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And here's my response to you, Roger.

December 03, 2018 10:27AM avatar
So, another question. Is the Racer 2 even in the hunt?
If "in the hunt" means selecting a model that can hunt the densely iron contaminated sites I/we enjoy searching, then 'Yes,' the Nokta-Makro Racer 2 is a true competitor. If someone asked me, and they have already, if they can get the performance they need with their Racer 2 or should they invest in the new Anfibio series, I explained that:

#1 it is a personal thing and some people just prefer a certain detector style or configuration.

Some people might feel a need for a model with a different frequency than what they are using, such as with the Nokta-Makro brand adding either a 19 kHz FORS Relic or one of the 'Multi' selectable frequency models that gives a 19 kHz or 20 kHz (same difference) frequency option to their 14 kHz Racer 2.

Also, some might want a model that is waterproof/submersible for serious Beach Hunting.

For ME the detector selection was an easier one to make. I don't really NEED a get-it-soaked detector for most places I hunt and I don't swim or maneuver well in wet beach environments ... or loose sandy beaches either anymore.

In the 14 kHz/15 kHz frequency range I have my two Nokta FORS CoRe devices so I have that covered, kind of like having the 14 kHz Racer 2.

I also have the excellent performing Nokta Relic, two of them as a matter of fact, that sport a smaller and medium coil similar to how I outfitted my two CoRe devices. The 19 kHz Relic has proven itself to me time and again in all the nail and other iron debris filled ghost town sites I enjoy hunting for almost three years now, starting with the prototype in January of 2016.

So as I am wrapping up my third years with the Relic, it and the CoRe are the two models in my Detector Outfit by which I compare all other Target ID/Tone ID detectors for tackling dense ferrous environments. Most competitor's offerings fall short. The Nokta-Makro selectable frequency Impact, Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi offer that 19 kHz / 20 kHz choice and match or come close to the results I get from the Relic. But the Relic balances better and, for me and many I know, it has a nicer 'feel' to it for longer-duration hunts, just as I enjoy with it's big brother, the older FORS CoRe in the same configuration.

Don't get me wrong, the Impact, Multi-Kruzer and now the Anfibio Multi are all very good detectors for general-purpose hunting, and of those three the Anfibio Multi does show a slight 'edge' in performance over the other two. For some, one of these new triple-frequency offerings might be a good way to go. However, if someone already has a very proven good performer at a different frequency, such as a 14 kHz Racer 2, it might not be such a bad idea to simply invest in a proven model at a higher frequency to complement what you already have, and in this case I feel the 'edge' goes to the Relic.

Currently I have 3 relics on-hand. My two custom powder-coated 'Edge Blue' Relics and another new Relic I acquired in a trade/purchase from a fellow who tried it in his house and front yard and decided it was more than he wanted or needed. I think he was a newer member to this hobby, and not into it as serious as some and would be fine with a Garrett Ace 250 or White's Treasure master or something.

This will make a terrific extra detector for someone to add to their own arsenal when I list it for sale this week along with a few other detectors I am thinning out. A single coil Compass, Garrett and Teknetics Mark I Ltd., and a three-coil package White's MX-7 and this factory stock 2-coil Nokta FORS Relic. It will give folks an incentive to do some Christmas Shopping for their self. smiling bouncing smiley

So, yes the Racer 2 would be a consideration for someone to hang on to if they wanted to add another model at a higher operating frequency to complement what they currently use. But if they are looking for a higher-frequency unit at 19 or 20 kHz, then No, the Racer 2 might have the features and general performance but there are some tell-tale subtle differences in performance from some slightly higher frequency models.


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Interesting question for Monte!

D&P-OR 299 December 01, 2018 01:09PM

A simple answer for Del.

Monte 228 December 01, 2018 06:37PM

Re: A simple answer for Del.

D&P-OR 217 December 01, 2018 07:35PM

Del, you're welcome. I've been busy since I posted that reply.

Monte 205 December 02, 2018 10:25AM

Re: Del, you're welcome. I've been busy since I posted that reply.

Kickindirt 191 December 02, 2018 05:52PM

Re: A simple answer for Del.

Remfire 194 December 01, 2018 07:18PM

And here's my response to you, Roger.

Monte 258 December 03, 2018 10:27AM

Re: Interesting question for Monte!

OregonGregg 225 December 01, 2018 04:56PM

Re: Interesting question for Monte!

D&P-OR 193 December 01, 2018 07:45PM

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