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WANTED: More penny-free sites to hunt.

August 07, 2018 12:58PM avatar
Sometimes we, or at least I, can get a bit frustrated when working a site that has a disproportionate number of Pennies compared with other denominations of coinage. We know pennies have been around and frequently carried, and lost, in many places and now and then some locations might have a little denser concentration of one type over another.

For those working tot-lots that see heavy use and have a variety of play equipment suited for older kids and adults and not just toddlers, we can often find a LOT of coins and there can be a very good mix of Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters to satisfy any urban Coin Hunter. In well-used sites we can also recover a lot of jewelry or other items of value or interest.

Keeping a tally of annual coin recoveries lets me compare the percentages of denominations recovered. Except for 1999 and 2000 tallies which were misplaced, I kept annual records from 1995 thru 2011. In those 15 years I lived in the greater Portland Oregon metro area and had am ample supply of Coin Hunting locations to work. Health hampered the amount of active detecting I could do for most of that period, but I was still able to do well enough to get a reasonable number of recovered coins for quantity comparisons.

Note, also, that I do not ignore recovering any penny signal, to include those lowly modern Zinc Cents, because I like to find Indian Head and early era Wheat-Back cents that share a similar conductivity level. I do wish we would consider eliminating the 1¢ coin from mintage like some other countries, and when doing so also stop the $1 paper money and inspire the circulation of more $1 coins. While at it, perhaps add a $2 coin to our mintage. And they don't have to be a larger-size coin, either. (Just don't make them predominantly a ferrous-based metal.)

Here are the 'Percentage by Denomination' results of the US coins I recovered in that 15 year period:

$... 00.21%
H.. 00.063%
Q.. 12.146%
D.. 18.418%
N.. 11.47%
P.. 57.69%

Yes, that is usually typical. Find 10 coins at a site and the likelihood is that 5 or 6 of the 10 will be a lowly Penny. sad smiley

Due to my health and the fact that the 'hey-day' era of Coin Hunting came and went from about 1965 through maybe the early to mid-'90s, with the really high recovery rates from '65 thru about '85, my total annual coin take was much less than in my youthful and healthier days. In those 15 years I only went over 10,000 coins one year, 1998, when I recovered 12,479 coins and really concentrated on Coin Hunting by reducing my trips away to ghost towns and preferred sites.

The balance of coins found over the other 14 years only 'averaged' 4,399 per year, and just 6 of those 14 years exceeded that 'average' and the 15 year total was only 74,065 coins ... total. I used to get out detecting very often in those earlier days, and once I started using factory-produced detectors in the summer of '68, and was primarily Coin Hunting in larger urban locations, I would find 60,000 to 70,000 coins in a single year. Many more when not working extra time or a double job.

But like I said, I was younger, healthier and, trust me, I was getting out as often as I could every day I was able to. And I hunted both daylight and during dark o'clock hours because it was so much fun! I saw my highest coin production in '68 on through to about '84 before it started to slowly decline. Then the sharp decline came by 1990 because, simply, the long-lost quantity of coins was gone or very thinned-out, and a decline in outdoor activity by youth or families has resulted in pronounced drop in lost coins, jewelry, and pocket-carry objects.

Fast forward to a quick outing I made locally this morning when it was a cool 58° and I could then get home to await a UPS delivery. I was really just doing a quick check-out of a Teknetics Mark I Ltd. I received and any coins found would let me verify the visual Target ID and Tone ID function in that ground mineral make-up. All coins responded well and unless there was a little masking caused by a nearby metal target, the TID & Tone ID were spot-on. Quarter, then a Nickel, then a Dime, then another Dime, followed by another Quarter, and that went on for my short park hunt.

Five Quarters, twelve Dimes and four Nickels later I headed for my vehicle when, all of a sudden, one final signal to alert me of a coin ... my one single Penny recovery. Sometimes, without any indication or reason for the results, we just happen to chance upon a more pleasurable place to hunt. One that is void ... or almost so ... of Pennies. I sure like to find those sites. smiling bouncing smiley


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WANTED: More penny-free sites to hunt.

Monte 661 August 07, 2018 12:58PM

Weird, but I worked another low-count penny site yesterday.

Monte 442 August 11, 2018 06:30AM

WANTED: More penny-free sites to hunt.

UtahRich 338 August 07, 2018 09:57PM

Re: WANTED: More penny-free sites to hunt.

Sodbuster 346 September 02, 2018 08:48PM

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