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Would you mind a cross-state drive?

February 01, 2019 06:34AM avatar
By late March or early April we should have access to three gold mining era ghost town locations in Eastern Oregon. They have produced, they can produce, but they are a challenge when it comes to nails and other ferrous trash contamination. Best worked with a smaller-size search coil and a slow and methodical sweep with a detector that is best suited for finding desirables that are partially masked.

My favorites for such missions are the Nokta FORS Relic and FORS CoRe, but also very capable are the Makro Racer 2 and original Racer.

It has been very slow here in the Northwest corner of the state. The last two hunts have yielded the exact same things. a 3 ringer, and a wheat penny. No jewelry and no older coins and relics. (Besides the pocket watch case I posted earlier).
Sadly, we all get to enjoy 'skunked' days from time-to-time, with a late start in 2019 of just a few days this past two weeks, I've been skunked on 2-out-of-3 ghost town jaunts to a place we call 'Rippville.' Limited warm weather and my health limitations cause us to make a late start and only hunt for 2½ to 4¼ hours per hunt which might be one of the limiting factors, but it will warm up in just a few weeks and our good fortune can change.

I have pulled some suspender buckles and one Trade Token on one of the outings, and Oregon Gregg plucked a 1907 Indian Head cent on that same 2nd trip we made. Our first visit we both got skunked, and yesterday we hunted the longest, for 4¼ hours under a very clear and sunny sky ... but we were walking on very hard, frozen ground from two nights with lows to 13° and 18° which made target recoveries a pain. The first two trips, last weekend and Monday, a hand-held Lesche digger worked very easily.

But yesterday, all three of us, Oregon Gregg, my oldest son, Monte Jr., and I were all skunked and went home w/o a coin, a token, or any trinket of interest. But hey, it's the start of the year and we have to start limbering up and refreshing our memories of what we've learned in the past and what new things we can learn about our detectors, coils and search techniques so it really isn't time wasted, just a day without anything to post about.

I was able to detect 2 older house sites, 1930s and 1910s. Not a single dime/quarter signal. Running the Stock 13 OOR, discrim at 10-20 and in 3 tone.
Were these currently occupied dwellings and well groomed yards, or did you have access to tow unoccupied structures, or just 'sites' were the old homes once stood?

You are using the original Makro Racer or the Racer 2?

The 'stock' coil is a 7X11 Double-D so you lost me on the 13" coil, unless you were using the non-stock and larger-than stock 15½X13 DD coil, and that's usually going to be way too much coil for a yard or most places, especially if trashy. It's really better for larger-size objects and not coin-sized.

It looks like you're running the 'original' Racer with a Disc. setting of 10-20. The '10' setting is what I use on my CoRe, which also has a ferrous/non-ferrous break at a VDI of '40,' and I very seldom increase it as I like to know nails and some other iron are present. A setting of '20' to '21' is usually enough to reject most iron nails.

Was there very much iron present at those two sites? If so, a smaller-size coil would probably have been to your advantage, such as the small 4.7X5.2 'OOR' DD or 5" round DD coils. Those coil sizes see about 90% or more of the use of my CoRe and Relic models, but that's because I tend to hunt very littered sites.

I am getting a decent depth and going very slow, I guess I am just a little late to all these sites!
Slow and methodical is the way to go, and the majority of the time desirable targets are not all that deep. Smaller to mid-size coils are generally very capable of hitting on all of the potentially good targets at most locations. If the sites you hunted have been easily accessible to others then it just might be true that former visitors thinned the places out.

Would love to do a short weekend hunt as a group with everybody. I work Mon-Fri and can't get time off except once a year to see family. So if anybody would like to try anywhere I will drive a decent distance.
We are waiting for the snow to go and access to get into the sites named 'Lost', 'Lonesome Arch' and 'Lone Tree' but if you wanted to make a drive over for a weekend at an earlier date, such as in March, April or May, when we are around and not off to a Welcome-to-Hunt Outing, you'd be welcome to join a few of us in 'Rippville' or one of a few other older town sites.

Might have to drive after work on Friday to make a Saturday adventure, or Saturday afternoon, and then hunt early on Sunday before heading hope to get back to work. We also have a few folks coming over this way for some detecting in April from Western Oregon, Utah and possibly up from Nevada. Oregon Gregg is coordinating that little visit and I'm sure you'd be welcome to join in the fun. Sorry to hear you can't fudge in one more day away from work.

Best of success on your next foray afield.


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Would you mind a cross-state drive?

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