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A Coin Shooter's opinions about the EQ-600 and 800 models.

August 22, 2018 08:09AM avatar
from what i have been able to ascertain,the answer seems to be ..no!
the "hits they are getting have full differentiating audio,AND give a 'spread"of
numbers on a target!..the video does "lock" but mostly on two or more numbers,but the corresponding audio gives enough information to dig or not to dig!..jury's still out for me,as i want to see more "cooked" "park" hunts and "butchered" school hunts with live digs!
Honestly, my opinions relate to any make and model out there that features some form of visual TID, not just the new Equinox series.

Visual Target ID is what it is, and that can vary from one brand to another, or really from one model to another. It is not uncommon to have a numeric VDI response that 'locks-on' to a single number or has maybe a spread of 1 or 2 numbers in either direction. That can be caused by a coin's cant or angle in the ground, the ground mineral make-up, the presence of some nearby interfering metal object, EMI, and definitely based on the search coil size and/or type used.

Some makes and models can produce a much tighter TID than others, but a more radical display response, like jumping 5 to 30 numbers back and forth is more of an annoyance as well of an indication of a probable ferrous-based or magnetic-based metal object. For example, most of the Canadian coins in typical modern locations are made of magnetic metal and can be very challenging to find and usually do not provide really tight and consistent read-outs.

The same holds true for audio Tone ID. Some models might sound fine using a 2-Tone, 3-Tone or 4-Tone response, but then select a 7 or 8 or 20 or a much wider span of numbers and most models like that which we have had can be an audible challenge, especially with ferrous-based metal targets.

i can clean out a "private" yard with a $160.00 "compadre",so this information,by itself is misleading to me!..same goes for a farm field!..you can take most detectors now available to hunt a farm field and find "tons" of good stuff,so why pay $649.00 or $899.00 for an equinox to do the same thing!..gotta see more "junked" place hunting,because as a coin shooter,THAT for me is where it's at!..i'm just saying'

Some Coin Hunters who selectively do private yards often prefer a good-performing Target ID model that can help classify the better-potential coin targets so as to limit their overall target recovery to most probable coins and maintain a cleaner hunt site.

However, as you pointed out by referencing a lower-cost Tesoro model, and considering the fact that most of the yards I search have a limited amount of modern trash AND that most lost coins are typically in the surface to 4" or possibly 5" depth range, any detector can generally provide all the performance we need. This can be true of most Tesoro models and a few others that lack a full-featured TID display. I have hunted many private yards with great success using simpler, less featured models such as a Tesoro Inca, Bandito, Bandido II, Silver Sabre II, Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX or a White's Classic III SL or simple display Classic ID or IDX Pro.

Today my personal preference would be one of several TID models in my current detector group, but that's because most of them work similar to a favorite Tesoro model in sweep technique and audio quality. I don't Coin Hunt as much as I used to, spending the bulk of my hunt-time in densely iron littered old sites, but I haven't ignored urban Coin Hunting, either. A lot can be achieved with a Simple yet Functional detector.


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Re: equinox600/800

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My thoughts to your post.

Monte 90 August 22, 2018 07:35AM

Re: My thoughts to your post.

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Re: My thoughts to your post.

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Re: equinox600/800

jmaryt 93 August 21, 2018 09:27PM

A Coin Shooter's opinions about the EQ-600 and 800 models.

Monte 90 August 22, 2018 08:09AM

Re: equinox600/800

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