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ATTENTION: Jimbola, Monte, Rich (UT), Remfire, Sodbuster and zincoln. smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float

October 31, 2017 06:49AM avatar
Greetings to all of the above who took on the Annual Coin Count Goal I started for this year. We all have two more months after today, October 31st, to work towards, reaching, or exceeding our personal goals.

I hope all of us will have at least some detectable weather during November and December to get out and enjoy this great outdoor sport and make some worthwhile finds.

Some have missed out on a month or two along the way, but that's alright because we all started out and as we conclude the year we can tally up the finds made each month, or for the months we missed reporting, and catch up our personal goal reporting by year's end.

Original Challenge was posted on Dec. 20th, 2016. That wasn't a 'challenge' to try and beat anyone else with a total count. It wasn't a must-do to hit the mark you set when you started the year. It wasn't a way to show that one or two hobbyists have better results than other hobbyists, not at all.

It was simply a self-challenge that each if us can make, and it was done to inspire us to get out detecting as often as possible. That simple, just a self-set determination to go have more fun!

Also, for other readers of this post, it was not a requirement for anyone to go pick on every local city park and school playground, either. You might not even consider yourself a 'Traditional Coin Hunter' because you only look for older-use, out-of-the-way places to hunt such as a ghost town, stage stop, old resort area/picnic grove, and other places where you main interest is finding OLDER coins and not just a QUANTITY of coins .... well that's fine as well !!

Plan now to participate in the fun in 2018. Consider the older era places you like to visit. Think of the typically found coins and number of coins you find on those hunts and think of how many older dated coins you have found over the past few years. Then, do some simple math and determine how many coins you have found, even if it was only a smaller number of old coins, over the past year or so and calculate how many coins, old or new, you anticipate finding in 2018.

Then when I start this up in January, feel welcome to join in with the rest of us and report in. Announce the types of sites you're likely to hunt and what sort of Annual Coin Count Goal you set for yourself to try and achieve in the coming year. Remember, this is only a challenge or competition you are having with and against yourself, then just reporting to folks how you have done when your report your Month-End Coin Count Tally under that thread.

As I stated initially:

"All you have to do is PARTICIPATE by making an initial post of who you are and what
your Annual Coin Count Goal is. Then at the end of each month log-in under your own
initial post to bring us all up-to-date on how you did for the month that just ended, and a
to-date tally for the year. Very simple. smiling bouncing smiley

Prizes? Those I will determine as the year progresses, but right now I have at least three
US Silver Dollars and four US Silver Half-Dollars I will be giving away, and by year's-end I might
even have a metal detector or noteworthy detecting accessories to include in the prize pool. thumbs up

No Entry Fee. Just participate and you will be in the random drawing. Yes it is going to be drawn
about a year from now, but that's all the more time to get out detecting and have fun, and for me
to work on building the prize pool for a FREE Drawing. Just be a part of the fun and you'll
have your chance to be a winner."

ANNOUNCEMENT: There will NOT be a year-end drawing for prizes. Instead, EVERYONE who entered to participate this year, and who submits a concluding post for October, November and December, WILL be getting a prize! I am working on getting prizes secured and have them ready-to-send the first of January.

WHO CAN ENTER and WHAT CAN BE REPORTED: Simple .. ANYONE can enter, from any country. You don't have to be here in the USA. If you are in the USA, you can ONLY report your Monthly and Annual Coin Count of USA coins. Those that are made here and/or accepted here as common coinage.

If you are in Canada, you can only set your goals for Canadian coins and report those finds. The same is true for any county the participant lives in, just announce where you live, then show and report the various denominations that are minted in or accepted in your country as common, every-day spendable money at full value.

Get ready for 2018 by making sure you have fully functional detectors and coils, have the recovery tools you need, do some research to maybe find some newer sites to hunt, and spend some time now figuring out what your 2018 Annual Coin Count Goal might be. Just set it to challenge yourself.

Happy & Successful Hunting in the days, weeks, months and years ahead!


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ATTENTION: Jimbola, Monte, Rich (UT), Remfire, Sodbuster and zincoln. smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float

Monte 691 October 31, 2017 06:49AM

Re: ATTENTION: Jimbola, Monte, Rich (UT), Remfire, Sodbuster and zincoln. smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float

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Re: ATTENTION: Jimbola, Monte, Rich (UT), Remfire, Sodbuster and zincoln. smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float

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