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Back to you, 'Sodbuster.'

July 17, 2017 07:14AM avatar
Thanks to you for motivating me with your contest to make a detecting goal and pursue it. I would never have found what I have this year without that challenge.

Looking for coin concentrated opportunities is the way that I can meet that goal.
I found that setting a personal goal helped achievement. It encouraged me to hunt better, hunt longer, do more research, and just be attentive to any potential site ... then check it out. I don't like to have 'competition' against another person, just compete against myself. I started setting goals for personal achievement back about 1975 or so, just to have goals of my own to shoot for. Annual Coin Count Totals, daily Coin Tallies, Number of Gold & Silver Jewelry Items in a month or a year, and even set goals of how many targets to try and recover from a small gridded area. Perhaps I would lay out some 10X10 or 10X20 grids and work to achieve a certain number of recoveries from that grid.

There have been days when I set out with a 'goal' to find a certain number of new-to-me sites to detect, and that 'goal' has also paid off at times when I also did my part to work it most efficiently.

Since early spring I've only used my Fisher F75 Ltd 2 as my coin hunting detector. When the weather turned dry I changed my coil being used from the Fisher 10" elliptical concentric & the NEL sharpshooter over to the Fisher 5" DD coil, to allow for more precise pinpointing, giving up some depth in the process, but gaining some relief from target masking.

I've found, for me, that I can recover more targets quickly using the 5" coil, and have recovered quarters at 6" deep using that coil. That has occurred when I've taken out a deep plug measuring 5+ inches of actual soil and had the coin lying in undisturbed ground under the bottom of the removed plug. I am personally surprised by this, as it is not supposed to occur with a 5 inch coil.
Long, long ago I started top favor smaller-size search coils for most of the detecting I did. It started in the summer of 1968 after using the ± 8" coils I had used with my home-built locators.

There were, and still are, times when I opt for a mid-sized coil, such as a 5X9½ or 5½X10 for low-to-modest trashy sites, or a standard-to-larger size coil, such as a round 8" or 9", elliptical 7X11, or even on less frequent occasions a larger coil such as a 14X15 for special tasks. But the majority of the time, going back almost fifty year, you will see me working a detector with a smaller-size search coil.

For example, I have 10 detectors in my Regular-Use Detector Team and they are outfitted with the following search coils:

Nokta Impact w/5" DD
Nokta Relic w/5" DD
Nokta CoRe w/'OOR' DD
Tesoro Vaquero w/6" Concentric
Tesoro Bandido II µMAX w/6" Concentric
Tesoro Silver Sabre µMAX w/6" Concentric
Tesoro Mojave w/7" Concentric
Nokta Impact w/5X9½ DD
Nokta Relic w/5½X10 Concentric
Nokta CoRe w/7X11 DD

I have my detector accessory bags with extra coils on lower rods for quick change when afield, but you'll note that the first 7 of those 10 detectors are sporting smaller-than 8" coils, all mounted and ready to grab-and-go. In the latter '60s and through to the mid-'80s you could see a more notable difference in depth-of-detection between the smaller coils and a typical 'standard' size coil, but since the latter '80s I have note definite improvement in performance. Oh, there are some trade-offs we have to learn to deal with, but especially in the past dozen years the detector circuitry designs and smaller coil designs have really shown when can be achieved with dedicated engineering.

My ground setting on the F 75 is typically 73 to 75 here and sometimes running to 80. I use the ground grab to balance. Typical settings, and the settings used for yesterday, with the 5 inch coil: Discrimination mode; Sensitivity at 60 ( turned down from 69 due to EMI); Disc 23; notch 1 (off); 3H tones; DE mode. I use frequency shift when necessary, and keep Sens. as high as the machine will run quiet. Turning down sens. is very important to proper target id, if strong EMI is present, and turning sens. down does not affect depth in an extreme way.
I've owned the F75 and, while an OK detector, it just wasn't a good 'fit' for me and how and where I hunt and what I expect or desire in the way of design. But I do recall my ground phase read-outs were close to your area, with mine generally running as low as '71' to '75' but getting as high as '82' to '83' with the F75.

