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I hunted an old yard yesterday afternoon. cool smiley

February 03, 2018 07:16AM avatar
I did a drive-by where they are knocking down a house that's been vacant for several years, windowless and had burned inside quite a while ago. Several days ago it was knocked down and the tractor was left sitting there. My visit caught a fellow burning some of the wood and moving a lot of the debris around with the tractor.

I stopped to ask if I could have a brick from the demolished house. "A brick? What for?" he asked. (Glad I haven't saved all the bricks I have asked for through the years but it's always worked pretty well to start a discussion. winking smiley ) I need one for doing some metal detector evaluation and demonstrations I said, pointing at my hat that has a metal detector company brand on it. Then I asked: Are you the owner? He said he wasn't and that he works with the owner.

I've seen this old house just sitting here ever since I moved to town and wondered what might be here. Do you think the owner would mind of I did a little metal detecting around the area? Might be a few incidental little trinkets or a few pennies around and I have fun trying to find an old wheat-back from the year I was born. I said as he seemed curious about my hobby.

"I don't think he would have a problem with that. Sure, go ahead, if you'd like, but try not to be in my way as I am still working the tractor around it." I told him No problem, there's a lot of area on over toward the road, if that's his property also. "That's fine, and there used to be another house right next to this one (as he pointed to the area north of us) and we knocked that one down a few years ago. Who knows, you just might find something."

I thanked him, repositioned my Tahoe so he'd have plenty of room for the tractor access to the demolished house, then got my gear belt on and started hunting. There is a lot of trash, and all of the weed growth was more huntable as we come out of winter. The clouds and blue sky made a 50/50 mix, it was in the mid 40° range, and fun for a couple of hours hunting. I only managed to find 14 coins, but that was enough to beckon me back today as other than 8 Memorial pennies I recovered a '46, '46, '47, '47, '48 and '51.

Four of those were Wheat-back cents and the two '47's were silver Roosevelt dimes. Naturally I would like to find older dated silver, and came close to the Mercury dime era, but finding 1 silver for every 7 coins is a good enough recovery to get my interests up. When he finished work and drove off he gave a cordial wave, and I had given him one of my cards so they would know who was there and I'll get back today to try and hunt-up a few more 'keepers' just in case he talks to his boss who isn't so open about the idea. Rain is due on Sunday and Monday so I'll take advantage of the opportunity while I can.

For those who might wonder what I was using, it was a 'team work' day. I stared out with the test sample Makro Multi-Kruzer using the 5X9½ open-frame DD for my Nokta Impact, and that was Wheatie, Wheatie, Roosie right from the start and then I moved out of the way as here he came with the backhoe. I worked around the area and found a few Memorial cents, a couple of them modern Zinc variety. I was working at the default 14 kHz, using both the 3-Tone and 4-Tone search modes with Disc. set to just barely accept iron nails at '3'.

Then i swapped out for my White's MX-7, at 13.9 kHz and using its 4-Tone option in Coins & Jewelry mode with the Discrimination reduced to just barely reject iron nails, and used the 7" DD coil White's offers from Detech because I wanted to try and get more familiar with that coil's performance.

This morning I'll attack the area with my Nokta FORS CoRe and small 'OOR' DD coil because I now know where some of the trashier areas are. Then if I have time, I'll switch to Concentric coil coverage and work my Nokta Impact w/7" and White's MX-7 w/6½" just for fun. Monte Jr. will join me this morning using his Nokta CoRe w/'OOR' coil also. It's supposed to be foggy but burn off to a mostly cloudy day but maybe get up to 59° on February 3rd. That's unseasonably warm for far eastern Oregon here in Vale.

I have this big lot to hunt with two demolished home sites, and I have spotted two more older homes that date to the teens to '40s era that have dug up yards with sod removed that are next on my radar to try and gain access to hunt. I have to find something to do until we gain seasonal access to some ghost towns and other old sites to occupy our time, and I hope everyone else is able to get out detecting and enjoy a 'fun' time and have some success.


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*** All working well today to make memories for tomorrow. ***
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I hunted an old yard yesterday afternoon. cool smiley

Monte 670 February 03, 2018 07:16AM

putting on the pressure

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