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Roger, don't let your 1¢ percentages bother you.

February 02, 2017 01:50PM avatar
Uh oh. My finds are pretty consistently 52 to 58 percent pennies,
That would be 'averaging' 55% and since there are far more pennies in circulation and use, there are going to be more found. I know that a lot of people will just toss them away, and you see that in the little dishes by the cash registers, in parking lots were people toss away the 'excess' small change, etc.

For comparison, here are my Penny Percentages for 15 years (minus the two missing years). This is just to give you a 'warning' of how many stinking pennies are out there, both copper and zinc. I'd have to check my more recent years to figure out what they have been, but I know pretty much the same as observed below..

1995 = 63.92%
1996 = 56.03%
1997 = 51.56%
1998 = 60.56% (I recovered 7,557 pennies that year of the 12,479 total coins found.)

2001 = 59.69%
2002 = 59.79%
2003 = 57.75%
2004 = 59.95%
2005 = 56.83%

2006= 59.52%
2007 = 50.12%
2008 = 55.63%
2009 = 55.99%
2010 = 55.73%

2011 = 54.78%

Those annual percentages 'averaged' 57.19% pennies-per-year over those 15 years. So 52% would be very good, and your 'average' last year was still lower than those tallied years.

Of those 15 years, I only went over 10,000 coins one year, 1998, when I recovered 12,479 coins and really concentrated on Urban Coin Hunting in sports fields, parks, woodchip and sand-filled playgrounds, and a little beach hunting. So the balance of coins divided over 14 years only 'averaged' 4,399 per year, and 6 of those 14 exceeded that 'average.'

In those 15 years I recovered:

$ = 156
H = 47
Q = 8,996
D = 13,641
N = 8,495
P = 42,730

Total Coins: 74,065

Total Face Value: $4644.65

PCV: 6.27¢ (Per-Coin Value: Face Value divided by Total Coins = PCV) So every time I recovered a coin, that was the 'value' of each coin in the total for those years.

Coin Denomination Percentages:


I don't like to ignore recovering modern Zinc Cents here in the USA because most Indian Head cents and many early Wheat-Back Cents from 1909 to about 1920 have similar conductivity levels.

Just some food-for-thought. Also, I was definitely younger and healthier, especially in '95 thru '98 after surgery, but then it was back to a cane and more impaired mobility since '99. Also keep in mind that in '98 and a few other years I did more Coin Hunting. The bulk of my detecting enjoyment is spent Relic Hunting, and while I do find more older coins that way, I certainly can't find as many coins. Thus, smaller annual numbers of coins found.


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Jimbola - 2017 Annual Coin Total

Jimbola 605 February 01, 2017 11:25PM

Re: Jimbola - 2017 Annual Coin Total

Remfire 381 February 02, 2017 08:31AM

Roger, don't let your 1¢ percentages bother you.

Monte 554 February 02, 2017 01:50PM

Re: Roger, don't let your 1¢ percentages bother you.

Remfire 416 February 02, 2017 04:56PM

* Jimbola - Jan 2017 Coin Total

Jimbola 422 February 01, 2017 11:41PM

Jim, 'Welcome' to the AHRPS Forums.

Monte 624 February 02, 2017 03:17AM

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