out much at all for city type hunting.

Annual Coin Count Tally: So, it's time for a change! I need to have in place an Annual Coin Hunting Tally schedule, and decided to change to just following a normal Calendar Year in 2017. I will be counting all coins found from January 1st thru December 31st next year. Honestly, that's pretty much a 'normal' trend but a change for me after five decades of using my old annual counting period..

Annual Coin Count Goal: This is the tricky one for most folks to figure. We all know we would like to find a lot of coins, and even hope to make more larger denomination finds, but reality needs to set it. The first reality we need to factor in is that there are more lost pennies and lower denomination coins than larger denomination coins. Then we have to consider the facts that far fewer people get out and use schools and parks to play, have family picnics, or really give them much use at all, especially activities that might generate coin loss.

Then we also have to factor in just how enthusiastic we are about heading out the door to go Coin Hunting if:

Do we think the weather is too hot or too cold?

Do we think it is maybe going to rain?

Do we think there is not much time to get out detecting?

Are we unsure of where we might go or how far a travel it might be?

Even only a few coins a day will help get us close to our goals, and a Coin Count Tally can often times be inspiring. I know a fellow who felt certain his yard had practically no coins at all and would be a waste of time. Encouraged to give it a try, he kept finding coins to almost tally 57 by the time he took a lunch break!

I know health concerns can, and do, slow us down somewhat, but I always keep alert for any urban location that might be huntable to at least check out, and maybe help trim the needed coin count to reach my annual goal. Parks, schools, parking strips and other easements, bus stops, current or former sites that have/had phone booths, and all sorts of areas in and about a city, to include gaining access to any private yards to hunt.

Naturally the bigger cities will offer many more Coin Hunting opportunities than smaller towns, so we might have to plan for a little travel time to visit and hunt places that aren't just around the block or down the street. Let's not forget vacation or other fun activities that can also produce some coins, to include Beach Hunting and Relic Hunting. A coin is a coin when you're working on an annual Coin Count Tally to reach a goal.

Have you counted the coins you have found in 2016 as this year comes to a close? Is it a typical number of coins that you are satisfied with, or would you like to have found more than you did? Usually we would like to find more, so I encourage readers to figurer out their personal 2017 Coin Count Goal. Don't set it higher than what you might practically achieve, but once decided upon, don't let that stop you from overshooting that goal to reflect some personal achievement.

Twenty to twenty-five years ago, from about 1990 to the mid-'90s, I could comfortably have a goal of 10,000 coins a year. I was in a little better health than today, mobility wasn't as bad, and I lived in Ogden, Utah, in Bend, Oregon, and in the greater Portland, Oregon metro area. All of those places provided me with a lot of public places to hunt, where many people lived, and where there was still a lot of human activity and generated coin loss.

Today, as I mentioned, I have more struggles with health (but not enough to give up just yet!) and I live in a very pleasant smaller town. But I figure it this way. Our snow covered ground, which may get another 3-6 inches before Christmas, won't be melting away very soon. So any travel I do after the holidays are over in January will most likely take me to visit family. My detectors will certainly be travelling with Rikki & me, and aside from some visiting time, I plan to put in all the detecting time I possibly can.

Now, if I do a rough guess that if I could only get out detecting for 6 months out of the 12 next year, then I'll start with that knowing I still have 6 additional months to go detecting to make sure I keep my weekly totals up to hit my Annual Coin Count Goal. Let's do some simple figuring here. If we can get out detecting for 6-out-of-12 months, and if we average 4.33 weeks per month a year, then 6X4.33=25.98 weeks of detecting out of a 52 week year..

Let's now pick a number like 192.46 coins as a small goal. I know that many times I can spend a good long daylight day Coin Hunting a big city and come up with that Coin Count in a day, but let's say that 192.46 coins was spread out over a week. That would only average finding 27.49 coins per day! That ought to be easily achieved by efficiently hunting one decent tot-lot or around some picnic tables or many other play areas. Maybe along the sidelines of a sport field? Many places, to include your own yard, can surrender 27.49 coins averages per day.

And what does that amount to?

