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Lawn recovery reminders

September 11, 2017 12:55AM avatar
I appreciated reading your post. Once in a while I work up the nerve to ask permission and several times it has resulted in interesting items, but I guess it is my fear of rejection that keeps me from asking. It is interesting how people react to an ask, some are interested, some are sarcastic, others are not very nice. However, I try to put myself in the property owner's position and not take it personally.

You have inspired me to ask more often.

There are several ways to go about obtaining permission to hunt a piece of private property; door knocking and sending written requests, as Cindy prefers, are just a couple. It really comes down to what each person is comfortable with. I will say this, don't let a preconceived notion of what the person on the other side of the door MIGHT say determine if you're going to ask. Be pleasant, upbeat and for heavens sake, have a smile on your face!

Many won't ask at private yards because they are worried about leaving the yard a mess. If you are worried about your recovery techniques leaving a mess, try them first in your own yard. Try them when the ground is wet and dry. Check back each day and see how the lawn recovers. Does it recover? You'll find what works and what doesn't.

Many years ago, Robert (Bob) Sickler wrote an article in Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine called "Tools N Techniques" about coin recovery techniques in lawns. This is the best recovery advise for private yards and parks that I've seen after all these years. Tesoro thought so highly of it that portions of it are still included in their owner's manuals.

If I can emphasize a few things, I'd say practice pinpointing and get really good at it. In my mind, concentric coils rule for pinpointing, end of story. However, you can get very accomplished using a DD coil. Learn how to pinpoint X-ing the target in your motion discriminate mode as well.

You need to know how deep the target is likely to be. This is where over a period of time using a particular detector, you will gain a keen ear for depth via sound quality. Having a depth meter can help speed the process, HOWEVER, you should know how the sound of a target changes as it gets further away from your coil. Set a coin on top of the ground and go over it while lifting your coil. Notice how the sound changes. If you have a depth meter, observe changes there as well. Practice this same technique over real targets out in the field. Lift your coil away from the target as you swing. Does the sound go away immediately? Recover the target and make mental notes. Write them down if you have to.

Surface or near surface targets can easily be found using just a handheld pinpointer and a coin probe. No plug necessary. I currently use a 'garrett carrot'. It has 3 different sensitivity levels that I can cycle thru to determine how far away from the probe the target lies for faster recovery.

If a deeper target requires a plug, make SURE you have a drop cloth. A drop cloth is a piece of cloth, similar in size to a bandana, that is used to cover the ground and on which to place soil removed from the hole while you search for a deeper target. IF YOU REMOVE DIRT FROM THE HOLE AND SET IT ON THE BARE GRASS, YOU WILL LEAVE A DIRT STAIN BEHIND FOR THE HOME OWNER TO SEE. If you use a ground cloth, or similar, all the soil can be placed on it, the target isolated and removed and the dirt returned directly into the hole leaving little or no trace you've been there.

Fluff up the grass so it is standing straight up BEFORE you cut the plug. If the grass is laying down when you cut a plug, you will give your plug a bad haircut that will make it more conspicuous when you are finished.

Upon returning the plug, tuck in the roots along the edges otherwise you will leave a dirty edge around the perimeter of the plug and the grass along the edges will brown leaving a tell tale sign you were there.

Don't dig plugs for shallow targets. Use Roberts 'SLIT' method instead. If you dig a 4" plug for a 2" deep target, you have to remove 2" of dirt from the bottom of the plug to get your coin. Now you've pretty much guaranteed that plug is going to brown out and die. Result is likely an unhappy homeowner.

These tips aren't all encompassing, but will help you start at a higher level of proficiency. Again, if you aren't sure about a method, try it out first in your own yard. Also, if you have a couple of plugs that fell apart on you, don't hesitate to water them with the hose. I've often recommended home owners water their lawns after hunting because the ground was drier than it should be.

For hunting private yards, I have 4 recovery tools aside from my drop cloth (an old bandana) and pinpointer. The Lesche is my primary digging tool. It is best for deep coin hunting as it has a longer blade, cuts a good plug and can get through roots and such easily.

My alternate is an old hunting knife with a wide 5" blade that cuts a beautiful plug. I use it in circumstances where the ground is clean of roots and I'm not worried about somebody freaking because I have a knife in hand. I keep it in the sheath that came with my Lesche recovery tool.

I also have a couple of the old Hole Hogs. These are my 3rd choice as they do a beautiful job of removing coins with no trace left behind. However, due to the width of the hole, I am more likely to hit a coin with it than if I use the Lesche or the knife. If I have a particularly picky homeowner, I offer to use my Hole Hog as it is the same type of tool used for cutting holes in golf greens.

My last tool is a 12" long coin popper that I bought back in the 80's. It has a slightly 'S' shaped shaft with a flattened tip, not unlike a flathead screwdriver with the tip rounded off. I use the coin popper in conjunction with the pin-pointer for surface coin probing and loosening soil in really deep holes. It is fast and makes popping a coin out of the ground a breeze.

I do have one of the small shovels you see used frequently on YouTube, but I do not use it at this time for lawns. It is reserved for fields and such.

Mastering recovery techniques takes time and practice. Having good recovery skills will give you confidence when you hunt that private yard with the beautifully kept lawn.

Hope you find something useful here. Best of luck out there Remfire.

Rich (Utah)
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ut oh !!

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Geez Louise

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