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My thoughts to your post.

August 22, 2018 06:35AM avatar
I have also read a lot of posts and seen some amazing finds scored with the 600 and 800. I have zero experience with them but have also wondered if they are what people claim.
Usually, with most any new detector offered to the consumer, there are going to be some favorable posts of good finds that have been made, therefore that doesn't really surprise me of what I've noticed.

As for claims made, there will be good ones from people who have experienced some improved performance afield compared to what they have been using. Again, that is expected because quite a few people acquire a new model entry because they didn't like the product they had been using, or because what they had was inferior to begin with and the new model was a noticeably better featured and better performing choice. Some might claim they can hear the audio responses better with a new model and that, too, is a personal thing based upon the consumers personal hearing ability.

Remember, too, that as long as many people have a new device, they are most likely going to make a favorable claim about it, if they make any claim at all. If there are a lot of unfavorable claims about a newer detector model, that could result in a decreased interest by consumers who have considered purchasing a new, or a gently used, detector. Make sense?

So, I have long felt that while we will hear or read negative claims by those willing to offer up their opinions, I have also felt that there can be a significant number of what I call 'silent claims' made. Most 'silent claims' would fall in the negative category, we just don't have words associated with those 'claims' and that makes me wonder.

What do I consider a 'silent claim' to be? Those are the unspoken words reflected by a notable abundance of new models that are on the FOR SALE or FOR TRADE internet classifieds. When I see a lot of new models being offered up, I have to question why people are getting rid of a new product that comes with claims, by the manufacturer and a number of people, of how wonderful the detector is supposed to be.

I have a couple of personal thoughts. Is the audio response to targets more conducive to the particular users hearing and they are catching signals better.
Yes, this can be an important topic of concern with any new or used detector. We, the consumers, have to get a clear-to-us audio response and that also means hear the different audio tone pitches of a model that features Tone ID, and that can be dependent upon the users personal hearing ability. I know my hearing isn't great, and I've been described by audio testers as being very hearing impaired or deaf since 1982. Some detectors I have owned or tried just do not have a clear and comfortable audio response for me from the detector's built-in speaker.

It can also depend upon the headphones used. There are some models out there that come with wireless headphones or have wireless headphones offered for them and some folks with very good hearing can enjoy their audio response and audio quality. I'm not in that category as most I have tried just don't have an audio response that is clear enough for me to hear and enjoy.

This is also true of corded headphone selection because not all headphones will sound pleasing on every make and model detector, and that is due to the speaker used, the speaker impedance, and also of importance is the detector operator's hearing. I own and use three sets of headphones as noted in my Signature below because one particular set might not provide me with the best audio response and clarity and loudness on some makes of my detectors in my workable 'Team' while a different headphones choice sounds terrific.

Also are the users in the videos and various posts working slower and digging more iffy targets out of curiosity and learning the target sounds.
There, I think, you hit the nail on the head, with the Equinox models as well as with any new model entry, many people do work a little slower and often dig more targets until they learn what the detector might do and get to the point where they then over-trust the visual Target ID read-out.

Then they decide they like their purchase and keep it, use it more, and make favorable claims about how it works. Or, they might not be too enthused, less excited, find fewer targets, and say very little while putting the unit up for sale or trade to get a better-to-them detector model.

Just my thoughts on the topic, but if anyone is really curious about the newer Minelab models, they are available new at stocking dealers .... or you can pick from the very many that seem to be plastering the various internet Classified locations. I know I have heard from a few long-time Minelab loyalists who got one, usually the 800, and have not been that impressed and gone back to, or re-acquired, one of the FBS series units like a CTX-3030, E-Trac or even the dependable Explorer II.


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jmaryt 464 August 21, 2018 09:05AM

Re: equinox600/800

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My thoughts to your post.

Monte 339 August 22, 2018 06:35AM

Re: My thoughts to your post.

Timbertodd 305 August 22, 2018 03:31PM

Re: My thoughts to your post.

jmaryt 337 August 22, 2018 11:26AM

Re: equinox600/800

jmaryt 334 August 21, 2018 08:27PM

A Coin Shooter's opinions about the EQ-600 and 800 models.

Monte 320 August 22, 2018 07:09AM

Re: equinox600/800

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