27.4936 Coins Per Day = 192.46 Coins Per Week

192.46 Coins Per Week X 25.98 Weeks = 5,000.11 Coins in Only 6 Months !!

I think anyone ought to be able to hunt up 192+ coins a week, and with some determination do that or more in a single day to allow for any inclement weather during the 6 month period. Further more, that still leaves us 6 other months to find more, catch up if we're behind, and most of all, ... just get out hunting more often to enjoy more fun!

So with that in mind, and trying to work up some inner ambition and determination, I have decided on a personal Annual Coin Count Goal for 2017. When I get this post up I will then make a fresh post below it and ask others to do the same. Just click on this initial thread heading, then start a sub-post of your own.

In the Subject Box, please type your Name (actual name like I do or your Forum nickname or handle) followed by: 2017 Annual Coin Count Goal

Then in that post's text body, state what your Annual Coin Count Goal is, the total number of Coins, and maybe share some other information for readers, such as the Country you live in, and if in the USA perhaps the State you live in. You might even mention what make and model detector/s and search coils you used during the month as well. Make it a fun tally and a little informative at the same time.

Then, at the end of each month in 2017, just Tally the Coins Found, by denomination, and report that monthly achievement under your own sub-heading so that you and others can follow the progress we all make towards our individual goals. I am counting ALL coins found, old and modern, and I will include side-comments of that progress.

For example, let's say some month I did more Relic Hunting or Old Site Hunting and I found some older coins of interest. I still include them in the total Coin Count for that month, but on the side I might describe them such as this example for what might be my results in July:

Monte's July 2017 Coin Count Tally: * An Example

1¢ .. 283 (includes 4 Indian Head cents)
5¢ .. 76 (includes 2 Buffalo, 3 'V' and 1 Shield nickels)
10¢.. 103 (includes 9 'silver' dimes. 5 Mercs, 3 Barber, 1 Seated Liberty)
25¢.. 83 (includes 4 'silver' quarters, 3 Barber and 1 Washington)
50¢.. 4
$1 ... 7 (includes 1 'silver' dollar, a 1921 Morgan)

Total Coins: 556 for July

Annual Coins to Date: 2786

Participate and be in a Multi-Prize Drawing: This is very simple. Just post under this Forum Thread and state who you are and what your 2017 Annual Coin Count Goal is. Then, at the end of each month, Tally Your Monthly Coin Finds and post them. It doesn't matter how many or what they are, just post what YOU have been able to achieve by getting out whenever you can. We are all going to have health limitations, family situations, maybe even those dreaded work commitments that can hamper our hunting opportunities. Maybe weather that is too snowy, too rainy or too blasted hot cuts in on our fun, it doesn't matter. Just participate!

Let's all see how close we might come to reaching our own Annual Coin Count Goals compared with others, and how many might actually do better than their guess for achievement. ALL participants will be put into the Annual Coin Count Prize Drawing next December. All you have to do is participate throughout the year.

You do NOT have to set a high Goal.

You do NOT have to match or exceed your Annual Goal.

You do NOT have to make any fantastic silver or other old coin finds.

All you have to do is PARTICIPATE by making an initial post of who you are and what your Annual Coin Count Goal is, then at the end of each month log-in under your own initial post to bring us all up-to-date on how you did for the month that just ended, and a to-date tally for the year. Very simple. smiling bouncing smiley

Prizes? Those I will determine as the year progresses, but right now I have at least three US Silver Dollars and four US Silver Half-Dollars I will be giving away, and by year's-end I might even have a metal detector or noteworthy detecting accessories to include in the prize pool. thumbs up

No Entry Fee.

Just participate and you will be in the random drawing. Yes it is going to be drawn about a year from now, but that's all the more time to get out detecting and have fun, and for me to work on building the prize pool for a FREE Drawing. Just be a part of the fun and you'll have your chance to be a winner.

So there you go. It's the morning of December 20th and you have time to figure out what YOUR goals might be for total coins to be found in 2017. Then get it posted below this initial thread and we'll all follow each other's progress as we get into 2017 and start the fun with just 12 days to the January 1st, 2017 kick-off.

Best of success to all!


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