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A simple answer for Del.

December 01, 2018 05:37PM avatar
Maybe a couple of simple answers depending upon how I interpret your question. You asked which of two models I would pick for hunting the densely iron littered sites we like to hunt, but you didn't say I was limited to having only one detector in my detector outfit.

If I could have more than one detector, and had some for urban coin hunting and was only selecting between these two for dense iron contaminated sites that would be one thing. But if I could have only one detector, total, then that would make it a little different because the Anfibio multi would provide a lot of versatility for many coin hunting applications.

Today, after receiving one in the mail, I'm up to 14 separate units in my detector outfit, but I am working on trimming up and finding some out. Most of what I will part with are some duplicate models, not all of them, and one or two devices that see little use.

Remaining in my outfit are both of the models you inquired about. Now I know this is a lengthy reply, but that's because it's given me something to do while I'm thinking about a selection. To keep my selection process very simple I consider these things:

1.. With my mobility limitations I need a light and very well-balanced detector.

Advantage there goes to the Relic.

2.. I want a detector that has the small 5-inch coil, and has put in the time and proven itself afield.

The advantage here also goes to the Relic.

3.. You asked a tough question for someone who had no experience with either model or limited experience, and it's best aanswered by someone who has both models in question and has been able to work them side-by-side.

This time the Advantage is in favor of Monte, because I have both, and I admire both of them, and for the most part I know what they are each capable of.

So, there you go, a very simple answer. Of course in this case, I was the one who came up with questions 1 and 2. Now, if one of the questions would have been which is the most compact of the two detectors for transportation, then the advantage would go to the Anfibio. Multi.

You have to remember also that I got the Anfibio. 19 3 months ago, but I've only had the multi for about a month. This year I'll be wrapping up 3 years of using the Relic, very successfully, so I have a lot more confidence in its abilities.


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Interesting question for Monte!

D&P-OR 436 December 01, 2018 12:09PM

A simple answer for Del.

Monte 349 December 01, 2018 05:37PM

Re: A simple answer for Del.

D&P-OR 335 December 01, 2018 06:35PM

Del, you're welcome. I've been busy since I posted that reply.

Monte 347 December 02, 2018 09:25AM

Re: Del, you're welcome. I've been busy since I posted that reply.

Kickindirt 304 December 02, 2018 04:52PM

Re: A simple answer for Del.

Remfire 309 December 01, 2018 06:18PM

And here's my response to you, Roger.

Monte 383 December 03, 2018 09:27AM

Re: Interesting question for Monte!

OregonGregg 369 December 01, 2018 03:56PM

Re: Interesting question for Monte!

D&P-OR 299 December 01, 2018 06:45PM

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