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Re: A New Year ... New Annual Coin Count Goal ... Participate for a Free Multi-Prize Drawing

December 20, 2016 02:09PM
A very interesting thread,and some amazing amount of coins found in the peak years and of course most of these i would assume be found on sites like parks,totslots and the very old ghost towns that you usually hunt,but here in the UK for the most part detecting in almost all parks or amenity areas dont allow detecting as they usually play the old trump card of 'Health and Safety' its a easy way out without using costly legal procedures.Of course areas like this i would have thought would provide a high quantity of coinage so hence the early day figures could have been high as well.

Me personally i hunt like most other detectorists on private land and mainly farmland land or pasture,i have never counted my coins or artifacts into figures as such,i guess i am after 'quality' older coinage/artifacts rather than 'quantity',also i am mainly geared up for the much deeper items which in theory and usually the older desirable items,so my detectors are setup with bigger coils and also including Pulse machines,i am after the icing on the cake and i wont hide that fact of early hoards and many more are still too be un-covered,and also more and more are being found every year and this is all down mainly by detectorist using more high end machines and also larger coils for the extra depth.

Its a tough one to answer as i cannot give a figure on what my goal will be,we are still in the peak detecting season here in the UK,we dont get the real deep snow or heavy frosts as what you folks across the pond get,so while the ground is dampand you can get a decent signal into the ground and the crops have not been planted yet then we are out tecting,but that can change when the early crops start appearing.

In all the years that i have been detecting i could not give any indication on how many coins that i have found,for sure we have too go deeper as detecting becomes more popular,but our finds going back 1000s of years can be deeper and this is the reason folks who use a 'larger coil/detector setup' on a workout site fair better in recent years.

My detecting is possibly alot different from you folks across the pond,bottom line its a pastime that we all enjoy using a machine too hunt metal.

Would like to wish all you folks from across the pond all the very best for the festive season and may your find bag overflow in 2017 with nice goodies,and your health stay well so that you can carry on this great pastime of ours.

Deus and Nexus MP.

DFX,IDX Pro,TDI Pro,Crossbow Pulse,Mirage Pulse,Fisher TW-5 twin box,UK Vaquero,Adrado 120b,Nexus SE mainly site specific use machines.
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A New Year ... New Annual Coin Count Goal ... Participate for a FREE Multi-Prize Drawing

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Mike, 'Welcome' to our AHRPS Forums!

Monte 76 May 03, 2017 01:33AM

Re: Mike, 'Welcome' to our AHRPS Forums!

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Sodbuster ... Time for work, for play, and gear.

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Coin Count Question for all participants. thinking

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Re: Coin Count Question for all participants. thinking

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** Two types of 'finds' that DO NOT count: **

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January weather might have cut in on our fun.

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Re: A New Year ... New Annual Coin Count Goal ... Participate for a Free Multi-Prize Drawing

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ut oh !!

OregonGregg 117 March 10, 2017 10:58PM

Re: ut oh !!

Rich (Utah) 129 March 21, 2017 05:12AM

Re: ut oh !!

OregonGregg 115 March 21, 2017 06:00AM

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Re: Oregongregg Finds YTD as of 2-2-17

zincoln 67 May 04, 2017 03:20AM

Geez Louise

OregonGregg 192 February 03, 2017 02:49AM

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