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Coin Count Question for all participants. thinking

March 02, 2017 02:17AM avatar
1st.. Most of the AHRPS Forum registrants are located in the USA, although we do have many registered readers in many foreign (to the USA) countries such as Canada, England, Germany, France and others.

2nd.. For decades I have maintained an Annual Coin Count Goal and kept an Annual Coin Count Tally, mainly for 'fun' but also as a personal challenge to get me out detecting as often as possible. smiling smiley Another reason was I was curious about the percentages of denominations of lost US coinage. Thus, my Annual Coin Count was restricted strictly to US coins since, obviously, I am here in the USA.

So, in my initial post about setting an Annual Coin Count Goal and keeping track of a Monthly Coin Count Tally while working toward that Annual Goal, I guess I was gust thinking of the Traditional Coin Hunters who make up the bulk of metal detecting hobbyists here in the USA, and in the examples I gave it showed the denominations of our common US Coinage.

To me, finding a Foreign Coin is no different than finding a trade token, metal button, military insignia, metal toy, old roller skate key, etc., etc. It's just another interesting find of something that has been lost, but I have never counted a Foreign Coin in my Annual Tally. I ought to re-read what I typed, but my intention was for each if us to set a Coin Count Goal for US Coins (or for coins of the country we live in, such as a Canadian keeping count of Canadian Coins they find).

It never crossed my mind until I read Rogers February monthly coin tally that some might perceive a tally including foreign coins. Naturally I guess it could, it just wasn't my intention, and I guess I wasn't clear in specifying that.

SO HERE'S MY QUESTION TO ALL READERS AND PARTICIPANTS: Do you feel an Annual Coin Count Goal and Monthly Coin Tally should be only coins of the participant's country, or should it include all coins including 'foreign' coins?

We've had such a devastating winter here in far Eastern Oregon that we've been snowed-in since about Thanksgiving, and over three months of deep snow has limited our opportunities to get out hunting, and finding ANY coin would be a thrill. But for me, while I don't mind asking for a 'majority opinion' for us to follow, I am only going to list the US coins I find, which means I have a LOT of catching up to do. My Annual Goal is 5,000 US Coins, and when I add the few I found the last two days of February, that means I still have well over 4800 coins to be found in these final 10 months of 2017. eye popping smiley

With that in mind and it being 12:58 AM, I think I'm going to take care of a few things and get ready to head out for some place, over in Idaho and out of the snow, for some daybreak detecting. Rain and showers arrive Saturday thru at least next Wednesday and I have to admit one thing I sort of miss about living in NW Oregon is having all those many, many parks and schools and playgrounds in the highly populated metro area with far more coins to be found than over here in in farm and ranch country.

Wherever you are, I hope you can get out and put in some hunt time and work on your own goals for 2017. Let me know what you think about counting ONLY US coins, or coins of your country, or counting ALL coins, foreign and domestic.

Please e-mail your thought to me at monte@ahrps.org so as not to clutter this Forum thread.

I will read all replies and we'll go with 'majority rule' and I'll give this until March 17th for responses. If a post is made on the Forum in response I will add it to the e-mailed answers and delete it from the Forum, and on the 17th of March I will also delete this post for the thread to keep things cleaned up.

Matter-of-fact, after the 17th I will have the majority rule answer and I'll edit, abbreviate (rare for me, huh?) my initial post and clarify what coins will be tallied. If the weather would improve enough I might even take a day or two and make a journey over Roger's direction and see if I can thin his areas coin losses a bit and work on my own annual goal. winking smiley

Okay, there you go and just a simple personal opinion question. Now, let's all urge spring-like weather to hurry and arrive so we can all get out, stay dry, and get in a lot of hunting time!


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Mike, 'Welcome' to our AHRPS Forums!

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Sodbuster ... Time for work, for play, and gear.

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Rich, at least you were able to get out a bit.

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Coinshooting -

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"... up in the hills." confused smiley

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Coin Count Question for all participants. thinking

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Re: Coin Count Question for all participants. thinking

Remfire 223 March 02, 2017 09:40AM

** Two types of 'finds' that DO NOT count: **

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January weather might have cut in on our fun.

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ut oh !!

OregonGregg 212 March 10, 2017 04:58PM

Re: ut oh !!

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Re: ut oh !!

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Oregongregg Finds YTD as of 2-2-17

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zincoln 193 May 03, 2017 09:20PM

Geez Louise

OregonGregg 319 February 02, 2017 08:49PM

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