My preference from the FTP folks is the original T2, or the same-o T2 'Classic.' I also run the Sensitivity / Gain as high as I can on all my detectors, and back it down just to gain stability if is its too sparky when maxed out. With the smaller coils I like to use a 3-Tone Discriminate mode for a lot of Urban Coin Hunting, but especially when Relic Hunting sites that abound in rusty tin. It helps to audibly and visually classify a lot of that problem ferrous annoyance. Otherwise, I like a 2-Tone search most of the time, especially when the primary iron trash is the common nail.

It seems your set-up and hunting style and coil choice is very similar to mine. That means you would enjoy putting that small 5" DD coil to work on most of the densely iron littered old sites we have been hunting for three years of Welcome-to-Hunt Outings. I hope you can make it to an outing or two in the future. Matter of fact, just a month ago on out WTHO to a gold mining town site here in Eastern Oregon, Darby H. was using his Fisher F75 w/5" DD coil when he found the oldest coin on the outing, and his personal oldest coin to date, an 1836 Capped Bust dime.

Two months ago, I had never found 50 coins on a day of hunting, 40 was fantastic, and all I thought was possible without spending the entire day at it. Using a probe to locate and extract coins has sped up recovery time for me, which allows more time to find additional targets.
I have used a 'probe' (mine being narrow shaft screw drivers with a rounded off and blunted tip) for the bulk of my coin recoveries from typical sod and turf locations. Probably have accounted for 95% of all my coin recoveries since Coin Hunting parks back to the mid-'60s. Leaves a clean site with less clean-up and, as you mentions, it makes recoveries faster and that let me get back into hunting up more good targets for quick recovery. Faster recovery times means more targets recovered in a dedicated amount of time, and that enhances coin tallies. thumbs up

Smaller coil helps me pinpoint faster and ID better in trash.
Yes, and a better pinpoint means a faster recovery which means more search time.

I've heard that there are more coins which are "lost" lying in the ground than there are in circulation... I am beginning to believe that it's true. There are opportunities out there just waiting. Basketball courts, metered parking in grass, soccer field seating areas, outdoor farm markets, fireworks display viewing areas, outdoor concert areas. There are lost coins out there waiting. A lot of them are "pennies" eye rolling smiley but there is silver, and a whole bunch of quarters too!
I have talked to quite a few Hobbyists' who don't want the quick decaying modern Zinc cents here in the USA, so they use TID reference to ignore them and walk on by. The problem was that I usually spoke with them in older-use parks that likely have older coins, and that includes silver we desire, a bit deeper or blended in with the modern stuff. If they don't recover the modern Zinc cents and get rid of their target masking effect, they won't find the better quality coins that might be in the mix of just an inch or so deeper.

You mentioned one of my old-time favorites, around parking meters. I sure wish we had more of those around today, but I very seldom see them in use in any of my travels. The main places they are seen, they are set in a cement sidewalk. I had/have great results hunting old parking meter locations where they were once located back in the '50s and '60s. I like to drive through modest-sized older towns and try to spot grassy areas where parking meters once were.

I know most have been hunted since the metal detecting hobby surged in the '70s, but I also know that the bulk of those using detectors use a standard-size coil, and don't use the best settings and sweep technique to handle getting close to where many of the old posts were simply cut off rather than dug up. They still can kick out the occasional silver dimes.

Sorry to ramble, and 'Thank You' for answering my questions about what you use and the settings. Best of success as summer continues. I was going to head off early this morning and take advantage of the cooler temps and shaded areas at an old park, but USPS Tracking says I have a detector due for delivery this morning so I am holding off until tomorrow to try and get more silver. This site surrendered a worn, no-date Standing Liberty Quarter on June 28th to my 5" equipped Impact and it's been too hot to hunt and that was my last silver this year.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Back to you, 'Sodbuster.'

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